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By Dan Strayer

5th November 2019

Sam Faiers’ Age: From TOWIE To Mummy Diaries

Sam Faiers Age and sister Billie have made them both prime personalities in the UK reality world.
Source: The Daily Mail

Sam Faiers’ age is inherently worthy of a party each year – such is life for anyone born on New Year’s Eve.

Born 31 December 1990, the model and television personality from The Only Way is Essex and Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries will turn 29 on New Year’s Eve 2019. She has a net worth estimated by some sources at as much as £4.2 million (whilst her sister Billie Faiers commands £3 million). Additionally, reality shows, social media and other noteworthy appearances have catapulted the Brentwood, Essex native onto the show business scene.

Sam’s Relationships

A presence of TOWIE escalated Sam onto the high profile dating scene. Previous relationships with on-screen actors Mark Wright and Joey Essex failed (but then, his dating history is not without highs and lows, to begin with).

Her relationships with both men were a key plot-line in succeeding seasons on TOWIE. New cast member Joey became a focus just as Sam’s sister, Billie, officially entered the cast in 2011 at a mere £100 a day. She has since settled into a long-term relationship with boyfriend Paul Knightley.

Sam Faiers' age hasn't slowed her and husband Paul down one bit
Source: HELLO

Parenthood and Sam Faiers’ Age

The aforementioned late December birth pattern has reached the next generation for Sam. Together with steady boyfriend Paul Knightley, Sam gave birth to:

  • Her first baby, Paul Tony Knightley, on 29 December 2015;
  • Followed by her second baby, daughter Rosie Elizabeth Knightley, on 11 November 2017.

She even announced she was expecting Rosie via Instagram using nothing but emojis.

Sam Faiers, as both a model and television star, is at the forefront of modern fashion.
Source: HELLO

Motherhood breathed extended life into her on-air reality show persona. A one-time special Sam Faiers: The Baby Diaries had strong enough in appeal. It led to ITV:Be commissioning a series of follow-up reality episodes of Sam And Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries.

Her boyfriend, her son Paul, daughter Rosie, sister Billie and her husband Greg Shepherd have all been key cast members in the show, as Sam navigates the field of strong motherhood in the face of the public eye.

The Sam Faiers’ Age Gap Issue

There’s another eye-raising twist in Sam Faiers‘ age matter: child age gap.

The matter of age gap between siblings is highly personal, and so it was for Sam before daughter Rosie was born, as she explained it to The Daily Mail.

“We do want a big family, and when Billie [Faiers] had her second baby, Arthur, it made me broody.”

“It made me all ‘ohhh I want a newborn!’ But I think there should be a 3/4 year age gap between my children.”

“We are really just enjoying Baby Paul right now!”

Not everything goes to plan: Rosie was born just a month shy of two years after Paul in 2017.

Famed reality television star Sam Faiers is pictured with her daughter in 2019.

What’s Next for Sam

Clearly, Sam Faiers’ age is like a fine wine – with time, we appreciate her more and more.

The Mummy Diaries has filmed six series to date, and motherhood is not slowing her down. But she also has an ongoing struggle in her fight against the Crohn’s disease diagnosis that came to light during a 2014 appearance of Celebrity Big Brother.

“I’ve been ill for six weeks. I’m better than I was but I’m still not 100% and I’m still having tests done,” she said.

“I was a good size eight before the show but over the course of two weeks in the house, I lost a stone and a half.

“I just couldn’t keep food down. It was horrible.”

Sam Faiers Age isn't slowing her down in the slightest
Source: Good to Know

Still, Sam is part of television watching habits beyond those with her name in the title. Faiers is a compelling guest in any format, including:

  • Loose Women.
  • Celebrity Juice.
  • The Million Pound Drop.
  • Day Break.
  • This Morning.
  • Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.
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