Gary Barlow Age: From Take That to Riding Solo

By Lynda Keleer

11th November 2019

Gary Barlow Age: From Take That to Riding Solo

Gary barlow age

He’s had quite a career, hasn’t he? In Gary Barlow age he has achieved his dreams. He’s appeared on stage, in the studio, and on television.

He’s been around long enough that you might think you know everything you need to. But trust us – you don’t.

Do you know how it all started? About his personal life? Best of all, what age is Gary Barlow? What is Gary Barlow’s net worth?

Let’s have a look at the singer’s incredible life so far. We include family life. We include Take That. There’s Robbie Williams too.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the lead singer.

So What Age is Gary Barlow?

So let’s get straight to it! What age is Gary Barlow?!

Gary Barlow was born on January 20th, 1971. He was born in Cheshire, England, and today, that makes him 48 years old.

For Marge and Colin Barlow, Gary would be their second son after Ian Barlow.

Younger Years & Early Influences of Gary Barlow

Gary would first attend Weather Vale Primary School. Afterward, his education took him to Frodsham High School.

But enough about his education! When did the lead singer become interested in art and music?

Gary Barlow young

Barlow taught himself piano. Not bad going, eh? Especially at the age of just 10! His early interest in music was obvious and it would go on to shape the rest of his life.

He gigged, toured, and played piano as much as possible in his teens. Barlow told Cheshire Live that mum and dad were always there to support him.

“It really was encouraged. I have to thank my mum and dad eternally for that. One of the biggest things that my mum and dad did was when I needed a keyboard that was more challenging to take my skills on.

I think I was about 11 at the time. I had a tiny keyboard to start with for Christmas which had mini notes and within 48 hours I was playing carols and everything just from ear, using left and right hands.”

The Beginning of a Career

Barlow knew that he was on to something with the songs he played. He also told Cheshire Live about realising he could make a career out of music.

“And really that was the turning point because it took me six months to really get a grasp of it and once I had that, I knew I had a career then because when I played it the neighbours would come in. People would clap at the end and I thought if I can do this in a bedroom, I can do this for an audience.”

After playing in Working Men’s Clubs throughout England, Barlow’s talent was eventually spotted.

Nigel Martin-Smith approached Barlow and suggested he become the lead singer of a new music group. He was impressed by Barlow’s solo song-writing. Slowly, he added members to Gary’s group.

That group were called Take That.

Take That and Unprecedented Success of Gray

Gary Barlow was the raw age of 18 when Take That were formed. What were you doing at 18? Well…age didn’t seem to matter to Gary Barlow.

take that

Robbie Williams, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen were all introduced. The group quickly signed to RCA Records.

The boy band would enjoy some top-40 hits. Their second album – Everything Changes – would, well…change everything.

Their first number one hit single came with Pray. That song was written by Gary Barlow. It was just 1993 and would be top of the charts for an amazing four weeks! His net worth would begin to rocket.

Trouble Finds Take That

The group would continue to be a huge success.

But all good things must come to an end. And Take That did too.

First, the band released their third album. Again, it was based on Barlow’s own material. The album was released in 1995 and went straight to number one.

In 1995, Gary Barlow was still just the age of 24. Three albums and a dozen hit singles before your 25th birthday isn’t bad, is it?

Gary Barlow and his bandmates

Three hit singles would come out of the album. They all went to number one as well. Six million copies were sold worldwide, and it looks as though the band could do no wrong.

But behind the scenes, tensions were beginning to boil over.

Take That were a hit boy band in the 1990s. They were kings. In an age where the boy band were top of the world, Gary Barlow and his bandmates enjoyed a party. Some of them more than others.

The party lifestyle and creative clashes within the group would eventually see tempers flare. Robbie Williams – perhaps the guiltiest of overdoing the partying – was kicked out of the group.

In 1996, just 6 years after forming, the band split up

Take That fans were distraught. Many of the band members had to find a new career. Barlow – the lead singer and creative force – struggled to handle the change. He found himself in a deep depression.

This is what he told Observer Magazine.;

It was all a bit of a torment. I was embarrassed to be me, to have people recognise me.”

“Within six months, this piano drove me mad. I would spend days just looking at it, lying underneath it, rubbing my face on it, slowly going insane, trying to work out why this thing wasn’t delivering to me like it used to.”

“It wasn’t not being famous any more, or even not being a recording artist. It was having nobody who needed me, no phones ringing, nothing to do. Because I’m still too young to do nothing. I was 24 when all that happened.”

What were you doing at 24? At the age of 24, Gary Barlow had already experienced a lot.

Thankfully, Take That’s story wasn’t over just yet. Some of the original band members would regroup in 2005. Their success picked up where it left off.

Famous Friends of Gary And Charity Work

These days, Barlow (like other celebrities) spends his time on British TV shows such as The X Factor. He’s also released a book, sang with other celebrities, and raised more than a million pounds for charity.

X factor

He’s still living the dream.

And being such a celebrity, you make other famous friends along the way too. One such friend is Elton John.

Barlow sang on Can You Feel the Love Tonight on the Lion King soundtrack. Their friendship rekindled in 2014, when Elton John then sang for Barlow in Face to Face.

Even at the age of 43, Gary Barlow had a few tricks up his sleeve.

And onto his Family Life…

Gary and Dawn Barlow met in their teens. But Gary Barlow and Dawn wouldn’t be married until 2000. Dawn was a dancer on Take That’s tour in 1995. The rest is history.

Today they’re a happy family. Gary’s wife, Dawn, has given birth to son Daniel and daughters Emily and Daisy.

Barlow tends to keep his loved ones out of the spotlight. But recently, he posted a picture of all of them together and smiling.

Tragedy for the Barlows

Unfortunately, tragedy would arrive in 2012. Daughter Poppy was stillborn, and the couple spent just an hour with her. It was an incredibly sad event that still affects the family today.

Poppy Barlow would have been the third daughter of four children.

In a family statement, Gary said the following:

“Dawn and I are devastated to announce that we’ve lost our baby. Poppy Barlow was delivered stillborn on August 4 in London. Our focus now is giving her a beautiful funeral and loving our three children with all our hearts. We’d ask at this painful time that our privacy be respected.”

At the age of 41, Barlow suffered the most heart-breaking moment of his life. Barlow told the Independent how he thinks of her every day.

“It is something I don’t think we will ever recover from, especially her (Dawn).”

Thankfully, Barlow has his family and loved ones around him. He says the tragic event has brought them all closer together.

There have been incredible times and there have been tough times. One thing is clear is that no matter what age Gary Barlow is, he’ll accept the challenge. And, when he does, he’ll normally find a way to use it for good.

The talented singer admits that many of his songs are influenced by life events – no matter how happy or sad they may be.

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