Aitch Age: UK’s Rising Rapper

By Lynda Keleer

31st January 2020

Aitch Age: UK’s Rising Rapper

The UK rap scene has seen many new faces in the recent years. With the rise of Stormzy expanding his reach across international waters, UK rap is now finally gaining the popularity it deserves. Every new UK rapper has the iconic English flats and Volkswagen car as their background for their first music video. The newest up and coming rapper on the scene, Aitch did no different with his first big hit, “Straight Rhymez”.

Aitch age
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Known for his clever rhymes and amazing flow, do you know Aitch’s age?

Today we will explore all there is to know about the young rapper.

Besides Aitch and his age, we’ll also learn about his past and achievements so far.

So, if you want to know more about the rapper who caught Stormzy’s attention, keep reading!

Aitch is Long for H

Aitch and his age have been the talk of the town.

He is a rapper and songwriter.

Don’t let his baby face fool you, the young rapper spits rhyme faster and smoother than any famous rapper on the scene.

Aitch was born Harrison Armstrong on 9th December 1999.

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Aitch is only 21 years old this year, which is a pretty young age than most people usually assume.

In fact, Aitch appeared on the scene at a much younger age.

Aitch was only 19 years of age when he released ‘Straight Rhymez”, whose 12 million views also got him Stormzy’s attention.

The young rapper is from New Moston, North Manchester, England, which makes sense when you hear his unique accent in his effortless delivery.

Oh, and if you thought Aitch is his real name, it’s not!

Aitch is long for the initial to his real name, H for Harrison.

The talented rapper explains his name on Capital XTRA saying:

“Because it’s really the letter ‘H’, ain’t it, but I didn’t wanna be boring and just do that. Obviously, my real name begins with the letter ‘H’, so I’ve been called H from time.”

“Because we’re from down there (Manchester), everyone just says it like ‘aitch’… so I just spelt it that way.”

Aitch’s passion for grime started in high school where he used to freestyle.

Aitch’s Bright Career

Aitch’s rise to fame seem to have happened over night.

Since June 2019, the young rapper had three Top 20 singles including Strike A Pose with Young T and Bugsey, and Kilos with Bugzy Malone.

In just a few months, his monthly listeners on Spotify went up to an impressive 2,393,570 listeners!

Check again tomorrow and I wouldn’t be surprised if this number has doubled.

The rapper from up North’s newest single Taste (Make It Shake) has even got Robbie Williams lip syncing!

Aitch also caught the attention of Ed Sheeran, who reached out to the young rapper.

Together with another famous Birmingham rapper JayKae, they did a second version of Ed Sheeran and Stormzy’s Take Me Back To London and it was epic.

The version helped pushed the young rapper further up in the charts and got the attention of people up north.

Aitch commented:

“That was a hot point for me anyway. I was rolling. Then that song gave me an extra push. It definitely opened up a wider audience. I had 30-40 year-old people coming up to me saying they love that song. And opened a wider audience to Manchester, hopefully.”

With so many new projects up his sleeve, we can’t wait to see what Aitch has for us in 2020!

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