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28th October 2019

Rita Ora’s Mum: Everything You Need To Know

rita ora mum

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Rita Ora and her mum’s story show that you can still become famous and reach thousands of people by sharing an intense moment of your life to spread a message of hope.

While the beautiful Rita is undoubtedly one of the most talented singers of our time, her mum managed to find her place in the spotlight for different reasons. However, it is impossible not to mention that she is also a gorgeous woman.

You may be surprised to know her age!

If you wish to learn more about Rita Ora’s mum, her swimwear collection and her story, here you will find everything you need to know about this beautiful woman…

Who Is Rita Ora?

Before we investigate in Rita Ora’s mum life, we should learn more about her talented daughter.

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Rita was born in Pristina, present-day Kosovo, but she settled in the UK when she was only one year old. Her surname derives from a Turkish word. However, her parents later added Ora. It means “time” in Albanian, and the aim was to make the family surname easier to pronounce.

She rose to prominence in 2012, when her single featuring DJ Fresh, “Hot Right Now”, reached number one in the UK. In the same year her debut studio album, Ora, was number one in the UK.

Rita Ora is undoubtedly proud of her mother Vera, and everything she has done for her family. In one of her latest interviews with Hello!, she said that:

“My mum inspires me every single day. “I’m so proud of her. She’s the ultimate real role model.”

One of the latest Rita’s projects was taking part to the British LGBT Awards 2019, together with other television personalities, such as Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa and Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch.

In July 2015, Rita was named an Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo at the Embassy of Kosovo in London. She was joined at the ceremony by her mother Vera, her family, and UK’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Who Is Rita Ora’s Mum?

Vera Sahatçiu, 55, is not only the mum of a young and talented pop artist. She was born in Kosovo, even though she now lives in the UK with her family and is a qualified psychiatrist. She left her country with her husband Nick for political reasons – to escape from the persecution of Albanians and the disintegration of Yugoslavia – she chose to move to London, avoiding any of the worst cities in the UK.

rita ora mum breast cancer

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The family has been living in London, precisely in Notting Hill, since 1991, that is when Rita was only one year old. Vera’s husband, Besnik, studied Economics, but he is now a successful pub owner.

Vera has two other children: Elena, 30, and Don, 21 years old.  Recently, Rita posted on her Instagram account a series of throwback photos from her childhood, on the occasion of her sister Elena’s birthday.

Vera, the mum of the star Rita, works as a mental health professional. This has definitely helped the whole family going through many difficult times.

When Did Vera Have Breast Cancer?

Based on what she decided to share with her followers and the tabloids about this very delicate period of her life, Vera underwent a mastectomy in 2005, when she was aged 39. She also mentioned that:

“The whole family is still left with the anxieties that cancer ingrains. Rita gets anxious and sometimes has panic attacks. [..] Rita rebelled a little, bunking off school for a couple of weeks. It was her mental escape.”

Luckily, in February 2019, Rita Ora’s mum was able to use this significant experience in their life to share hope and awareness with thousands of people.

rita ora mum swimwear

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First, Vera teamed up with breast cancer charity Future Dreams. Her goal was to inspire other women suffering from the same problem to get their confidence back. Even when illness seems to prevail on your body, you shouldn’t be ashamed to proudly wear your favourite swimwear.

When Did Rita Ora mum become famous?

Although Vera’s beauty has never been a secret, she has been in the spotlight since when she launched a new swimwear collection to raise awareness on cancer.

Vera herself has revealed that she underwent a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the of 39, in 2005.

She also posed in a red swimsuit from Melissa Odabash’s post-mastectomy swimwear range while relaxing in West Hollywood, to share her powerful message of hope.


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Coming close to the end of summer. @melissaodabash I can’t wait for our new campaign supporting breast cancer. #futuredreamcharity #amoena 💕 #VisialaWithVera

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Rita Ora’s mum Vera soon boasted more than 50k followers on her social media. Vera wrote and shared with her followers this critical message:

“If I can help any woman who is going through breast cancer treatment then I would feel that going through it myself would have a point to it.”

Who Is Vera Ora’s Second Daughter?

Rita Ora mum is actually the lucky parent of another beautiful girl. Elena Ora, a gorgeous brunette who has often posed with her sister Rita, is an active member of the pop star’s management team. This allows both sisters to travel the world together, share their lives and their passions, and of course grow up together. Some may also say that this makes it easier for Vera to keep an eye on the two of them.


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The Ora kids in full effect @thereal_don_ora @ritaora

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In one of her latest interviews, Elena spoke about her sister’s success and how this changed her family’s life. She said:

“It started when she was 11 and she was Cinderella in the school play. The music teacher was like, ‘You should send her to stage school. She’s really good.’ My mom was like, ‘I don’t have a clue about any of this but let’s do it.'”

She also added that:

“[Our parents] had to save up money and pay every month to send her to [Sylvia Young Theatre School]. Amy Winehouse went there and one of the Spice Girls. It was really good.”

Is Vera Enjoying Her Time With Her Daughter Rita?

Rita and her lookalike mother are undoubtedly best friends, at the point that they even spend their holidays together.

