By Nancy Hargreaves

2nd December 2019

The Mummy Diaries: The Most Dramatic Moments

The ITVBE show The Mummy Diaries is one of the most heartwarming shows on TV, but it’s not afraid to show some real family drama. Here are some of The Mummy Diaries most dramatic moments.

The Mummy Diaries

Paul’s Kissing His Mum On The Lips

One of the biggest controversies to come out of The Mummy Diaries is Paul’s relationship with his mum, Gaynor. Paul is very close with his mum, who regularly appears in the show. In one scene, he was seen kissing his mum on the lips, which was widely criticised in the press and on TV. Sam was preparing to appear on Loose Women, and he couple discussed the drama in an episode. She said:

“I had my research chat yesterday and it’s sort of all the normal stuff and obviously they’re asking about The Baby Diaries and ‘The Kiss’.”

“I’m obviously going to have to address that, which is fine, I just can’t believe they’re still going on about it and it’s over a year now.”

Paul went on to say:

“I don’t like them bitches.”

Sam then replied:

“Don’t say that!”

Sam also took to Instagram to defend Paul, sharing a picture of her kissing their baby Paul on the lips. She said:

“I will kiss my baby boy on the lips forever. Thank you for everyone’s support and kind comments on our show.”

“Media & people will always try find negative. I’m happy & so totally in love with my family #MyWorld #Positive x”

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Baby Paul Was Rushed To A&E On The Mummy Diaries

Sam Faiers’ son Paul was rushed to A&E after injuring his elbow in an episode of The Mummy Diaries. His grandmother Gaynor had taken him on a day trip to a farm when the injury happened.

Dad Paul said in the episode:

“I get a phone call from my mum she was just a bit panicking and upset, I couldn’t make any sense of it I just put the phone down, grabbed my trainers and jacket, then shot over there.”

Grandma Gaynor then said:

“There is panic, yeah I didn’t know what was wrong and seeing him cry, and knowing he was in so much pain because of the way he was crying, was heartbreaking.”

“I felt so bad, I just thought he was throwing a tantrum but then it went on too long.

“I knew there was something was wrong.”

The pair brought baby Paul home and called NHS direct, who recommended a trip to A&E to get the injury checked over.

Sam said:

“He wouldn’t move his arm. We went straight to A and E, it was so quick, first thing the doctor said was: ‘it’s a pulled elbow, it’s a dislocated elbow’.”

“I just wanted to cry my eyes out, it’s your baby, isn’t it?”

“To watch someone doing that to your child…we physically saw him pull his arm round and pop it back in.”

“Hopefully that’ll be the first and last accident. It just broke by my heart.”

Poor baby Paul!

Image Source/ Instagram

Sam’s Hypnotherapy Treatment On The Mummy Diaries

In a recent episode of The Mummy Diaries, Sam Faiers was undergoing hypnotherapy to treat a serious condition. Sam suffers trichotillomania, a condition where the sufferer pulls out hairs from their own body. Sam compulsively pulls out eyelashes.

In the episode, Sam speaks to a therapist, and recalled painful memories from her childhood about when her stepfather Dave went to prison. She said, in tears:

“I kind of always think what my mum must have been going through, because now I’m a mum.”

“I think that must have been a really stressful time anyway with my dad going to prison and then having to deal with what I was doing must have been horrendous.”

Why Sam Pulls Out Her Eyelashes

In the past, Sam has said that she first started to pull out her eyelashes after a friend told her “if you pull out your eyelashes your wishes will come true”, leading to her wishing for her stepdad to come home.

In the session with the therapist, he offered this advice:

“Most of us typically we don’t know how to reach the emotions of that and just allowing what we call the grief to come up. This is a traumatic experience for a seven year old to lose someone that you truly love.”

Sam was visibly upset, and said about her childhood:

“When someone wants to take you back to something that’s traumatic, instantly it makes me feel emotional.”

“Day to day you don’t go that deep even with your family so I kind of know that I’ve got to go there although I don’t really want to, not because I’m afraid of it, I just don’t really want to cry about it anymore.”

Sam initially sought treatment for her condition after her young daughter Rosie started copying her. She said that when she would breastfeed Rosie, she would pull out her eyelashes and Rosie would rub her own eyes, copying what she was doing. The moment was a red flag and pushed Sam into getting help.

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Billie’s Step Dad Was Kicked Off The Flight To Her Wedding

In one of the most dramatic moments yet on The Mummy Diaries, Billie Faiers’ stepdad was kicked off the flight to her Maldives wedding. Her stepdad Dave admitted he’d drunk a bottle of wine and taken two sleeping pills before boarding the flight. This left him too drunk to fly, and he was escorted from the plane by security.

He then arrived late to the Maldives where the wedding pre-party was taking place. In a heart to heart with his eldest daughter on the show, he said:

“I bottled it. I’m scared of flying. I thought I’ll take [the sleeping tablet] quickly while I was going through customs.”

When an upset Billie asked him what he would have done if he hadn’t been able to catch a later flight, he said:

“I would have swam here for you.”

“There’s only going to be one person to walk you down the aisle, and that’s me.”

“It’s going to kill me, emotionally, to see you get married. I’m so proud to have you on my arm. I can’t wait.”

It was such an emotional moment for Billie and her stepdad, and the beautiful wedding went smoothly from there.

The Mummy Diaries Sam and Billie

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