By Juliet Smith

15th April 2019

‘What was I thinking, leaving the house in that purple eyeshadow, caked in orange foundation and covered in murky bronzer…!?’

Don’t worry – every single one of us has browsed over our Facebook tagged photos and cringed inside at the very sight of our own faces – we’ll ALL been there. Many a time.

Yep, there of those kind of mistakes (the ones you untag sharpish) that are glaringly obvious… but there’s also the type of makeup mistakes – the subtle ones – that you still might be doing every single day without even knowing it.

For the sake of your vanity (and sanity) – here are 20 of the most common mistakes – and, of course, how to fix them.

20. Contouring In The WRONG Places

Why it’s wrong: There’s something about the word ‘contouring’ that instils fear in each and every one of us… and it’s probably because every time we’ve tried to master that Kardashian sculpt, we’ve ended up looking like a hot, stripey mess.

Image Source

How to fix it: Because we all have differently shaped faces, we need to figure our what works for our OWN faces, following a tutorial just won’t cut it. So, spend some one on one time with your face and get a good feel…

Okay – it might sound just a little creepy, but once you’ve noticed where your cheekbones are, where your nose bridge is and the shape of your jawline, you’ll stop copying the practice for other people’s faces and realise exactly where to shade.

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