Last summer, they were spotted soaking up the sun on Malibu Beach. Rita was not wearing one of her mum’s inspiring swimwear, but she was still stunning in her Gucci swimsuit.


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“A family is not an important thing, it’s everything” M Fox

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While enjoying her time in Los Angeles, Vera also had some pieces of advice for parents and especially young parents of teenagers. Speaking on how adults should approach their children, the NHS’s psychiatrist said that:

“To avoid disagreement about their looks, appearance and behaviour the best is to talk to them calmly […] gently give advice, support them, appreciate their youth and protect their beauty/brains!”

What Does Rita Ora Mum Think Of Her Daughter’s Career?

Surely, Rita knows how to be the centre of attention in every situation. At the beginning of 2018, for example, she suspiciously spent a lot of time with Liam Payne. They have always been good friends, and they were looking forward to performing a song together. As you can imagine, Liam’s girlfriend Cheryl was not really happy about this situation, and it wasn’t easy for him to reassure the love of his life.

On The Tonight Show in January 2018, Liam and Rita even kissed, unleashing Cheryl’s anger and shocking all their fans.

On the other hand, Vera is still a mum, and she never misses the chance to point out when Rita does not respect her rules. For example, in January 2019, both Vera and Victoria Beckham were very disappointed at their children. In fact, Rita and David Beckham’s son Brooklyn allegedly dated in secret when the Albanian singer was 26.

As if that wasn’t enough, in 2013 Rita even dated Dave Gardner, one of the best friends of the Beckham family. Brooklyn, who had just turned 18 when he shared a series of flirty texts with the pop star, is now a model and photographer. Needless to say, he is gorgeous, just like his famous parents.

It seems that Rita and Brooklyn agreed to end the relationship. Beckham’s offspring returned back to his college in New York to reassure his mommy and daddy.

Does Rita Ora’s Mum Always Approve Her Daughter’s Attire?

Another disappointing time for Rita Ora mum was when her young daughter ended up flashing her underwear at the GQ Men of the Year Awards red carpet in London. This happened in September 2019, and Rita certainly was the centre of attention with her black see-through lace dress.

rita ora red carpet

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It wasn’t the first time when Rita Ora’s mum wasn’t approving her daughter’s attire. Speaking of their relationship and how they deal about Rita’s career, Vera said:

“I do criticise her quite a bit, like, ‘Please, can you not say that?’, ‘Can you not do that?’, ‘Put some clothes on, now!’ “Every time she’s on in London, I go and have mother-daughter talks.”

What Has Rita Ora Mum Been Up To Since She Became Famous?

Recently, the pop icon and her mum Vera attended a Cartier event at London’s Chiltern Firehouse. While Rita was serving real fierceness in a gorgeous red dress and a one-of-a-kind hat, 55-year old Vera did not need to wear anything too loud to steal the spotlights. In fact, she posed in a gold Stella McCartney gown, which glitters were the most eye-catching highlight of the event.


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On my way to support my daughter @ritaora at @cartier event in my @stellamccartney dress 😘 #VisualsWithVera

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What Has Rita Ora Been Up To Since Her Last Success?

In September 2018, Rita revealed the title of her second studio album, Phoenix. The lead single “Let you Love Me” reached number four in the UK, breaking a 30-year-old record for most top ten songs by a British female solo artist. In the same year, in October, she announced her world tour.

In April 2019, she released the song “Carry On”, featuring the Norwegian producer DJ Kygo. If you have watched the movie Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, you must have not only heard this song but also spotted the pop star, who appears in the film as Dr Ann Laurent. The song is particularly significative and heartbreaking since it is about teaming up and then dealing with loss.

rita ora vera ora gold gown

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In the same month, UNICEF UK appointed Rita as one of its ambassadors in the UK.

What is clear is that Rita Ora mum must be very proud of her daughter. She is now only 28, but she is one of the most acclaimed British singers, songwriters and actresses. All the sacrifices that Vera made when she was young to leave her home country and look for a better future for her family in the UK are now being rewarded by Rita and her siblings’ achievements in their young and yet promising lives.

Why We Should All Learn From Vera’s Story

Let’s be honest: no one can believe how stunning Rita Ora’s mum is. We can definitely say that Rita’s beauty is the result of fortunate and robust genetics. You may be a very talented pop star and maybe enjoy an impressive net worth, but you still need to have genetics on your side so that you can always look beautiful!

rita ora mum vera ora

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It is also essential to notice that Vera has never stopped being professional in their role as a psychiatrist. In fact, she has always shared her honest thoughts on the importance of pop stars and celebrities taking breaks from their chaotic lives to look after themselves. Even the wealthiest and most successful people need to pay attention to their mental health, especially because of their stressful lifestyle.

It does not surprise that Rita even shared with her fans these inspiring words. There are no doubts that she treasured her mum’s advice:

“I am so aware of mental health and what it means, and I can see that in the music industry if you are successful, people may not realise there are mental health issues, which is quite confusing for a lot of artists.”

Most importantly, she highlighted that:

“It’s important for people to be in tune with their health and find out how you can be and stay as mentally healthy, as that works differently for each individual.”

What Vera and her daughter Rita managed to achieve on social networks shows that you do not necessarily need to earn Stormzy’s net worth to become famous and enjoy your life!

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