What Is Noel Edmonds' Net Worth - Is He As Rich As You Think?

By Juliet Smith

21st August 2019

What Is Noel Edmonds’ Net Worth – Is He As Rich As You Think?

We’re delving into Noel Edmond’s net worth and looking at just how much he’s earned from a career spanning for 50 years!

Famous for his beard, extensive collection of floral shirts and his ability to strike up a good deal with the Deal or No Deal banker, Noel’s been on our TVs for over 50 years now!

But just how much is the man who was once the king family television worth?

Although Noel Edmonds wasn’t crowned king of the jungle, we’re pretty sure he’s still got a fair few jewels in the bank…

From his Swap Shop earnings to his Deal to No Deal wage, here’s everything you need to know about Noel Edmond’s dosh…

what is noel edmonds net worth

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What Is Noel Edmonds’ Net Worth?

Noel’s estimated to be worth a whopping £75 million. Noel was offered around £3 million alone for for renewing his contract for Deal or No Deal. So, you can see how he’s earned that sum in a career spanning over 50 years!

It All Started On Radio 1…

Although Noel is now recognised for his TV career, he started out on the radio. After working for his local radio for a few months, he was soon scouted by Radio 1 and earned himself a regular slot on the show.

what is noel edmonds net worth

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After a lucrative radio career, Noel made the switch to TV, where he hosted a range of programmes from a range of genres, from the Top of the Pops to children’s shows including Saturday morning’s Swap Shop. He proved he could also do evening entertainment with the success of his The Late, Late Breakfast Show.

Although he’d been part of many successful TV shows, arguably his most popular one ran in 1991, Noel’s House Party, where he starred alongside the beloved Mr Blobby. The show – which featured hilarious sketches and ridiculous phone-ins – ran for eight whole years.

After taking some time out from TV, Noel made his 2005 comeback with game show Deal or No Deal.

noel edmonds net worth

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His Personal Life….

When it comes to wives, Noel’s hit the hat-trick: Gillian Slater in 1971; Helen Soby in 1986, whom he shares two daughters with; and his current wife, Liz Davies (2009), who he met on Deal or No Deal. In his third attempt at marriage, Noel seems pretty loved up:

“I’ve finally found my soulmate, I’ve read about it in books and seen it in films and now it’s happened.”

noel edmonds net worth

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How Much Did Noel Make On I’m A Celebrity?

For the younger generation who never had the pleasure of watching him on Deal or No Deal (and they REALLY missed out), Noel entered the I’m a Celebrity 2018 camp.

In spite of his early departure from the show (Noel was the first celeb to be axed), it’s been reported that he was paid a fee of £600,000 for his jungle stint – not bad for nine days! That was closely followed by Harry Redknapp’s £500,000 fee!

noel on i'm a celebrity

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What Else Does He Do For Money?

Although Noel’s career in TV has been long and successful, when it comes to making money, he doesn’t stop there.

In addition to hosting, Noel’s also a businessman; he founded the Unique Group, a company which runs multiple media operations – and has (apparently) made him A LOT of dough…

In other business ventures, he also once opened amusement parks with a Mr Blobby theme. YES, you totally read that right… Edmonds licensed three theme parks based on Crinkley Bottom (Mr Blobby’s house): one in Somerset; one in Suffolk; and one in Morecambe.

However, after disappointing visitors numbers and several legal disputes (in the case of Morecambe council), the parks were shut down – and they look pretty dishevelled today to say the least…

noel edmonds amusement park

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