B&M Wallpaper: How To Make Your Home Trendier For Cheaper

By Lynda Keleer

11th November 2019

B&M Wallpaper: How To Make Your Home Trendier For Cheaper

You turn 21 and you feel like an adult. You decide that you want to be independent, live on your own. Your own rules, your own terms. No parental guidance. Wondering, how that connect to B&M Wallpapers?

With a minimum budget from your summer savings, and after scouring the depths of the internet, you finally find the apartment of your dreams.

b&m wallpaper
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Sure, it is a far cry from your comfortable family home, but you tell yourself you’ll make it work.

After putting down the deposit and making your first month’s rent, you realise you’re way below budget.

Don’t fret! We’re here for you!

With countless options, great quality and bang for your buck, here are some wallpaper suggestions to help you begin redecorating!

Stay within your budget without sacrificing quality with B&M wallpapers.

B&M Sherwood wallpaper £4.99


Let your creative juices flow and have a home to reflect your eccentricities with the Sherwood wallpaper!

With a simple utilitarian texture, the Sherwood wallpaper can be painted and personalised according to your liking.

Bumpy walls? No problem! Textured wallpaper can help to blend any imperfections.

Priced at £4.99, you will have plenty of budget left for buying paints and you will be left with satisfaction once your project is completed.

This Herringbone Texture Wallpaper Will Definitely Do The Trick For Only £8.99!

If you have a small space, you will most likely try everything to make it appear larger.

Take advantage of natural lighting with plain, light wallpapers that are more reflective and can make a room feel bigger!

Herringbone Texture Wallpaper b&m

Not only do plain and bright wallpapers make a room look bigger, it is also easier to style.

On the contrary, if you don’t like bright colours, B&M’s also got you covered!

This Herringbone Texture Wallpaper for £8.99 will add the ultimate country feel with subtle herringbone weave patterns.

This charcoal colour will also coordinate with various decoration schemes, allowing you to style the room with ease.

This Fine Décor Wentworth Stripe Wallpaper In Natural Will Also Do The Trick For £12.99!

Have you ever tried on a dress with Horizontal stripes and you swear to your friends that it’s the patterns that make you appear wider?

Stripe Wallpaper b&m

Or a dress with Vertical stripes and your friends ask if you’ve gotten taller?

The same concept applies with wallpaper!

At only £12.99, this Fine Décor Wentworth Stripe Wallpaper will add volume and make your ceilings appear higher!

This simple yet classic and expensive look will give any room a fresh and contemporary look. The furniture gets the right contrast as well.

With a wallpaper like this, give your parents the illusion that you’re all grown up!

B&M Slate wallpaper – Patterns at £9.99 only!

Patterns are also a great way to hide that bumpy and uneven wall. But patterns can be tricky!

If you’re thinking of getting small recurring patterns, it’s best to keep in mind that you will need to have the whole room lined up!

Slate Wallpaper b&m

Take this Slate wallpaper for example, for £9.99, you can add a more rustic feel to any room.

Especially if you have a fireplace, this wallpaper will make any room feel warm and cosy!

However, be sure to line up the wallpapers or the mismatched lines will haunt you forever!

For only £9.99, let your extra shine (literally) with this Foil Slate Wallpaper.

Looking for an “Extra” wallpaper to match your “Extra” personality?

B&M’s also got you covered!

foil slate-gold wallpaper


Finished with a versatile soft gold coloured foil, this wallpaper is perfect for creating a statement.

Bold wallpaper can also be used to accentuate a particular wall.

Highlight an area of a room, such as behind a sofa or TV with this Muriva Art Gallery Wallpaper for £8.99!

Big-Apple-Wallpaper1 b&m

That way you can feel inspired while watching the telly!

Never been to the Big Apple? Let this wallpaper be your inspiration to visit some day!

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Looking for affordable furniture,  to tie your wallpaper together? This is for you!

Or how about storage boxes, table and chairs, mirrors?

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