By Angie

13th February 2019

Embarrassing Bodies: The Most Shocking Health Problems

The body is a fascinating thing, isn’t it? You’ll know just how fascinating if you’ve ever tuned in to Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies. 

(No, we are not talking about those bingo wings which allow you to take flight after one too many bevs on a Friday after work).

Sometimes the medical conditions we face with our health are SO embarrassing that we can’t bring ourselves to see a professional and get it fixed. Instead we just push it to the back of our minds and pray it’ll sort itself.

Saying that, there are some out there who have no shame (and good on them!) So much so, that appearing on national TV with your self-admitted ’embarrassing’ illness causes no qualms

1. Extreme foot verrucas

Embarrassing bodies verrucas

Image Source

This is an actual image of eight year old Charlotte’s foot, that left Dr Christian Jessen green in the face. Who knew the medical condition could be THIS bad?

2. Man with rotting teeth

Embarrassing bodies rotting teeth

Image Source

We can appreciate that some people are terrified of the dentist, but when it gets to this point- it’s gone TOO far. Dr Dawn was left disgusted after she learned that twenty-one year old Jake hadn’t brushed his teeth in TWENTY YEARS. Surely not?!

3. Tonsils as big as tennis balls!

Embarrassing bodies tonsils

Image Source

Most of us have had a sore throat at some point, haven’t we? When every mouthful of food feels like a pack of knives to swallow? Well, imagine how Jessica felt with her tonsils that were 3x the normal size! It came as no surprise to the doctors that she suffered with recurring tonsillitis.

4. Ingrown toenails

Embarrassing bodies ingrown nails

Image Source

This one’s enough to put you off your breakfast (and lunch, and dinner!) Poor nineteen year old Elizabeth arrived at the clinic with her toe hidden in a sock, covering her rather embarrassing medical condition. I don’t know how Dr Dawn Harper kept her professionalism!

5. Extreme scalp psoriasis

Embarrassing bodies hair

Image Source

Poor Maria came to the clinic after three separate specialists failed her. Dr Dawn Harper came to her rescue, so she was finally able to sleep and go about her daily life without debilitating itchiness. I’m literally itching at the thought! Check out more hair raising cases here!

6. Girl whose hair just wouldn’t grow

Embarrassing bodies bald patch

Image Source

Lucy brought her problem of a balding head to Dr Christian Jessen, at the pop up clinic in Cambridge. She had been diagnosed with a rare disorder that meant her hair had no protection, meaning it was continuously breaking!

7. Man producing breast milk

Embarrassing bodies man milk

Image Source

Amir not only had man boobs, but he was producing breast milk! In fact, he said it was painful if he didn’t squeeze the milk out; Dr Christian Jessen immediately suspected a hormonal problem.

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