Chloe Sims Age: A Timeline Of Pics From Childhood To Now

By Emma Moylan

1st July 2019

Chloe Sims Age: A Timeline Of Pics From Childhood To Now

From babies to bum lifts to business to book-writing, The Only Way Is Essex star Chloe Sims from TOWIE age really shows with the amount she’s achieved!

Whilst some of the population are currently obsessed with googling ‘Meghan Markle and Prince Harry son’, the rest of us are more obsessed with what’s happening between Essex stars Chloe Sims Essex and Dan Edgar. (Our apologies to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.)

She’s been around for a while now, leaving many of us wondering how old she actually is. She’s obviously lives a life before TOWIE and it’s one really worth telling.

From Chloe Sims’ age to her turbulent childhood to her current Dan drama, let’s see how much the TOWIE star has changed over the years.

1985 (Aged 3) – Chloe’s Mum Left When She Was Just 3-years-old

Chloe Linda Daisy Margaret Sims was born in Newbury Park in London in 1981. She was just three-years-old when her mum walked out.

The TOWIE star explained:

“I have so few memories of mum that I can barely even remember her face. I’ll never know why she left and we’ve not seen her since. What sort of woman just walks out and leaves her child?

I did have a little bit of therapy and they said: ‘Every time someone leaves you, you’ll go back to being that child again.”

Chloe Sims as a baby

Image Source/ The Sun

1980s (Aged Approx 6) –  Chloe Certainly Knew How To Rock A Fringe In The 80s

Here, we can see the start of Chloe‘s cheeky little smile. We all dread looking back at our childhood photographs, especially those in our school uniform.

Chloe instead looks adorable here, aged approximately 6 years old.


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Rocking the bangs in the 80s 😉

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Image Source/ Instagram

Even though the fringe disappears shortly after this pic was taken, they make a comeback when she’s in her 30s.

1990s (Aged approx 9) – Chloe With Her Cousin’s Joey And Frankie Essex

Yes! Chloe is the older cousin of cheeky chappy Joey Essex.

Chloe Sims and Joey Essex Young
Chloe Sims With Cousins Joey And Frankie Essex

Image Source/ Daily Mail 

Joey is the baby in the middle with his older sister Frankie to the right and Chloe is on the left.

1995 (Aged 13) – Chloe And Joey Essex’s Sister, Frankie

Chloe looks just like her older self here posing in her patchwork Jumper.

Chloe once delved into how she feels about not having her mother in her life. She revealed:

“I might have walked past her in the street before, and I could have brothers and sisters I don’t know about. All I know is she didn’t want to be my mum so she left.”

Chloe and Frankie Essex
Chloe Sims With Cousin And Former Co-Star Frankie Essex

Image Source/ The Sun

It may come as a surprise but Chloe’s Sims Essex teenage years were traumatic as the star was bullied for her appearance; something she is now widely complimented on.

Chloe explained:

“I was called an alien and a stick insect. A group of girls told me I looked like I had Downs syndrome and were always threatening to beat me up.”

At the age of 15, Chloe won a modelling competition which put the bullying to an end but also boosted her confidence.

1999 (Aged 17) –  Recently Hit Back At Rumours That She Had A Nose Job With These Young Pics

An article written about her claimed that Chloe had cheek fillers and a nose job so Chloe lashed back, citing the claims as false.

Image Source/ Instagram

The reality star posted these pics, aged 17, 13 and 18, to show that her face had not changed.

Early 00s (Aged approx. 19) – Chloe Sits With Cousin Joey At His 9th Birthday

Looking like loving cousins, these two cuddling at Joey’s 9th birthday party!

Image Source/ Instagram 

2005 (Aged 23) – Chloe Gives Birth To Daughter Madison

Chloe Sims age finally reveals the father in 2019 as being Matthew. They were together for seven years but she claimed that they ended up as more like brother and sister.

Chloe TOWIE daughter Madison

Image Source / Ace Showbiz 

Madison is now 14-years-old and in high school.

Chloe Sims later revealed the age that she started having cosmetic surgery- after the birth of her daughter, Madison.

It became her mission to be as thin as possible, leading to her doing insane workouts every day and hardly eating to fit into a size six.

2012 (Aged 30) – Chloe Brings Out Her Book ‘The Only Way Is Up’

In it, she detailed her childhood including how she felt when her mother abandoned her. She said:

“I don’t remember being told that I was loved every day or feeling wanted growing up.”

‘I’ve been really honest, as honest as I can be, I was really nervous about it coming out, but so far, touch wood, it’s not been a terrible reaction, it’s been quite positive.’


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Booking signings today x

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Image Source/ Insatgram

Chloe also details everything that happened when she was pregnant with Maddie.

2013 (Aged 31) – Chloe Reveals She Pole Danced To Support Her Little Girl

In her book, Chloe admitted to mental health issues as she battled bulimia.

She also divulges how she took to pole dancing to afford a life for her and her daughter.

She said:

“I did what I had to do for my daughter and I hated every minute of it.

“It was the lowest point of my life: I was completely skint, my landlord was threatening to kick us out and we had nowhere to go.

“We had no hot water so I would boil a kettle to wash Mady. Then I’d put two pairs of pyjamas on to keep her warm at night. My plans to be a good mum had failed, I had hit rock bottom.”


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Me and my fusey cousin @_joeyEssex

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Image Source/ Instagram

2014 (Aged 32) – Chloe Opened Her Own Beauty Salon

Offering a range of treatments, Chloe’s Beauty Bar opened in Brentwood, Essex.


