Declan Donnelly Age, Bio and Facts : Let's Find Out More

By Ilaria Pignalosa

2nd December 2019

Declan Donnelly Age, Bio and Facts

declan donnelly age

Declan Donnelly age may still be a mystery for those who follow him on television or on his social media.

Since he graduated from high school, Dec has been fighting tooth and claw to stand out and rise as the star he has always deserved to be.

We really appreciate his work, and we thus have decided to celebrate his talent and charisma by sharing his achievements and the most important moments of his life.

What is Dec up to at the moment? How old is he? Does he earn as much money as Noel Edmonds? Let’s find out together!

Who Is Declan Donnelly And What is His Age?

Declan Joseph Oliver “Dec” Donnelly is an English TV presenter, television producer, rapper, comedian and actor. In other words, he is maybe one of the most eclectic personalities of British television.

decland donnelly tv

Source/ Sky News

He was born on 25th September 1975, meaning that Declan Donnelly’s age is 44.

How Was Dec’s Childhood?

Differently from other TV stars, Dec didn’t grow up in one of the worst cities in UK. In fact, his family was from Northern Ireland, specifically Desertmartin, Country Londonderry. His parents migrated to Newcastle upon Tyne, in the UK, in the 1950s, and they had seven children.

Speaking of becoming a child actor (Declan Donnelly age was 12 when he started his career), the talented showman stated:

“I was never really bothered about peer pressure at that age. […] I don’t know if I’d have the bottle I had then, but I was quite ballsy about it. It didn’t really bother us that much.”

dec donnelly daughter

Source/ Evening Standard

How did Declan Donnelly Start His Career?

Before becoming a celebrity (and most likely aspiring to make the earnings of Billie Faiers), a recent graduated Declan was part of a pop duo known as PJ & Duncan. The duo used to perform on TV’s Byker Grove.

Dec graduated from St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Primary School and then studied at St. Cuthbert’s High School.

How Did Declan Become A Television Presenter?

Declan Donnelly age was only 12 when he began his career in television. This was when he won the audition for Byker Grove, a children’s television programme created by CBBC.

His success led him to meet Anthony McPartlin, who joined the show one year later (in 1990). The two of them decided to work together on a show.

ant mcpartlin

Source/ BBC

The two actors ended up bonding as best friends immediately. They first tried their luck in the music industry in 1994, as the PJ & Duncan duo. However, their record label decided not to renew their contract in 1997.

Subsequently, Dec and Ant McPartlin officially founded the presenting duo Ant and Dec. They worked in children’s television for several years and featured in many shows. This includes the ITV’s Saturday morning programme for the youngest ones SMTV Live, and the Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

At that point, despite Declan Donnelly age being so young, the duo conquered their fame.

What TV Shows Has Dec Donnelly Taken Part In?

After leaving ITV in 2001, Dec and Anthony decided to move to other shows. They particularly excel in game shows, such as Friends Like These, PokerFace and Push the Button.

They also featured in many talents shows, such as Pop Idol and infamous Britain’s Got Talent, and then took part in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

In 2002, the duo starred in a tribute to The Likely Lads. This was a remake of an episode from the show’s sequel.

Most recently, in 2009, Dec and his partner finally achieved international exposure when they interviewed Susan Boyle, one of the most famous Britain’s Got Talent contestants.

What Do We Know About The Show “I’m A Celebrity”?

In 2018, Dec’s friend Ant was banned for 20 months from driving after a severe incident. He then left the TV show I’m a Celebrity to have treatment.

i m a celebrity

Source/ Hello Magazine

Ant and Dec have been the official co-presenters of the show since it began in 2002. In 2003 and then in 2007, the show won the award as the most popular reality programme of the year.

Is Declan Married?

Donnelly dated the beautiful actress Clare Buckfield for ten years (between 1993 to 2003). He then fell in love with the television presenter Georgie Thompson from 2009 to 2011.

Things got serious when, in November 2014, Dec became engaged to his manager Ali Astall. After one year they walked the aisle at St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church in Elswick, Tyne and Wear.


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The TV star’s brother Father Dermott Donnelly conducted the ceremony, that took place on August 2015. McPartlin was the actor’s best man. At that time, Declan Donnelly age was 39.

Does Declan Donnelly Have Any Children?

Dec and his wife soon announced that they were expecting a child. Ali gave birth to their daughter, named Isla Elizabeth Anne, in September 2018.

They soon shared the happy news with all their fans on social media.

What Do We Know About Ali Astall?

As we know, Declan Donnelly age was 43 when he had his first daughter. Since then, many fans have wondered who his wife his.

Ali Astall is 40 years old, and she was born in Newcastle, Australia, in December 1978.


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She is a talent manager and she has been working with Ant and Dec, following the duo’s career for over a decade before she fell in love with the star. She currently works for celebrity agency James Grant Management, together with Anne-Marie Corbett, Ant’s girlfriend.

Is Donnelly Religious?

Declan Donnelly considered becoming a Catholic priest. He only changed his mind earlier, letting his talent grow and finally becoming a star.

The actor and TV presenter has recently declared that he is a practising Roman Catholic. However, he doesn’t want to share his views nor discuss his religion in depth.

Dec’s Role In Charity

Donnelly and his friends McPartlin are both patrons of the charity Sunshine Fund.

During their early years in the music industry, they recorded a single, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble. The song reached no. 1 in the year of its release, in 2012. The duo donated all the single’s success to the charity ChildLine.

declan donnelly age

Source/ Heart Radio

Donnelly’s brother is a Catholic priest. It does thus not surprise if the actor also supports the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle’s Youth Ministry Team. His brother, the Dean of St. Mary’s Cathedral in the city of New Castle, founded the centre in 2013 and it is still its director.

What Is Declan Donnelly’s Net Worth?

Declan Donnelly age was only 12 when he decided that he wanted to work on television. Since then, he has been able to achieve an estimated net worth of about £62 million.

Allegedly, in 2007 he signed a massive deal with ITV worth at least £40 million.

He splits his deals with his partner Ant. The duo also invests their money in other businesses and they owe properties worth around £10 million combined.

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