B&M Table And Chairs: Classy Yet Cheaper

By Tharmini Kenas

7th November 2019

B&M Table And Chairs: Classy Yet Cheaper 

Tables and chairs are a crucial part of a home. While you may be reluctant to spend a fortune to get highly functional, aesthetically-pleasing and elegant tables and chairs (This famous TV chef was certainly NOT reluctant!), it is undeniable that they make life easier and more comfortable. 

B M table and chairs

Image Source/Unsplash

B&M table and chairs are here to save your day without emptying your wallet! 

Classy yet cheaper, B&M table and chairs are the right choice for those who appreciate the beauty in furniture without the need to pay a hefty price. 

Let’s Get Going…To The Dining Room Table and Chairs!

If there is one thing that you need to absolutely put value for money as your first criteria during furniture shopping, it’s a dining table and chairs!

Firstly, for many families, the dining room is where the family bonds, share stories and support each other. 

How would that be possible if you don’t have a convenient and sturdy piece of dining table and chairs?

Secondly, you entertain family and friends at the dining table. Weekends, birthdays (find out how Simon Cowell celebrated his 60th birthday with his family!), Thanksgiving, Christmas– you name it!

Apart from serving food and drink, the dining room acts like a communal room that will hold meaningful and heartwarming memories for years to come. 

B&M Stores offers a wide variety of classy yet cheap dining tables and chairs. 

Rio 5 Piece Dining Set For A Rustic Look And Feel£100

b m table and chairs

Image Source/B M Stores

Rustic and classy are just the right words to describe how this B&M table and chairs look! 

Made out of solid natural waxed pine, the Roy 5 Piece Dining Set rustic look is heightened by cast-iron fixings. 

Another plus point that goes with the B&M Stores furniture is convenience- the pieces are flat packed to make it easy for home assembly. 

There wouldn’t be any need to wipe your sweat or tears!

Next Up…Take Your Living Room Up A Notch With Just The Right Coffee Table

Living room is where you dump your bag and dive straight to the couch to shake off the exhaustion of the day. 

It is also where you might catch up with TV time with your spouse and kids after a filling dinner. 

The living room is where you catch up with the books on your to-be-read list during the weekends. 

Hence, a messy and disorganised living room is a big NO! 

You wouldn’t want the cushions to be scattered all over your carpet, the TV remote to poke you when you land face down on the couch, and your coffee to spill and stain your favourite cushion! 

An easy and fool-proof way to make a big change to your living room within a short time is by introducing a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing coffee table to the space! 

Of course, B&M’s long list of coffee tables will be a good deal to ensure your living room lives up to your expectations. 

Tromso Basket Side Table For An Organised Living Room£10

Image Source/B M Stores

See how this brilliant piece of B&M Stores’ Coffee Table will add a charming touch to your living room? 

Well apart from the charming touch, this coffee table is also highly functional. The top can be taken off- giving you all the empty space you need! 

Now, all you have to do is to roll your sleeves up, take the top off, grab your pillows, throws, and books, and finally, arrange them in the framed space.

A clean and tidy living room? YES. 

An aesthetically-pleasing solution for your mess? YES.

Adding a coffee table to your living room without stretching your budget? A BIG YES! 

Finally…On To The Bedroom To Elevate The Quality Of Your Slumber

Often, many fail to make the move from the living room couch to the bed and end up having a disturbed sleep. 

You doze off on the couch while reading your book, sipping your wine or binge-watching your favourite series. 

As a result, you go to work feeling tired, grumpy and are already thinking of going to bed as you reach your work. 

If only you can place the items you use in your bedroom without the worry of unwanted food or drink spillage, you would be sleeping on your bed on most days! 

You need a well-functioning bedside table that doesn’t clutter your bedroom! 

Once again, B&M Stores’ wide collection will give you just what you need! 

Bjorn Bedside Table For A Fitful Night£20

b m table and chairs

Image Source/B M Stores

The Bjorn Bedside Table adds a cheerful note to your bedroom besides making it easy for you to store your book and gaming console as well as placing your glass of wine and chips on top. 

The one-drawer bedside table do not clutter your bedroom space and provides just enough space for you to retire to bed early.

Besides the blush above, the bedside table comes in stone, white and grey colours- making it easy for you to choose according to your bedroom decor. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the extensive B&M’s table and chairs collection right away! 

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