The Funniest Celebrity Juice Moments

By Juliet Smith

18th June 2019

The Funniest Celebrity Juice Moments

Oh Celebrity Juice, what would we do on a Thursday night without you, your childish games and your – quite frankly – ridiculous antics to make us laugh until we cry.

Keith Lemon and his ‘bang tidy’ co-hosts and team captains – Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton and Paddy McGuinness – have been filming for ten whole years (it’s now series 21) and each week we have the pleasure of watching the VIPs make a complete and utter fool of themselves.

From awkward kisses to iconic one liners, let us remind you of Celebrity Juice’s best bits – and have you laughing all over again…

When Joey Essex Thought Richard & Judy Created The World…

The TOWIE star delivered one of the best lines not only heard on the panel show, but on all TV ever after he mixed Adam and Eve up with Richard and Judy.

The infamously dumb (but we still love him) Essex lad was asked by host Keith (Leigh Francis) if he knew about famous people, before he boldly stated that Richard and Judy were ‘the people who created the world’.

Cue the audience, panellists, host and every single viewer falling off their chairs in utter disbelief at Joey’s ridiculous (yet somehow hilariously genius) comment.

Image Source/Youtube

The Laughing Woman In The Audience…

As hilarious as the show’s games are, sometimes, there’s nothing that can make us laugh harder than seeing someone else in a side-splitting giggle fit. And this woman in hysterics in the show’s audience gets us… Every. Single. Time.

She was set off after a silly game which involved throwing peanuts; her unusual cackle soon became the focus of the show.

Image Source/Youtube

Just Gino D’Acampo Being Gino D-Acampo…

It’s difficult to choose between all of the endless funny moments Gino D’Acampo has provided us with. But him becoming confused over the word ‘growlers’ has got to be up there with the greatest of all time.

After admitting his attraction to pubic hair, Baby Spice Emma Bunton asked him if he likes a ‘growler’. After becoming confused, Gino joked:

‘I just want a nice bush!’

– which, as you can imagine, went down in Celeb Juice history.

Image Source/Youtube

That Awkward Keith Lemon/Ed Sheeran Kiss…

A record-breaking album, hundreds of sold-out tours and a down-to-earth persona, you’d assume that singer Ed Sheeran would be pretty well behaved.

You’ll probably be surprised to find him downing eight pints, snogging host Keith Lemon and boogieing with naked pensioners on the ITV2 show – definitely his most bizarre TV guest appearance ever.

Speaking about his appearance on the show, the singer-songwriter said:

“I’ve wanted to do this since 2011, but every time I’m on tour.

“I promised my mate Chris Ramsey that if I ever did it he would come with me. That’s why he’s here.”

ed sheeran and keith lemon kissing on celebrity juice
Image Source/Youtube

When Danny Dyer Taught Keith How To Become Hard…

Former EastEnders actor and resident tough guy Danny Dyer is a favourite of the show and has appeared many times over the years (despite continuously being a laughing stock on the show).

Probably the funniest moment was the time he schooled Keith in one of the ‘Hard Man Acting Classes’; the cockney showed the host the ropes of how to become a tough guy in a bank robbery role-play.

Image Source/Youtube

Michelle Keegan’s Role Play…

We dare you to try and watch this segment without falling apart laughing…

The ex-Corrie actress Michelle was asked by Keith to perform a role-play where she pretended she was breaking up for hubby Mark Wright. Keith’s impression of the ex-TOWIE star had the audience in fits of giggles.

Reading the lines Michelle said:

‘I don’t know how i’m going to tell you this Mark but I think we’re making a mistake. I’ve met someone else Mark, he’s from Leeds, he’s better looking than you and he’s amazingly successful. I’m sorry mark, I’m leaving you I need a proper man with a tash’…

The actress was in stitches as she tried to keep a straight face while Lemon performed a hilarious impression of her husband’s facial expression as he said the words in response:

‘What you talking about, girl’

Comedy gold.

Image Source/Youtube

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