Jack Whitehall Dad: Who Is Michael Married To?

By Juliet Smith

18th February 2020

Jack Whitehall Dad: Who Is Michael Married To?

Best recognised as the upper class dad of comedian Jack, Michael Whitehall and his son have turned out to be the ultimate dad-son dream team.

Capturing laughs across the nation by hosting various TV shows together including BBC’s Backchat, most recently the pair featured on a particularly interesting episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

Here’s everything you need to know about the British producer Michael Whitehall…


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Who Is Michael Whitehall?

Although he’s known as Jack Whitehall’s dad, Michael is a TV personality in his own right. He’s a talent agent, as well as a TV producer, author and of course, TV star.

Born in 1940, the comedian’s dad created two production companies – Havahall Pictures in 1988 and Whitehall Films in 1998.

As a talent agent, Whitehall has represented big names including the likes of Colin Firth, Dame Judi Dench and Leslie Grantham. The dad-of-three has also produced well known programmes like Bertie and Elizabeth, Noah’s Ark, Element of Doubt and A Perfect Hero.

Michael’s talents don’t stop there, he’s also penned a few books, one of which was Shark Infested Waters: Tales of an Actors’ Agents illustrated by his son Jack.

Who Is His Wife?

The now 79 year old is married to Hilary Amanda Jane ‘Gish’ – Jack Whitehall’s mother – but was previous wedded to actress Jane McIntosh.

Hilary was also an actress in various TV shows from the 1980s to the millennium, including London’s Burning and Fierce Creatures.

The pair also have two other children as well as Jack – a son called Barnaby and a daughter, Molly.

The Whitehall’s on Who Do You Think You Are…

Michael and Jack starred together in the new series of Who Do You Think You Are? back in August last year. The show began with Michael exploring his side of the family’s ancestry, starting with his great granddad, who ended up an orphan.

Michael found out that his great grandfather’s mother was still alive but had been sent to a mental asylum because she had contracted syphilis from her husband, a travelling salesman, or a ‘bit of a shagger’ as Jack suggested.

Later, the pair found that Michael’s granddad was also the air to a £10 million inheritance from his cousin. Michael revealed that he must have spent it all, but doesn’t know how:

What happened to all those millions of pounds? They definitely didn’t come our way. I’m surprised by the amount of money that seems to have been part of his life.

Jack Whitehall’s Dad And His Relationship

Although thoroughly different personalities, Jack and his dad get on like a house on fire, with the pair openly teasing each other.

According to Michael Whitehall, he paid a whopping £13,000 to improve his son’s appearance when he was younger.

Michael said: “Let me tell you about this.

“Those teeth of Jack’s were a nightmare. They were all sticky-outy.

“I was like ‘speak properly, child’, so it was off to the first dentist.

“Those teeth were a nightmare, but look at them now, he could do an advertisement for toothpaste.

“But it cost me £5,000 to fix at that point.”

But improvements on his son’s appearance didn’t stop with his mouth.

“Then we moved up to the eyes.

“It was all boss-eyed and he wore these glasses that made him look like Harry Potter’s unattractive brother.

“That cost a fortune as well, £3,000.”

Michael added: “Then you had to have grommets in your ears because you were going deaf.

“I don’t know what grommets are but they sounded awful.

“The one thing they were f****** expensive.

“For a moment I thought ‘maybe we just put up with Jack being deaf.’

“There is nothing wrong with being deaf and then I thought no, maybe we should.”

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