Jack Whitehall’s Net Worth And How He Got There

By Tharmini Kenas

21st January 2020

Jack Whitehall’s Net Worth And How He Got There

Jack Whitehall is a British comedian whose talent is said to be on par with the likes of James Corden, Jimmy Carr, and Peter Kay. 

Having received the British Comedy Award for King/Queen of Comedy in 2012 and acted in various films over the years, Jack Whitehall’s Netflix venture with his dad has made him more famous. 

Who is Jack Whitehall? What he does apart from stand up comedy? What is Jack Whitehall’s net worth? 

The Talent Powerhouse That Is Jack Whitehall

jack whitehall net worth

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Jack Whitehall first rose to stardom through his stand up comedy in the TV series Fresh Meat which he co-starred with Joe Thomas. Since then, it has been upwards and onwards sort of journey for him. 

Some of the remarkable projects he has worked on include presenting Celebrity Big Brother’s Big Mouth, The Sunday Night Projects, 8 Out of 10 Cats, and becoming a regular performer on Stand Up for the Week with Andi Osho, Kevin Bridges, Rich Hall and Patrick Kielty. 

jack whitehall net worth

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He also made an appearance on James Corden’s A League of Their Own with Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp. Apart from that, he also appeared in The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Moving onwards, he has also written and acted in Bad Education

Now, shows and TV series aside, he proved his acting talent through films such as Decline, Fall, and Mother’s Day. 

Mind you, these are just a handful of what Jack Whitehall has accomplished as an entertainer. 

His Award-Winning Comedy Acts…


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Thanks to every one who came last night it was amazing! Another sold out show tonight. See you for round two. 🥳 #stoodup

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Starting at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as a stand-up comedian, Jack has come a long remarkable way. 

According to him, Edinburgh has been the best place for him to grow. 

“It’s the best place. That’s where it started for me and if anyone asks my advice, I tell them Edinburgh is where things happen.

“It remains the best place, the best creative environment I’ve ever been to, and it’s a great place to get spotted, to meet like-minded people, to get on stage and see if you like it. Every August, whatever I’m doing, I get a slight pang, a longing to be there.”

He has won the King Of Comedy in British Comedy Awards in 2012, 2013, and 2014, as well as Best TV Comedy Actor in the same awards function in 2013. 

In 2011, he set a new Guinness World Record with Dara O Brian and Jon Richardson for hosting the highest stand-up comedy in the world on a British Airways flight to support Comic Relief. 

To date, his solo performances often sell out rather quickly showing the relevance and brilliance of his comedy acts. His first arena tour saw him perform up to 21,000 fans a night. 

Right now, he is getting all set for his brand new show Stood Up in Australia and New Zealand next month. 

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be going to Australia and New Zealand. There’s no feeling like standing up on stage in front of an arena full of strangers, and still being able to hear your dad heckle you.”

Not Forgetting His Travel Show With His Dad…


Who take a gap year to go around South East Asia, Europe and America? A lot of people. 

Who do it with their crabby dad? Jack Whitehall!

Well into its Season 3, Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father travelogue has captured the hearts of millions mainly due to the father-son duo’s antiques. 

Jack had previously credited his father to be the funniest man he knows. 

“My father. He still remains the funniest man I know. We have a show together on Netflix and whilst he drives me mad it’s amazing how many times we crack each other up on it.”

“He is a huge influence on me, not only on my sense of humour but also in terms of giving me career advice. He’s reached that age in his life where there’s no filter anymore and he doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks. That can be quite useful when you want unbiased advice.”

And That Brings Us To His Background And His Parents…


Do you know that Jack may have enjoyed some privileges just like the royals? 

Jack Whitehall was born in July 1988 in the private maternity ward where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave birth to their son last year. 

His dad is Michael Whitehall, a talent agent who has represented Dame Judi Dench and Colin Firth. Meanwhile, his mom is Hillary Gish, an actress. 


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Great night with the family and the extended fam!

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Jack went to school at Tower House School in East Sheen, just like Robert Pattinson (yes, the Twilight star!).

However, Jack scooted off to boarding school when he was eight years old. He studied at the Dragon School in Oxford and then, at Marlborough College where (get ready for another royal moment!) Kate Middleton studied. 

Royal Moments, Talent Powerhouse, And Privileged Background… What Is The Comedy Celebrity’s Net Worth? 

Jack Whitehall has a net worth of a whopping £3million at 32 years old!

We Have Some Interesting Bits About Jack…And You Don’t Want To Miss It!

jack whitehall net worth

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Jack got into Manchester University but dropped out after two terms of History of Art degree to try his luck in comedy. Wise move, Jack!

He tried out for the lead role in Harry Potter but obviously he didn’t land the role. Hello, Daniel Radcliffe! 

His dad used to oppose his venture into comedy but his mum was his pillar of support. She used to drive him to comedy gigs, wait until he was done and then, she would drive him back. 

Michael has previously revealed that he spent £13,000 to transform his son into the handsome man he is today. Apparently, the money went to fix Jack’s teeth, cross-eyed gaze, ears and for his elocution lessons. 

jack whitehall net worth

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He started stand up comedy while he was still in school but he said it was horrible…

“I was utterly pants and I thought I was the dog’s bollocks. My first few gigs, my friends came to see me and gave me this false sense of security, so I was incredibly confident with terrible material, just poor, sports-based punnery and, like, shitness.”

It is definitely a long way since then…

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