Demi Sims: Height And Heartbreak

By Tharmini Kenas

6th January 2020

Demi Sims: Height And Heartbreak

Demi Sims’ height, sexuality, heartbreaks, family members and interesting nuggets awaits as we explore the life of The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) star. 

From a make-up artist in Essex to an up-and-coming star, Demi Sims have inched her way up all thanks to her very famous elder sister, Chloe Sims. 

Being Chloe Sims younger sister, Demi Sims slithered her way into TOWIE and has built a fan following of her own, kudos to her! 

Now, let’s get going! All things saucy, spicy and hot ready for you! 

First Off, What Is Demi Sims’ Height? 

Demi Sims height

Image Source/Hawt Celebs

Born on September 6, 1996, the TOWIE star is just 23 years old! 

Surprisingly, she carries herself well and acts way beyond her age! Probably because she has her big sister Chloe Sims as a role model to learn from! 

Demi Sims’ height is five feet seven inches and with the killer shoes she wears, she sure towers well above others! 

Apart From Demi Sims’ Height, Her Close Connection To TOWIE Is Also Equally Interesting! 

Demi Sims height

Image Source/The Sun

Apparently, more than half of her family members have been cast members of TOWIE! 

Starting from her elder sister Chloe Sims who joined TOWIE in 2011 and has been a regular on the show ever since, her brother Charlie Sims who dated Ferne McCann and left the show in 2015 and her younger sister Frankie Sims who is rumoured to join Season 25 of the reality TV show, Demi is a tad too familiar with the show. 

What’s more, her cousins Frankie Essex and Joey Essex had also been part of TOWIE. 

Evidently, the girl has had her fair share of TOWIE before setting foot on TOWIE for the first time! 

Speaking Of First Time, When Did She First Appear On TOWIE? 

Demi Sims height

Image Source/Digital Spy

Believe it or not, she was just 16 years old when she debuted on TOWIE! 

This explains why she is so much at home on TOWIE! With most of her family members going in and out of the show and she, herself stepping in at the tender age of 16, it must feel like a second home! 

Demi Sims was made a permanent cast in Series 24 of the reality TV show. 

Interestingly, she also made an appearance during the season finale of the season before her appearance and made an exceptional announcement! 

Demi Sims Came Out On TOWIE! 

Speaking to Bobby Norris and Lauren Pope, she came out that she is a bisexual and her love interest includes both boys and girls. 

Fun Fact: Demi is the first woman to come out as a bisexual on TOWIE! 

According to Demi:

“I wasn’t nervous to come out, because it’s part of me now.

“It’s normal for me to be like, I’m interested in both. I didn’t realise what was going to happen after I did it – I’ve honestly had the best reaction from it, I cannot tell you. 

“I’ve had people telling me I’m an inspiration, that they’ve been afraid to tell their own parents about their sexuality – let alone on TV – and thinking about that does make you emotional. 

“I didn’t realise how much people needed this. Nothing like this has been done on TOWIE, so for me to come on and say I’m also interested in girls is something new, current and up-to-date with what so many people feel.

“Everyone has been so supportive and it’s normal to them now, which is how it should always be.”

Upon joining TOWIE for good on November 11, 2018, she once again made it very clear to Pete Wicks, Bobby Noris and the audience that she was single and open to date both men and women! 

So, When Exactly Did She Realise That She Was Bisexual? 


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She found out when she was 16! 

Apparently, she had a boyfriend and she found out that she fancied Meagan Fox on TV. Soon enough, she started accepting that she liked girls and even made the move to talk to girls. 

But, she kept it hidden from everyone for three long years. She even kept her relationship with a girl hidden for six months before bursting out crying, calling her mum and dad to tell them about her sexuality. 

“I was sitting in the car and told them. I was crying my eyes out as I didn’t know how they were going to take it, but they said ‘we already know, Demi. Don’t worry.’ 

“They came and got me, we had some chicken nuggets and chips and they told me everything was fine. It was so emotional, but now I can look back and laugh. 

“Now I’m confident enough to say it on TV, and I’m so glad that I have.”

Admirably, her parents definitely deserve a standing ovation for being such a good sport! 

Her Dating Spree And Heartbreaks…

At the beginning of Season 24 of TOWIE, Demi got close with Sam Mucklow. 

Their budding romance soon ended and Demi moved on to Megan Barton-Hanson who she appeared in Celebs Go Dating with. 

Demi Sims height

Image Source/The Sun

Instantly attracted to each other upon meeting during the show, the two women progressed quite fast! 

Demi even shared a video of she groping Megan’s bum and made a point that she had no intention of hiding her feelings for Megan! 

However, things were not very ideal as celebrities of Celebs Go Dating shouldn’t date each other! 

But the lovebirds had no qualms in flaunting their romance as they kissed and groped their way amidst the public. 

Unfortunately, things went south as fast as they began! 

Worse, both of them have blocked each other in social media platforms! 

What Really Happened Between Demi Sims and Megan Barton-Hanson? How Did It Turn So Ugly? 

Demi Sims height

Image Source/The Sun

According to Megan, they had no sexual chemistry and lacked the spark needed to bring the relationship further. 

“We really did get along, but I think it was more like friends.

“She’s beautiful, a lovely person and she’s funny, but there was no sexual chemistry there.

“We only ever kissed and I couldn’t get past the point.

“I was doubting myself and I thought, ‘Maybe I don’t like girls,’ but it wasn’t that – I just saw her more as a friend.”

Ouch! That’s bad, isn’t it?

Apparently, Megan is now dating Chelcee Grimes who is a singer-songwriter and footballer. 

