Chloe Brockett Age: How Old Is The New TOWIE Star?

By Nancy Hargreaves

5th November 2019

Chloe Brockett Age: How Old Is The New TOWIE Star?

Chloe Brockett is one of the newest cast members to join TOWIE this year, and also one of the youngest. It might surprise you to know that Chloe Brockett’s age is only 19! She was born on 1st December 2000, making her a Sagittarius.

Chloe Brockett - TOWIE

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Chloe was cast alongside fellow newcomers Kelsey Stratford, Joey Turner, Harry Lee, Tom McDonnell and Ella-Rae Wise in 2019. She appears alongside veterans Gemma Collins and Chloe Lewis, and is already bringing her fair share of drama!

What Does Chloe Brockett Do?

Chloe Brockett’s age isn’t holding her back – the TOWIE lass is a hairdresser and also works in a lip-filler clinic. She’s attracted a lot of attention since being on the show, with fans comparing her to TOWIE veteran Amy Childs. She even joined the cast of the show with her mum, Clare!

Chloe is best pals with another TOWIE newcomer Kelsey Stratford, and she’s tight with Ella Rae Wise and Joey Turner – or was until she and Ella had a falling out.

Chloe also owns an adorable bulldog, a regular feature on her Instagram – and she recently got a pomeranian too! Party girl Chloe is a regular at all the Essex top spots – she’s posted pics in Sugar Hut and all over London too.

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Who Did Chloe Brockett Hook Up With On TOWIE?

Chloe found romance from her very first TOWIE episode, with footballer and cheeky lad Harry Lee. Chloe Brockett’s age difference with Harry is 6 years, making Harry 24. Long term love wasn’t on the cards after Harry asked out co-star Chloe Ross on a date – burn! But that wasn’t the end for the pair, and they kissed on a night out.

Harry Lee TOWIE

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But that wasn’t the end of the drama for Harry and Chloe Brockett – the kiss caused a big row with her girlfriends on the show.

What Is Chloe Brockett’s Age?

Chloe Brockett is just 19 years of age – one of the youngest TOWIE cast members ever.

Her young age might explain her falling out with her mates. About the fallout, Chloe said in an interview:

“Falling out with the girls has been the hardest thing. There’s a camera in front of your face when I’m falling out with my best friend, so that’s been quite hard”


“But, it’s life. At this time right now, I’m not willing to make up with them. Time is a good healer so maybe we’ll be able to sort things out, and I’ll be able to watch back your journey.”

Chloe and Harry Have Split

Chloe Brockett’s age probably doesn’t help when dealing with a tricky breakup. The pair have since split, which Chloe confirmed in her Instagram stories:

“For all those asking. Me and harry and no longer seeing each other.

“I wish him nothing but the best but sometimes people just aren’t compatible! Love, Chloe x”.

In a follow up, she thanked her fans for sticking by her, saying:

“Just wanted to say thank you everyone for your lovely messages i have received tonight. You never know what the future holds.”

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Harry and Chloe’s Split Wasn’t The End Of The Drama

Despite their split, Chloe Brockett was still raging at footie boy Harry Lee, and it was all captured by the TOWIE cameras. In an episode in September, Chloe spoke her mind, saying to Harry:

“I don’t know if I ever really did like ya.”

Harry defended himself:

“You told me you loved me Chloe”

But that wasn’t the end of the row, with Chloe putting him in his place:

“You’ve got a lot of confidence for someone with a hairline like that. You’re sweaty, you’re rude and you’re fake.”

But lad Harry hit back:

“Lucky I got rid of you then.”


What Else Has Chloe Been Up To?

As well as making waves on TOWIE, Chloe has a big following on Instagram. Chloe she has more than 115,000 followers and a bunch on Twitter too. She regularly promotes her favourite brands, which probably earns her a pretty penny.

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What Happened With Her Friendship with Ella-Rae Wise?

Things aren’t looking peachy for best pals Chloe Brockett and Ella Rae Wise. Chloe’s ex best friend is dating Harry Lee! Apparently 19 year old Ella and 24 year old Harry have been having secret meet-ups after his romance with Frankie Sims ended. It’s been reported that the two were all over at Thorpe Park’s Fright Night, and they’ve been spotted together at CTZN nightclub in Essex.

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What’s Been Going On In Chloe’s Love Life?

Rumours have been flying about Chloe and Love Islander Jack Fincham. Chloe Brockett’s age difference with Jack is ten years, as he’s 28.

Jack had apparently slid into her DMs, and the two supposedly met up in Essex last month. But Jack feels it’s too soon to be dating after his split with Dani Dyer, so the relationship hasn’t gone anywhere.

But Dani was seen kissing stockbroker Sammy Kimmence on a boozy day out in London, so we’ll have to see if Chloe and Jack make a go of it!

Dani Dyer Love Island

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