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Loved working in my salon today… #firstday 😘 @chloesbeautybaressex

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Image Source/ Instagram 

A lot of the scenes filmed for TOWIE were filmed in the shop which she closed in 2019 as she didn’t ‘have enough energy or commitment’.

She said:

“It has been an incredible journey but with new and exciting opportunities right now we are no longer able to give the business the energy and commitment required,

“We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and would like to thank all of our wonderful clients, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

2014 (Aged 32) – Chloe Started Dating Elliot Wright

These two had quite a stormy relationship to say the least.


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Today rocking my @thedollshousefashion ensemble love it!!! 😘 with @elliottwright_

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Image Source/ Instagram 

Elliot claimed that the two broke up because Chloe couldn’t handle how close he was to his children:

“I spend more time with my kids than she thought I did – and she couldn’t handle it.”

But later, Elliot claimed that their relationship had just been for television and was dramatised for the show.

He said it:

“wasn’t 100 per cent genuine’ but “it made good TV.”

Chloe responded by saying:

“I told him that if he wants a glorified nanny then I’m not cut out for the job,

“He doesn’t understand how overwhelming it all was. I tried to talk to him but he took that as me not wanting to spend time with his kids – but that wasn’t the case.

“It was our first Christmas together and he wasn’t making a fuss over me.

“Then my whole life began to flash before my eyes. We had only just got back together and all of a sudden we were like this family unit.’

2016 (Aged 34) – Hanging Out With Kris Jenner

Back in 2016, Chloe posted a pic of her hanging out with Kris Jenner in 2016.


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Loved meeting @krisjenner she was so lovely to me, 💕 #Cannes #Edenroc wearing @jovanifashions 💅🏼

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Image Source/ Instagram

They were together in Cannes at a star studded event and although she looks cool, calm and collected, we’re betting Chloe was actually screaming internally.

(Olivia Attwood and Amber Turner were surely pretty jealous.)

2016 (Aged 34) – Chloe Has TWO Boob Jobs And A Brazilian Bum Lift

After these surgeries, Chloe rejected the idea of going under the knife any more.

Video Source/ Youtube

Chloe Sims Essex explained:

 “When I had my second boob op, taking me from a 34DD to a EE cup, I really panicked before the procedure. I kept thinking: “What if I don’t wake up?” I don’t want to go through that again.”

2018 (Aged 36) – Chloe Appeared On Celebs Go Dating

And she went on not one, not two but THREE dates.


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Thanks so much @flawlesscosmetic for my treatments. Book in with them weekly @chloesbeautybaressex 💋

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Image Source/ Instagram

2017 (Aged 35) – Sims Detailed Starving Herself To Keep A ‘Flat Stomach’

Having explained how she struggled with body confidence, Chloe admitted to skipping on food to maintain a trim physique.


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Loved rocking these necklaces by @dixiegraze perfect accessories to dress up this look 💅🏻 #ibiza

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Image Source/ Instagram

 She said:

“I’ve had a completely flat stomach in the past, but I was starving myself and going to the gym five times a week.

“That’s no life and it made me unhappy. I like food too much to deprive myself.”

2018 (Aged 36) – Chloe Appeared On An Episode Of Take Me Out

It was the 10th anniversary special of the show.

Chloe Sims Take Me Out
Chloe Sims- Take Me Out Appearance


Image Source/ Metro

Chloe Sims Essex went on a date with Irishman Gavin and whilst all looked well, she was put off when she discovered that he was just 24.

2018 (Aged 36) – Admits To Spending £32,000 On Surgery Over 10 Years

Whilst she angrily denied claims that she had a nose job, claiming that her face is real, she has had other work done.


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PEACHY . Cute bikini from @ohpolly 🍑

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Image Source/ Instagram

Despite her claims, Chloe has admitted to using botox, veneers and lip fillers. She has certainly changed a lot since her teenage days yet she revealed that the insecurities she gained from being bullied remain to this day.

When talking about appearing being in the show, the star reveals:

“I was expecting some hurtful comments after the first episode but nothing could prepare me for the thousands of people saying horrible things about the bits I feel most self-conscious about. It did make me cry.”

Her mouth is the area that provides her with the most insecurity. She revealed:

‘I haven’t felt happy with my teeth or my mouth my whole life, but I refused to wear braces when I was a teen in case I was bullied more.’

2019 (Aged 36) – Chloe And Dan Edgar Rekindle Their Romance

The love birds have reportedly smoothed things over as they were papped looking pretty cosy together.

Chloe and dan laughing
Chloe Sims Getting Cosy With Dan Edgar

Image Source/ Daily Mail 

A source divulged:

“‘Chloe’s head over heels – she’s telling people she hasn’t felt like this about a man since Madison’s dad.”

Not only that, friends Bobby Norris and Georgia Kousoulou have predicted that the duo will get married!

Bobby said:

“I don’t think any of us saw it coming. They had a good friendship and people have always told me that’s the best way to start a relationship, by being friends first.

“Now we’re already thinking what are we wearing to the wedding. We’ve got to go shopping up Bond Street.”

Chloe’s cousin Joey instead felt ‘betrayed’ by Dan and Chloe getting back together.

A source disclosed:

“Joey is very protective over Chloe, they’re cousins but he’s always looked at her as a sister. He isn’t at all happy that Dan and Chloe are seeing each other.”

“He knows what Dan is like and has seen how he behaves with women on holiday in Ibiza.

“If he thought Dan was going to take care of Chloe and her daughter then he would give them both his blessing, but he knows it’s only a matter of time until Dan disrespects her.”

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