By Lucy Cooper

14th August 2019

Chloe Geordie Shore: Her Plastic Surgery Journey

‘Chloe Geordie Shore’ is the 23 year old star who shot to fame for her brash behaviour, but has since grabbed more headlines over her ever-changing looks.

Like most other big reality stars including Sam and Billie Faiers, Chloe was partial to a bit of filler here and there when she was thrust in to the spotlight at the tender age of 19.

Since, her love for (and at this point, addiction to) plastic surgery has played out in the media, making for one of the most dramatic transformations in reality TV.

It’s typical of the Geordie Shore girls to go under the knife, leaving them all with a similar look (even they admit it), but it’s common knowledge that Chloe’s transformation is one of the most extreme.

They’re all at it…


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When you all have the same surgeon šŸ˜œšŸ˜‚ – @bondisands #bondisandssuncare #bondisands

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Before she went under the knife…

Before taking the G-Shore house by storm, Chloe was a natural (well, except the hair colour)…

Image Source/ TheMirrorĀ 

Before her Geordie Shore days, Chloe was just your typical ‘girl next door’. She’s a far cry from what she looks like now…

Meanwhile, Gaz hasn’t changed a bit…

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She’s spent HOW much?!

Since her plastic surgery journey started, she’s said to have dropped over Ā£50k on procedures! But, from the horse’s mouth itself, that is actually anĀ understatement:

“It’s a lot more, I can tell you that. Ā£50k – I wish! I’m bankrupt… I’m not really. I want more.”

Her most costly procedure is said to be her veneers, estimated to have set her back Ā£28,000!

A run down…

Image Source/ TheSunĀ 

Chloe has splashed the cash on rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast implants and a breast uplift in three years, as well as cheek fillers, veneers, an eyebrow lift, her eyebrows tattooed and botox.

She recently got bum implants…

Last summer Chloe jumped on the Brazilian butt lift bandwagon, previously made famous by Kim K’s trademark derriĆØre. The procedure involves fat being injected in to the behind, leaving noticeable bruises. In typical Chloe style, she flaunted hers to her 3.3 million followers, who were quick to notice.

Image Source/ MTVĀ 

The procedure left her unable to sit for weeks after:

“I’ve got a high pain threshold and I’m quite wild… but I can’t sit down properly for the next four weeks and I have a special cushion I have to use.”


Trolls drove her to a boob job…

Despite Chloe once ruling out a boob job on her wishlist of surgeries:

ā€œIā€™d never get a boob job because I have nice boobs. Besides, big boobs are out of fashion now.”

She went on to have one,Ā after cruel trolls teased her for having a ‘saggy’ chest- she opted for a ‘B Liteā€™ implants. The implants are 30 per cent lighter than other implants and made from ā€˜borosilicateā€™- a substance used in heat-shields to protect Nasa astronauts.

Image Source/ The SunĀ 

As if thatĀ can now be implanted in to the human body?!


Trolls might insist that Chloe stops the surgery, but people closest to her only seem to encourage it.

Her ex at the time, Sam Gowland, when quizzed about his opinion on his girlfriend’s surgeries, sang their praises:

“I f***ing love a fake, love!”

Chloe herself also seems generally unfazed by the comments she receives on social media:

“One picture had 7,000 comments – even the Kardashians don’t get that many comments. I’ve been told that I look awful and that I’ve ruined my body. Everyone has an opinion, but at the end of the day it’s my body and it’s what I want to do with it.”

Image Source/ MTVĀ 

Like anything, surgery can get addictive. And, from an outsider’s view, that’s exactly what Chloe seems to be. She argues otherwise:

“Of course it, it’s a little bit addictive, but I can stop myself – I’m happy with myself now.”


She’s also got tattoos…

Chloe’s body is also littered with small tattoos, from a chicken drumstick on her finger to (what was) an ode to her boyfriend on her wrist.

Proving their relationship is well and truly down the pan, she revealed her ‘new’ inking. Chloe chose to transform her ‘Sam’ tattoo in to a rather fishy one instead. Replacing it with ‘salmon’, is surely the ultimate closure on her ex.

Image Source/ DailyMail


Her Mum’s at it as well…

It seems the surgery bug runs in Chloe’s family, with her mum looking unrecognisable since her daughter’s debut on TV.

Image Source/ TheSun

Ferry’s mum can be seen before, on the right, rocking Chloe’s natural colour, and an obviously different face shape.

Reports say that Chloe has introduced her Mum to the world of surgery, in which she got her jaw and lips injected with filler, as well as veneers implanted.


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The surgery’s not just taken a physical toll…

The bruises and scars aren’t the only thing surgery has left Chloe with. She opened up about her struggle with body dysmorphia since she began getting surgery:

“I didn’t have body dysmorphia before Geordie Shore [2015] I would say it’s happened since I started getting surgery – I think that’s what created it.”

It’s sad to hear Chloe admit that vile trolls are part of the reason she continues to go under the knife:

Ā “It‘s ever since I started having surgery that I’ve felt like this, and maybe after some of the negative comments.

People don’t realise the scars that words can leave!

Image Source/ MirrorĀ 

The reality star has quit Geordie Shore (for the time being anyway), since her explosive split from Gowland. Maybe now she’s not on screen as much, she might take a step back from the surgery?

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