What Is Joey Essex Net Worth?

By Juliet Smith

29th May 2019

What Is Joey Essex Net Worth?

From Joey Essex’s net worth to his family history, we’re delving into the life of the lovable Essex heartthrob…

From businesses and book-writing to Lamborghinis and lamentable loss, the TOWIE star known for his good looks, good humour and, well, complete lack of knowledge is constantly on everyone’s gossip radar.

Joey Essex might not be your cup of tea, but you can’t deny that he brings hilarity, drama and, of course, a load of brand new, ridic vocab every where he goes (did someone say Reem!?)…

The lovable Essex star has made a living by playing dumb on our TV screens and, let’s face it – he’s one of the greatest gifts reality tele has EVER given us. But behind the cameras, Joey has a story worth listening to.

From his turbulent childhood to his current dating drama, we bet you didn’t know these things about the Essex VIP

What Is Joey Essex’s Net Worth?

Stepping into the limelight at just 21, the TV personality has been on many TV shows including Celebs Go Dating, Loose Women, Celebrity Juice and show The Jump – Joey Essex’s net worth is now estimated to be £6 million.

Joey-Essex net worth

Joey Was NOT Born In Essex

On July 29, 1990, Donny and Tina gave birth to Joey Donald Essex in Southwark, South London. With a surname like Essex, Joey (and sister Frankie) were always destined to head east over to the trendy southeast county.

joey essex as a child joey essex net worth

Image Source/Daily Mail

The Tragic Death Of Joey’s Mum

At the young age of just ten years old, Joey’s beloved mum, Tina, tragically took her own life. Tina suffered with depression following a candida infection – a common symptom of the disease – before committing suicide in a hotel room.

Joey, his sister and his cousins Chloe Sims were informed that Tina had died after she fell over, but when they were old enough they found out the truth.

Joey Essex net worth and his mum

Image Source/Essex Live

Recently, Joey has opened up about the death of his mum:

“Some people reckoned I stopped learning because of what happened to my mum. Almost like I froze in time. I don’t know about that but I remember it hitting me really hard.”

His Relationship With Sam Faiers Was More Off/On That You’d Think!

Essex popped the question to fellow TOWIE colleague Sam in 2010 before splitting up shortly afterwards. They then got back together in 2013, before Joey proposed to Sam once again (the same year)… Keeping up?

The SAME YEAR, things were back off again for our fav Essex couple before – yep, you already know – they gave it yet ANOTHER shot in 2014. It came as no shock to fans after they found out that later in 2014, the pair announced their split ‘for good’.

Joey essex and sam girlfriend

Image Source/Irish Mirror

Joey Released A Single Which He Titled… ‘Reem’

Let’s face it, what else was Joey going to call him debut single?

Image Source/Youtube

After gaining fame from appearing in the reality show TOWIE, Essex managed to use his public platform to garner 800,000 views on his 2011 single ‘Reem’. Sadly (but not surprisingly) the song didn’t make the UK charts – or anywhere else for that matter…

He Wears A Wrist Watch On His Ankle

Back in 2015, Joey tried to introduce the world to the ‘ankle wrist watch’ trend – unfortunately for him (but probably for the best) it still hasn’t caught on…

The man who once admitted to spending £7,000 a month on clothes has been seen in some pretty outrageous outfits, but aside from short shorts and ski goggles, wearing a wrist watch around his ankle surely has to be the more ridiculous!

Joey Launched His Own WOMEN’S Perfume

Essex might play dumb to the camera, but – when it comes to business – he’s certainly got his head screwed on.

joey essex perfume

Image Source/Daily Star

In 2013, Essex launched four products – all centred around the beauty industry, including hair products and a clothing line – one of which being a perfume for ladies called ‘My Girl’.

He Advertised For Batchelors Cup-A-Soup

Joey Essex promoting Cup-A-Soup? Surely not. Well, we can, in fact, confirm that the food brand signed the celeb up to front their ‘Deliciously Thick’ Cup a Soup range.

joey essex cup a soup

Image Source/The Grocer

Essex assisted the food retailer in re-branding their (rather uncool) product, making it appear glam, delicious and top quality – yep, we’re still talking about Cup-A-Soup!

He Was Bitten By A Monkey And Rushed To Hospital

During a trip to South Africa, at a flea market in Johannesburg, Joey was bitten by a monkey and rushed to hospital. Precautions were taken due to the risk of him contracting rabies – which can become serious. However, thankfully for all involved, Joey was deemed as fit and well after the bite.

He Recently Sold His Lamborghini

The star recently put his £170,000 flash Lamborghini on sale because it attracts too much attention. The TOWIE star hopes to live a more private life as he sells the supercar which provides ‘bait’ for his fans. Not only is he selling the white car, but he will flog the personalised ‘ESS3X’ number plate along with it…

Joey essex car

Image Source/Daily Mail

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