Michael Whitehall Age And What Is He Up To Now

By Tharmini Kenas

21st February 2020

Michael Whitehall Age And What Is He Up To Now

If you have been watching Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father on Netflix, you would probably know who the real hero of the series is. 

Although the name of the series reads Jack Whitehall, his father Michael Whitehall stole the spotlight the moment the very first episode was aired back in 2017. 

The duo has gone on capturing the hearts of many fans through their journey across Southeast Asia, Europe and now America. Who is Michael Whitehall? What is Michael Whitehall age? And what is he up to now? 

First Things First, What Is Michael Whitehall’s Age?

Michael Whitehall age

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Elegantly poised, tastefully dressed and with an impeccable sense of humour, Michael Whitehall has fast become a favourite among the local and international audience. 

A complete contrast is his son, Jack Whitehall (he appeared in Fresh Meat with Joe Thomas) a popular British comedian with his ragged sense of dressing and heedless spontaneity. 

Michael John Whitehall or popularly known as Michael Whitehall is an English television producer, talent agent, television personality (a charming one at that!), and author. 

He has accomplished a lot of things and he is still out there going around the world giving his son a run for his money! 

He was born on 12 April 1940, which makes Michael Whitehall’s age a whopping 80! Eight decades up and he is merrily going about his life! 

Michael Whitehall And His Family…

Michael first married Jane McIntosh in 1969 and got divorced in just four years. 

He later married Hilary Amanda Jane Whitehall or more commonly known by her stage name Hilary Gish. The couple has three children named Jack Whitehall (of course!), Molly Louisa, and Barnaby William. 

Interestingly, his wife Hilary is a talented actress and has appeared in various TV shows. 

Some of the movies and shows she had been a part of are London’s Burning, Fierce Creatures, Executive Stress, The Good Guys, Miranda, The Bad Education Movie and The Leaving Party.

The Making Of The Highly-Opinionated Michael Whitehall


After completing his education at Ampleforth College in Yorkshire, Michael Whitehall started working as a film reporter for The Universe

Making his way up over the years, he had produced TV shows such as Bertie and Elizabeth, Noah’s Ark, Element of Doubt, The Good Guys and A Perfect Hero. 

Previously, he was a theatrical agent and is widely known for having represented Colin Firth, Dame Judi Dench, Richard E Grant, and Leslie Grantham. 

Remarkably, he formed two production companies named Havahal Pictures with Nigel Havers (who is also Jack’s godfather alongside the late Richard Griffiths) in 1988 and his own Whitehall Films in 1998. 

Michael had also made guest appearances in a number of television shows such as Countdown, John Bishop’s Britain, The Million Pound Drop Live, Alexander Armstrong’s Big Ask and Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

Joining Hands With His Son Jack…


Despite Michael Whitehall’s age, he was all geared up to present a TV chat show with Jack Whitehall who also presents stand-up comedy. 

In 2013, the father-son duo presented Backchat followed by three seasons of Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father in 2017, 2018 and 2019. 

Interestingly, Michael also authored two books with great input from his son. His first book was titled Shark Infested Waters: Tales of an Actors’ Agent and it was illustrated by Jack. 

Michael and Jack co-authored his second book titled Him & Me. 

What Does Jack Think Of Michael? 


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Classy bitches. McWine anyone?

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Now that they have presented, travelled across continents, and even co-authored books, what do they think of each other underneath all the bickering and arguing?

“He’s always been the person who’s made me laugh most. He uses humour in a very disarming way. I’ve seen how people enjoy his company and have always envied that, and have wanted to aspire to that.”

“He still remains the funniest man I know. We have a show together on Netflix and whilst he drives me mad it’s amazing how many times we crack each other up on it.”

“He is a huge influence on me, not only on my sense of humour but also in terms of giving me career advice. He’s reached that age in his life where there’s no filter anymore and he doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks. That can be quite useful when you want unbiased advice.”

And, Does Michael Has Anything To Say About Jack? 

Expectedly, Michael has a lot to say about Jack and how much money he spent to make Jack look as good as he looks today. 

“Let me tell you about this. Those teeth of Jack’s were a nightmare. They were all sticky-outy. I was like “speak properly, child”, so it was off to the first dentist. 

“Those teeth were a nightmare, but look at them now, he could do an advertisement for toothpaste. But it cost me £5,000 to fix at that point. 

“Then we moved up to the eyes. It was all boss-eyed and he wore these glasses that made him look like Harry Potter’s unattractive brother. That cost a fortune as well, £3,000.

“Then you had to have grommets in your ears because you were going deaf. I don’t know what grommets are but they sounded awful.”

Apparently, the grommets were expensive and Michael even considered putting up with Jack being deaf for a moment. But, he changed his mind and got him the grommet. 

Michael spent a whopping £10,000 for Jack’s ear. Apart from that, Jack also attended the elocution lessons with someone who did a lot of elocution for actors and Michael complained that it involved a lot of work. 

“That, out of all of it, was the most expensive gift I have ever given.”

It is no wonder that they make such a good pair on TV!

Interesting Facts About Michael Whitehall, Jake Whitehall And Hilary Gish…


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Michael is actually proud of Jack for his artistic skills!

“He got an art scholarship. He really was the most brilliant artist — still is. Amazing likenesses. If Jack were here now he could do a drawing of you in five minutes and there’d be no question that it was you.”

Michael and Hilary were not very happy with Jack’s choice of career! According to Hilary: 

“Our mantra has always been: “Don’t be an actor, don’t be an actor. Because it’s a shit life. The top 5 per cent work and the other 95 percent never work. And even when you get into the top 5 percent you spend your whole time worried that you’re going to slip out.”

After Jack’s first gig, Michael gave him a piece of advice worth its weight in gold! 


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“The first gig we saw him do he came on stage. He said, “Evenin’. I’m Jack White’all.” I said, “Jack you were so funny, everyone absolutely loved you.” 

“He said, “Oh good. Any criticisms?” I said, “Well. I just wonder about that voice.” 

“He said, “But I don’t want to come over all posh.” I said, “Yes, but you’re not coming on in a monocle. It’s not a posh act. 

“But you don’t want to be something you’re not. You don’t want to be stuck with that voice.”

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