By Amelia Slater

27th November 2019

Remember Malia? (Love Island 2016) Here’s Her Now!

How can we ever forget 2016 contestant Malia’s Love Island journey? In it’s entire five minute duration, viewers were on the edge of their seats.

The 27-year-old makeup artist was booted out of the villa in 2016 before she could even utter the word ‘muggy’ after finding herself in a dramatic brawl with fellow islander Kady McDermott.

Malia immediately stirred the pot when she chose to go on a date with Scott Thomas – who Kady was coupled up with.

She even slated Kady on her date with Scott, telling him brazenly:

‘I think she’s out to get what she can. I think she’s young and doesn’t know what she wants, and you really need a woman, not a girl.’


malia love island

Image Source: /Mirror

Kady And Malia’s Love Island Bust Up

After a tense introduction, things came to blows when Kady accidentally spilled wine over Malia’s leg while they were sat around the firepit. Taking it as an attack, Malia flew off the handle and squared up to Kady.

Fiery Kady did not help to diffuse the situation as she lashed out:

‘Do you honestly think I’d waste my wine over you? It was a f*cking accident.’

Video Source: /YouTube

That’s when it really kicked off with Malia having to be physically restrained by the other islanders:

‘Shut up you b*tch. Who the f*ck do you think you are?’

The scene was not aired in full and viewers were only able to see bits of the exchange whilst the pair furiously screamed at one another. At one point, islander and former Miss Great Britain Zara Holland got involved, shouting:

‘You do not hit a girl!’

Viewers were under the impression that Malia had shoved Kady during the confrontation. However, Kady later tweeted that although it wasn’t aired, Malia actually physically assaulted her. Reportedly, she punched Kady in the face, giving her a nose bleed. Yikes!

Malia’s reality career was cut short when a Love Island spokesperson at the time said:

‘Following an altercation last night, one of the contestants on Love Island, Malia, has been taken out of the villa.’

Malia Has Called Kady A ‘Compulsive Liar’

Kady’s comments have reignited the three-year-old feud, with Kady tweeting that Malia had been violent during the altercation:


Image Source: /Instagram @kadymcdermottx

Kady tweeted:

She punched me in the nose after and gave me a nose bleed but they didn’t show it as too graphic.

Amid the assault claims, Malia announces to Mail Online in the summer that not only is she now engaged to Bradford City footballer Hope Akpan but the couple are also expecting a baby. She also says that Kady is a ‘compulsive liar’.

She told Mail Online:

‘She’s sat thinking how to make a living. I never punched her she’s a compulsive liar. She needs professional help.’

Looks like it’s not all water under the bridge then?

Coincidentally, just a few hours after Kady’s claim, 2019 contestant Sherif Lanre was removed from the villa for allegedly kicking fellow islander Molly-Mae Hague in the groin by accident and calling it a ‘c*** punt.’

Come on guys, the Love Island villa is meant to be about LOVE not hate!

Malia Says That The Fight ‘Destroyed’ Her Career

Malia admits that the fight between her and Kady McDermott ‘ruined her chances of an amazing life.’ She reveals to Closer magazine:

‘ITV have the final say on whether you leave, and they decided that I wouldn’t be coming back. Coming home to the UK was horrible – I was trolled relentlessly and people threw drinks at me on nights out.

Love Island is huge, and it’s a platform for a great career, but my chance of an amazing life was destroyed in a few hours. Luckily I had a really strong support system around me.’

Fortunately, things seemed to have turned around for Malia!

Malia Is Pregnant And Engaged To Footballer Hope Akpan

Malia Arkian has denied Kady’s claims that she was removed from the villa due to violence.

Image Source: /Instagram @onlymalia

She Gave Birth To Daughter – Halo – On 25th October 2019

The glam new mum was dressed in customised silk pink pyjamas as she was snapped holding her baby daughter after the birth. She also gushed about partner Hope being such a ‘hands on, loving’ daddy.

malia love island baby

Image Source: /Instagram @onlymalia

Image Source: /Instagram @hopeakpan

She posted the photo of her new baby girl on Instagram, writing:

‘My greatest and latest inspiration. Born 25th October weighing 7.7 pounds. Thank you God for a safe delivery, her and mum did amazing. Welcome to the world my precious Halo. Divine aura of light.’

Hubby Hope also posted his own selection of adorable baby pics, including he and Malia cradling the tot. He wrote:

‘My greatest and latest inspiration. Born 25th October weighing 7.7 pounds. Thank you God for a safe delivery, her and mum did amazing.’

Since then, Malia has posted several tributes on social media with heartfelt captions:

‘My baby Halo is officially 1 week old! So proud to be your mummy, you have been an absolute joy to carry for 9months and thank you for allowing me to have such a smooth & natural labour. I am truly blessed. All of God’s grace in one tiny face, Love you Halo Baby. Mummies got you forever Thank You @hopeakpan for being such an incredible father so far, so hands on so loving our baby is so lucky to have you.’

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