B&M Storage Boxes: Declutter And Minimalize Your Home

By Tharmini Kenas

1st November 2019

B&M Storage Boxes: Declutter Your Home For Cheaper

The holidays are approaching and you are already thinking of deep cleaning your home. Well, you are not alone and you are not crazy

Firstly, a spic and span home makes the gathering of family members much more meaningful. 

Secondly, it gives you space to relax and enjoy the holidays without running around the house looking for this and that. 

B M Storage Boxes

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We are going to share with you a foolproof method to declutter your home for the upcoming holiday season without sacrificing any family time or taking a toll on your health!

B&M Storage Boxes are literally the only thing you need for your cleaning spree! 

What Storage Boxes Are B&M Offering? 

B M Storage Boxes

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Storage boxes bring you storage solutions for items that can clutter easily in your house. 

From clothes and stationaries to gardening tools and dry food, storage boxes help you arrange and organise your mess. 

Some varieties of storage boxes are:

  • Baskets
  • Fabric bins
  • Plastic/Acrylic storage drawers and bins
  • Plastic storage tubs
  • Trash cans
  • Y-weave plastic bins
  • Skubb boxes for drawers
  • Shoe boxes

B&M Stores’ storage boxes will provide you affordable and practical storage solutions you need to declutter and minimalize your home for the upcoming holidays!

Really Useful Storage Tower For Your Stationaries, Papers, And Files£29.99

b m storage boxes

Image Source/B M Stores

A messy worktop can result in a lack of productivity and be a waste of time. With more family members and friends arriving at your house for the holidays, a messy workplace can be disastrous. 

You may find your pen finding its way to the dinner table, your files going underneath the couch, and your precious papers may transform into sketching papers for the kids. 

Organising your stationaries, papers, and files using B&M storage boxes such as the Really Useful Storage Tower will leave them where they are and you won’t have to look under your couch when you sit to do your budget or catch up with work. 

3 Drawer Medium Storage Tower For Your Kitchen Needs-£6.99

b m storage boxes

Image Source/B M Stores

The kitchen is the busiest place during a family holiday. You will be cooking up a storm, making countless cups of tea and stirring pots of soup. 

Wouldn’t it be too frustrating to claw your way into the bottom of the drawer for the rosemary? 

Not to forget the cutleries! They have their way of going missing just when they are needed. 

Arranging the bottles of spices, cutleries and dry food items in B&M storage boxes such as the 3 Drawer Medium Storage Tower will save you a lot of hassle and you will be more relaxed as you should be during a holiday! 

Stacking Baskets To Store Your Cleaning And Washing Items£0.50

b m storage boxes

Image Source/B M Stores

Doing laundry and doing dishes are major household chores that many have to deal with on a daily basis. During holidays, laundry and dishes multiply by leaps and bounds. 

Stacking the dishwashing liquid, detergent, softener, floor cleaner, bleaching agent and other cleaning products at one place in an organised manner will keep you organised and neat. 

No more hunting for the detergent when someone accidentally spills the coffee or red wine (let’s really hope this doesn’t happen!) on your new dress. 

B&M storage boxes such as the Stacking Baskets provide an easy, cost-effective and foolproof way to stack the bottles and tubs so that they are easy to find and use.

What’s more, in case of spillage of the detergent or cleaning liquid, these baskets are easy to wash and dry! 

Vacuum Storage Bag And Underbed Clear Storage For Off-Season Clothes- £2.99, £3.99

b m storage boxes

Image Source/B M Stores

Off-season clothes eat up most of your wardrobe space for 3-4 months at a time. Winter clothing is the worst of all as they are bulky. 

So, how are you going to stash these clothes away till the next time around?

b m storage boxes

Image Source/B M Stores

Instead of buying more clothes racks and cupboards, opting for B&M storage boxes such as the Vacuum Storage Bag and Under-bed Clear Storage Box can save you a considerable amount of space and a hefty amount of money. 

With the Vacuum Storage Bag, all you need to do is place your clothes in the bag, extract the air and shove it under your bed! 

While for the Under-bed Clear Storage Box, you need to fold your clothes properly, stack them in the box and slide the box under the bed or wardrobe!

Make Your Way To A Spotless Garage With Large Clear Storage Box With Lid-£6.99

b m storage boxes

Image Source/B M Stores

We are accustomed to the garage being a messy and untidy place and we don’t really prioritise it when cleaning the house. Because that’s how a garage always looks like! 

Well, it’s about to change! The holidays are the time when you will visit the garage frequently and it would not be much of a help if you have to spend half of your morning finding for the Christmas decoration. 

With B&M storage boxes such as Large Clear Storage Box With Lid, you can arrange items you will use once a year or less and stash them in the garage. The clear boxes will enable you to see what’s inside without having to open every lid in the garage. 

How’s that for a relaxing holiday cleaning and preparation!

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