Geordie Shore Cast Series 19 - Everything You Need To Know

By Amelia Slater

17th October 2019

Geordie Shore Cast Series 19: Everything You Need To Know

Ever since the show kicked off back in 2011, the Geordie Shore cast have taken the reality scene by storm.

With the O.Gs like Vicky Pattison, Ricci Guarnaccio, Charlotte Crosby and Gaz Beadle making a departure in recent years, and fresh new faces entering the Geordie Shore house to stir up trouble in the North East, the show is still going strong!

There are still familiar faces, however, as original cast members Holly Hagan and Sophie Kasaei are still part of the gang. The reality series returned for a nineteenth series in the spring of this year and concluded on 11th June.

Check out the Geordie Shore cast of series 19!

geordie shore cast 19

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Alex MacPherson

Alex sticks out like a sore thumb in the Geordie Shore cast for being the only star on the show to not come from Newcastle! Aussie Alex first made his first appearance in the seventeenth series of the show when it travelled over to film in Gold Coast.

He made such a good impression on viewers that the producers invited him to join the Geordie Shore cast permanently. He has now been involved in three series’ of the show.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Alex revealed that he refuses to let his mum watch the show to keep her from seeing him get jiggy with other contestants…

‘When I did my first season it was really weird knowing people are watching you having sex…My mum said the other day, “Why don’t we get the family together and watch the new season?”

‘I said “no we’re not doing that, we’re staying away from the TV for a couple of months.”


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Natalie Phillips

Returning to the 28-year-old Barber Natalie ‘Nat’ Phillips from Newcastle is another new face added to the Geordie Shore Mix. Nat shaved her head last year to donate her hair to charity and we have to say, she absolutely rocks the buzz cut!

Nat says that she is perfect choice to the join the cast as she becomes ‘maid’ by day and ‘party animal’ by night.


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Bethan Kershaw

24-year-old Bethan Kershaw is also new to the Geordie Shore cast and works as a beauty therapist from Newcastle. She has some serious moves having worked as a podium dancer and says you can always catch her on the dance floor when she’s on a night out. She also told says that she isn’t afraid to call people out or speak her mind:

‘I say what I think and I stand my ground, I don’t care if that causes problems.’

She is now dating co-star Beau Brennan after hitting it off on the show.


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Beau Brennan

25-year-old tattooed lothario Beau Brennan is another new face to the show and has described himself as an ‘alpha male’. Ooer!

Born in Whitley Bay, Beau previously worked as a civil engineer in Wales for three years and has apparently spent a small fortune on his full body suit of tattoos.

He says:

‘Girls go crazy for it, it’s all too easy.’

He also enrolled in the army which he says has taught him a lot about being open-minded.


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Tahlia Chung

Tahlia Chung is one of O.G Holly Hagan’s good pals. At just 21 years of age, she describes herself as:

 ‘I’m confident, I’m fearless and I LOVE being centre of attention.

‘I’m not your typical Geordie Shore girl, I love to escape to a different world, I think boys like that about me.’

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Chloe Ferry

Wild child Chloe Ferry joined the cast of Geordie Shore in 2015 and made her debut in the tenth series. She dated co-star Sam Gowland for two years and their turbulent relationship was heavily documented on the show. She previously dated co-star Marty McKenna on and off.

In May, Chloe announced that she had quit Geordie Shore but was later spotted at a shoot for series 20…watch this space, folks!


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Sam Gowland

Sam Gowland made his reality debut when he became a contestant in the third series of the Love Island reboot. He dated Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry from 2017-2019 and went on to become a regular in the Geordie Shore cast.

After appearing on MTV’s Just Tattoo Of Us, Chloe famously had her face tattoed on Sam’s leg to remind the ladies that he was a taken man. Recently after their split, it was reported by Digital Spy that Sam had got the tattoo covered up.

He just couldn’t bear it any longer…


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Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan has appeared on Geordie Shore since day 1. She was one of the show’s original cast members but left the show in the series 13 finale back in 2016. Since then, she has made a few more appearances but decided to call it quits for good in 2019.

She recently got engaged to boyfriend Jacob Blyth and shared the adorable video of the moment where he got down on one knee. She wrote in a caption on Instagram:

‘I was honestly in shock, I believed for such a long time that I didn’t deserve to be loved, But I was so wrong. Jacob is everything I was told I didn’t deserve and more. He’s the most patient, caring and laid back person I’ve ever met. His mental strength is something I’ve never seen in any person on earth, and he’s obviously a f***ng 10!’

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Nathan Henry

Nathan Henry is one of Geordie Shore’s darlings. Before landing a spot in the reality gang, he used to work as a hairdresser in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

The first cast member to be ‘openly bisexual’, Nathan joined the show in 2015. He later revealed that he did in fact identify as ‘gay’ and entered a relationship with Craig Richards for three and a half years.

He is best pals with co-star Chloe Ferry and split up with boyfriend Craig last year. Nathan said:

‘It’s been horrible. At first, it was awful, I had to talk through the break-up and go through the emotions of it.

‘I was still really upset and down about it, a lot happens, basically on this series I go through an emotional journey.’

Nathan has revealed that he is now ready to start dating again. He told The Sun:

‘Who wouldn’t want to go on free dates with loads of sexy boys? I’m up for it. My love life is pretty tragic to be honest. I’m still getting used to single life. I am going on dates with people but aren’t even having sex to be honest. I’m on Tinder. I am getting super likes left right and centre but it’s because of who I am.’


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Sophie Kasaei

28-year-old South Shields born Sophie Kasaei is half Iranian and cousins with ex-Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson. Many suspected she had been kicked off the show after a prolonged absence in 2013 – after reports of racism came to light, it definitely didn’t squash rumours…yikes!

After 3 years, Sophie came back to the show for series 19 where she had a romance with Alex MacPherson. The relationship was not set to last however and says it was awkward to come face to face with him again:

‘Of course, Alex was never a boyfriend or an ex, nothing like that, but he was someone I had a fling with in the house. But to be in a relationship and someone like that walk in… my head was just…’

Sadly, Sophie got the boot out of the Geordie Shore cast again after the series 19. Oh dear…

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Scott Timlin A.K.A. ‘Scotty T’

Scotty T has appeared on Geordie Shore since 2012! Since then, he has gone on to win Celebrity Big Brother as well has made a cameo appearance on Australian soap opera Neighbours. Mad!

The star has run into trouble lately after attending rehab. He told The Sun:

‘When I got famous on Geordie Shore, everything was being thrown your way – booze, drugs and women. While the show was on air, I’d be doing club personal appearances every night and I started taking cocaine to cope. I used to be completely anti-drugs, anti-smoking and despise all of that. But I fell into that lifestyle.’


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‘I suffer with ADHD so I couldn’t drink Red Bull because it made it worse…I couldn’t even leave the house, it was horrible. To cope I’d have cocaine. It helps me focus and concentrate. I was using it every day when I was off the rails and doing PAs up and down the UK – sometimes I was doing three in one day. I didn’t know how else to cope.

The star has since been working on himself and has since got his career back on track after a presenting gig on MTV’s Just Tattoo Of Us.

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