By Juliet Smith

29th May 2019

Who Is Holly Willoughby’s Husband?! Everything You Need To Know About Mr Willougby…

She’s a TV presenter with serious style, an enviable wardrobe and a host of famous friends, but who is Holly Willoughby’s – very lucky – husband?

The beloved TV presenter and husband Dan Baldwin have been wed since 2007 and have since had three children together. Here’s everything you need to know about Holly’s other half…

Who is Daniel Baldwin?

Born in 1973, Dan is 44-years-old – making him six years senior to his successful wife, Holly.

Like Holly, Dan works in TV – except he’s behind the scenes. The television producer has worked on shows including Celebrity Juice, Virtually Famous and Through the Keyhole.

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In 2014, Dan also co-founded his own independent media company, Hungry Bear, where he appointed himself as managing director. He launched the company alongside Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Peter Jones CBE and Juliet Denison. On their website, Dan’s career is described:

“His television career started at the BBC as a researcher on Live & Kicking. Since then his highlights have included becoming a Series Producer at the BBC aged 26, becoming Head Of Programmes and Production at MTV at the age of 29 and meeting his wife whilst working on TV show Ministry Of Mayhem aged 31.

He has also won a BAFTA, two NTAs, two RTS awards and led Talkback to the ‘Indie Of The Year’ award in 2012. He hopes he can lead Hungry Bear Media to similar accolades in the near future.”

As well as this, he’s working for production company Talkback Thames as a development executive.

Holly’s pretty proud of her successful hubby:

“He’s got his own production company, which is hugely successful, and he’s doing brilliantly. We’re very lucky, that’s for sure.”

How Did The Pair Meet?

Considering they both work in the TV industry, you might not be surprised to hear that Holly and Dan met on the set of a children’s TV programme, Ministry Of Mayhem. The couple met in 2004 and were pals for six months before taking things further; they managed to keep their relationship a secret  eight months before!

“At first, I didn’t fancy Dan at all – I didn’t even think about it,”

She revealed:

“I don’t think he could have fancied me either because it was such a genuine friendship.”

Six months later the couple were in a full blown relationship!

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How Did Dan Propose To Holly?

The loved-up Dan proposed to Holly in 2006 on the same that they moved in together. According to Holly, she was in the bath and the time, later admitting:

“I didn’t have the slightest hint it would happen. It was a complete surprise.”

When Did They Get Married?

The couple tied the knot in 2007 at St Michael’s Church in Sussex before hosting their reception at the not-so-modest 900-year-old Amberley Castle – featuring 12 acres of landscaped gardens and historic architecture.

When speaking about her wedding day, Holly said:

“I think I did know this but I still think it doesn’t go in. Everybody says pace yourself, enjoy it, take a moment to stand in the corner of the marquee and take a look at everybody.

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Remember those small moments, take a moment with your husband to look at everybody so you remember that day because it goes so fast and it is one of the best days of your life. I know it’s a cliché but it absolutely is.”

To celebrate their ten year anniversary, they headed off on a romantic holiday together as Holly shared an Instagram post of herself and Dan holding hands and jumping into the sea. She captioned the image:

“Home from the most incredible week… leaping into the next 10 years… love you baby! #WeddingAnniversary #10Years #Decade #LoveAndLaughter”

Any Kids?

Yes! Dan and Holly share three children together – Harry, Belle and Chester.

In 2017, Phillip Schofield’s BFF hinted that she was open to the idea of having even more kids; she admitted that she loves being pregnant‘, that giving birth is ‘amazing’ and ’empowering’.

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Speaking about her children, she revealed:

“They’re real people with personalities, and when we’re all sitting about the table, I sometimes find myself thinking, ‘Why wouldn’t you want more of this Holly?’”

“I don’t think so. I mean, I really don’t think so.

“But it’s like the wedding dress thing – you just don’t want that stage of your life to be over.

“I loved being pregnant. I loved giving birth.

“I would give birth again tomorrow as it’s just the most amazing, empowering, life-changing thing.”

Holly On Dan

“We still fancy the pants off each other!”

“I remember one of the first moments I realised how strongly I felt about Dan. It was quite early on in our relationship and I went on holiday with Fearne Cotton, and Dan had made me a CD of his favourite songs.”

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“I mean obviously I really love Dan. We really have a good laugh together and I don’t want to sound like a massive cliché but we get on really well… I rely on him for a lot of stuff. I think we just work better as a pair.”

Consider this heart melted…

Dan on Holly

Chatting about their first dance being to Paul Weller’s English Rose:

“It’s one of my favourite songs – I always loved The Jam when I was growing up. Plus of course Holly is an English Rose.”

“I mean obviously I really love Dan. We really have a good laugh together and I don’t want to sound like a massive cliché but we get on really well.

“I rely on him for a lot of stuff. I think we just work better as a pair so that helps.”

Does Dan Baldwin Use Social Media?

Unlike Holly, who regularly posts tweets and shares snaps on her Instagram, Holly Willoughby’s husband doesn’t really use social media for personal reasons. He doesn’t have an Instagram or Facebook account at all, and although he has Twitter, he hasn’t used it since way back in 2016!

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Dan Was At THAT Presidents Club Party

We all remember reading about the disgraced Presidents Club party where hostesses were revealed to be groped and harassed by wealthy businessmen attendees.

In Feb 2018, Holly Willoughby’s husband was named on the seating plan, sitting next to Peter Jones and TV presenter Vernon Kay. However, the producer did not respond to comments requesting if he was in attendance at the party.

Their Romance Is Still Going Strong

After more than 12 years of marriage, it’s clear that Holly and Dan’s marriage is still going strong.

The Dancing On Ice host constantly gushes over her hubby and children by sharing pictures of them on her social media posts. For example, she recently post a sweet snap of the couple looking seriously loved-up, with the caption:

“Happy birthday to the man that is my 🌍… love you baby ❤️”

As well as another to bring in the New Year:

“2019… as long as you four are beside me … we’ll be just fine… 💕”


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2019… as long as you four are beside me … we’ll be just fine… 💕

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