By Juliet Smith

20th March 2019

You would be hard tasked to find any female out there that doesn’t envy EmRata’s good looks. Every single time we see one of those sun-drenched, bikini-clad posts on our Insta feeds, we’re left wondering how her stomach got so flat, how her face is so well proportioned – not to mention that perfectly placed ab crack…

We all admire her beauty from afar, but Vogue’s new series of intimate bathroom tutorials means you can now channel Ratajkowski’s makeup look on your next date night, even if you look nothing like her (and let’s face it – who does?!).

Here’s the model’s makeup strategy for all things sultry and sun-kissed….

1) First thing’s first: foundation

Emily kicks things off by prepping her skin which consists of cleansing and moisturising, she’s now ready to apply her Charlotte Tilbury foundation base.

Image Source

Forget sponges, brushes and kabuki tools, the Instagram star uses her fingers to apply foundation, allowing for a more seamless blend.

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