On The Other Hand…

Demi Sims height

Image Source/Celebzz

Demi accused Megan of backstabbing her and had decided to get over the whole ordeal! 

Interestingly, soon after, Megan had tried to reach Demi despite being totally cut off from Demi’s life.

“She messaged me last week actually.

“I had her blocked on everything so she reached out to my sister and was like: ‘Can you tell Demi to unblock me?’

“She was in America at the time with her girlfriend Chelcee Grimes. I unblocked her because I wanted to know what she had to say and she kindly apologised for everything she had done.”

An apologetic Megan? 

Demi Sims height

Looks like Demi was as surprised as we were when she found out that Megan wanted to apologise to her!

“She knew she was in the wrong with everything she had done to me. She apologised and we wished each other the best. I was really shocked because I didn’t expect her to ever apologise. 

“It felt really nice and it made my heart warm a bit more. I had a bitter frost towards her because of everything she did to me but when she apologised, it made everything better.”

But, The Damage Was Done And Demi Was Deeply Hurt!

Demi admitted she had deep feelings for Megan and that was why she had been so hurt. 

To be honest, it looked like Demi disagreed with Megan’s statement that their relationship lacked spark. 

“I am really upset how she is belittling our relationship. For her to say there was no chemistry or spark, I know for full well that she is lying because we had a passionate relationship.

“I don’t know why she has said this. She told me that she had feelings for me, that she had never felt for anyone else before – even Megan’s ex Wes Nelson.”

However, a very hurt but focused Demi clarified that she was not looking forward to nurture any friendship with Megan because old feelings might resurface. 

“Obviously, I’m always going to care about her but I don’t think I could be her friend. I think as soon as I start hanging out with her, I’d probably want to be with her again. I don’t think it’s a good route to go down.”

A Few Months Later, Demi Sims Seems To Have Moved On…

Demi Sims height

Image Source/The Sun

The heartbroken star successfully moved on from the pain caused by Megan with a magic kiss display with Chloe Ross at the National Reality TV Awards in London recently. 

They shared a very wet kiss and Chloe, wearing a skintight neon orange mini dress, even twerked in front of Demi after the passionate kiss. 

Grinning hard, Demi played along and soon enough the hot couple were snogging in front of the cameras. 

Demi Sims height

Image Source/The Sun

The naughty PDA aside, Demi has revealed that she fancies two other girls on TOWIE. 

Unfortunately, the said girls are straight and Demi has to tread the line very carefully. 

“I really fancy Clelia. I think she is a gorgeous girl.

“And I also fancy Kelsey now she has gone brunette. I think she is fit too.

“Neither of them know that I fancy them. I daren’t tell them because I don’t want them to get freaked out or act differently. But then there’s a part of me that thinks what if.

“You never know what could happen but I think they are both straight.

“I don’t want to start sticking it on straight people and making a mug of myself.

“But some people are straight and have a turning point so I never know what to do.”

Tread lightly, Demi! 

Do You Know That Demi And Meg Cleared The Air Between Them? 

Demi Sims height

Image Source/Celebzz

Surprise, surprise! After all the drama that unravelled between them, the two celebrities talked their hearts out and made things clear between them. 

During the heart-to-heart conversation, Meg admitted that they had a good summer but she also accused Demi to have vanished. 

Shockingly, Demi admitted to her mistake of vanishing and said that she is not very keen on relationships. 

“No you did nothing wrong, nothing like it was not you at all. I have never really been a relationship type person.”

To which, Meg replied: 

“But we were never like serious, serious, it was just fun to hang about and we just got on and I never wanted anything serious at the time, neither did you.”

Demi apologised saying, 

“Like I handled it completely wrong and I shouldn’t have done what I did but unfortunately I did. So I am sorry for that.”

So, all’s well that ends well? Certainly looks like it now!

Enough With Girlfriends And Heartbreaks! It’s Time For Interesting Nuggets About Demi Sims…


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Demi Sims has vitiligo but she has decided to not let it define her or bring her down anymore!

Vitiligo is a skin condition where patches of skin lose pigmentation and appear a few shades lighter. 

While previously, she tried to cover these patches on her body, she has had enough and has no compulsion to hide them now. 

According to Demi, 

“It’s taken me years to upload a post like this with my vitiligo patches on my body showing.

“The thing is I can’t be bothered to keep editing them out or fake tanning and putting make up over them anymore so that people don’t judge.

“Especially now summer is coming up I don’t want the stress of having to hide them 24/7 when wearing a bikini.

“I know that 2019 is so accepting of everything now and I am grateful for the people who have made it like that. I’ve learnt to be true to yourself and don’t hide what makes you different, self-love should always come first.”

How Was The Response From Her Fans And Followers? 


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Just your typical Louboutin pose

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Being the supportive and loving community that Instagram can be sometimes, hundreds of fans flocked to show their support for Demi’s brave revelation. 

Some of the comments were:

“You’re amazing! You should never be ashamed of being unique! You’re flawless girl.”

“I think you look great! Never worry about what other people think! I have a scar on my back stomach and down the top half of my leg and I wear them proudly.”

“Well done, as a fellow vitiligo wearer (I prefer the term wearer because we are not sufferers) I think this picture is fantastic. Embrace your patches, they make you significantly unique.”

“You’re gorgeous regardless, who cares what people think. You should be proud of yourself.”

“Good on you for showing body imperfections most women and girls will struggle with there own but are too afraid to show it so good on you for being in the public eye and highlighting it.”

More power to you, Demi Sims! 

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