Sam Faiers' Net Worth: How The Essex Beauty Has Made Her Fortune 

By Lucy Cooper

2nd July 2019

What Is Sam Faiers’ Net Worth? How She Made Her Fortune

She’s managed to stay relevant as one of the biggest names on social media today, after all these years since her TOWIE days. How has she managed to do it and just what is Sam Faiers’ net worth?

what is sam faiers net worth

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She’s everywhere you look in the social media sphere and even has her own reality show, meaning she’s by no means struggling. Her sister, Billie (and co-star on Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries), isn’t strapped for cash either, with reports estimating her worth to be around the £3m mark.

What Is The TV Personality’s Net Worth?

Sam Faiers’ net worth is £4.2 million – she’s made it from reality TV and endorsements, as well as owning her own business.


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What is Sam Faiers net worth? The TV personality is worth around £4.2 million.
Who is her boyfriend? Paul Knightley.
How old is Sam Faiers?
Born on 31 December 1990, Sam is currently 29.

Sam Faiers Net Worth: Reality TV


Let’s start with the obvious one.

Sam started her career earning about £100 a day starring as one of the OGs on The Only Way Is Essex, alongside co-stars Lauren Goodger and Chloe Sims.

Her relationship with fan favourite Joey Essex was then played out, ending up in an engagement. The pair sadly went their separate ways in 2014 and soon after Sam hung up her vagazzles as well.

sam faiers net worth joey essex

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The Mummy Diaries

In 2016 Sam landed her own reality show- Sam Faiers: The Baby Diaries- in which cameras followed her pregnancy and first- time Mum journey with baby Paul.

Her sister, Billie, joined her on series two, bringing her fiancé Greg and Sam’s niece, Nelly, in to the mix.

Since, the show has evolved in to the ‘Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries’ and has filmed five series, as well as a one- off Wedding Special of sister Billie’s £229k Maldivian wedding.

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Filming for series 6 of ‘Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries’ is underway and due to be released in Autumn.

Sam Faiers Net Worth: Clothing Brands

Minnie’s Boutique

Her first business venture actually featured a lot on TOWIE back in the day- the pink plastered clothing boutique, Minnies.

Sam Faiers Net Worth minnies

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Its location in central Brentwood, neighbouring Gemma Collins’ boutique, brought in the crowds on TOWIE tours. You don’t get much more typical TOWIE than the row of boutiques owned by all the classics. Do we all remember Joey’s ‘Fusey’ store?

All Bits London

Since leaving TOWIE, and relocating down to Hertfordshire, she’s also left more than just her bright orange tan and towering stilettos behind. Minnie’s might still be thriving, but Sam has actually taken a massive backseat- so much so, she’s basically out of the car.

Instead, she’s turned her hand to her own clothing brand- All Bits London- alongside her boyfriend, Paul.

She’s also recently bagged herself a deal with a high street chain, with her QuizXSamFaiers collection.

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Sam Faiers’ Net Worth: Helped Along By Social Media

We all know social media is allll the rage now, it sometimes seems you can’t be successful in this day and age without having a booming social media profile behind you.

Sam has just that, with her Instagram page attracting over 2.2 million followers, undoubtedly inflating Sam Faiers’ net worth.

The ex-TOWIE star is snap happy, to say the least, often uploading multiple ‘stories’ and posts a day. Her feed offers lots of fashion inspo, as well as a plethora of candid snaps of her pride and joy: son Paul and daughter Rosie.


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The reality star and boyfriend, Paul Knightley, are quite the globe trotters, as we can see on Sam Faiers’ insta page.

Parenting World

Nowadays, when we think of Sam Faiers, we think of her as a Mum; gone are the days when her life revolved around makeup, clothes and Sugarhut.

Of course, like any other good businesswoman, she monetised on the role. She’s collaborated with baby company ‘My Babiie’ on a pram range, alongside other celeb Mums, including her older sister Billie Faiers. They don’t miss a trick do they these celebs!

To add to Sam Faiers’ net worth, she’s also created a baby wear line (of course she has), called ‘mylittledarlin’.

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