Diags Towie – Finally Found Love After TOWIE Ex?

By Lynda Keleer

5th January 2021

Diags Towie – Finally Found Love After TOWIE Ex?

The only thing better than The Only Way is Essex are the reality stars that we get out of the show every season. While the show itself is controversial, so are the individual cast members who bring their very own spice and drama that spills over into our reality. For instance, the iconic on-screen love story of the one and only Diags and Fran Parman also continued off-screen.

We were invested. Today, years after the couple has broken up, there are still rumors circulating about the couple. However, this time it’s different, as it seems Diags TOWIE has found a new lady. Who is she? We’ll find out all about Diags TOWIE and his new babe here, keep reading!

Diags Towie


But first, a little about James Diags Bennewith, the charming and witty TOWIE star that we all love.

Diags was born on 15th May, 1991 which means he is 29 years old this year.

His family has a plumbing business called Plumb Point Essex which he helps out on when he is not doing shows.

He joined Season 4 of TOWIE back in 2012. Prior to the show, Diags was already good friends with another famous TOWIE co-star Joey Essex. The friends have known each other since they were 13 years old.

Diags made his mark on TOWIE as he became one of the viewer’s favorite characters on the show.

And before he knew it, Diags’ popularity followed him off-screen as he became increasingly popular on social media, joining the English celebrity scene.

Diags and Fran Parman

Whilst on the show, Diags met Fran Parman who joined the show later as a housemate. The pair then dated for around 3 years until 2017 when their relationship ended.

The split was harsh for Fran as she was left feeling lost. Meanwhile, she was also reportedly receiving messages about Diags bringing other girls back to the apartment they shared.

An inside source shared to the media saying:

“They don’t talk at all now that they’ve split… she is utterly heartbroken it’s come from him and can’t stop crying.”

“She never had any idea he was ‘that’ guy. They were best friends and best friends don’t do that to each other.”

Since then, there had been many rumors of them getting back together (or at least spending some lonely nights together).

And recently, it seems that Fran is still quite keen on Diags as they shared a pretty awkward reunion.

TOWIE reunion

In a recent episode of TOWIE where Diags and Fran ‘ended up in the same bar together’, Fran bravely decided to ‘break the ice’ with Diags.

Keep in mind, it has been two years since the split, and since Diags left the show. This is the first time the pair will come face to face with each other after so long.


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First, let’s talk about Fran because she looked stunning. Her rushed detailed dress was eye-catching, with carefully thought out accessories to match – beautiful.

The exchange was… awkward to say the least. But at least Fran was brave enough to try!

You can probably also watch clips of this cringey encounter online. But to recap, it went a like this:

Diags was enjoying a drink with other fellow co-stars Dan Edgar and Amber Turner when Fran decided to head over.

TOWIE reunion II

What followed was a series of awkward silences and awkward glances. Yikes.

To which Fran said:

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Just thought I’d come over and say hello.”

To which she then added:

“How are you? I just thought I’d come over and say hello and see how is everything.”

Then they just talked about Diags’ bucket list and Fran later retreated to her table.

The question is – does Diags feel the same way about Fran?

After the episode of this ‘cringey’ encounter ended, Fran shared on Instagram a stunning selfie to reveal that she had recently lost an impressive 10lbs of weight.

Diags and Fran – Eating With My Ex

Who else is glad that reality TV is becoming more creative (or invasive should we say)?

Thanks to shows like Eating With My Ex, fans get to watch as celebrity exes get to hash it out while having a meal. Say no more, we’re totally invested.

So did Fran throw a fit? Were there any tears? Are Fran and Diags finally back together like the rumours are saying?

Surprisingly, the ‘date’ was quite pleasant.

Diags and Fran instead talked about a previous episode of TOWIE where Diags and co-star a.k.a best friend Chloe Sims had a cry sesh about Chloe’s new relationship.

Remember that episode when Diags and Chloe had a heart to heart about Chloe’s new love interest with fellow co-star Dan Edgar?

Fans were touched by Diags’ genuine ‘protective’ feelings over his best friend.

Diags and Fran – Eating With My Ex II

OK a little backstory, Diags and Dan have been friends for a while now so he is familiar with Dan’s behavior around women.

He just didn’t want Chloe to get hurt! And to see him balling his eyes out just showed us what kind of person he is deep down.

So anyway, Fran brought this up during the ‘date’ saying that it ‘turned her on’.

More specifically, Fran said:

“I’m proud of you, you cried. You’re a man.”

To which Diags replied:

“I lift weights and cry at the same time.”


“Sexy! It turns me on. The thought of you, it turns me on so much.”

Would you say Fran still has feelings for Diags? Maybe a little?

Who is Diags TOWIE dating now?

However, unfortunately for Fran, Diags is currently loved up with his new babe Sophie Ernoult.

The reality star shared this news by going Instagram official with Sophie sharing a cute mirror selfie of them together in a bathroom.

Sophie Ernoult
source/the sun

Sophie was looking stunning in a comfy beige turtleneck with Diags doing a cheeky pose next to her.

Sophie captioned it ‘We have a good time <3.’

Following this, she also shared a series of adorable photos of them on her story.

But what do we actually know about Sophie and has Diags finally found love?

Who is Sophie Ernoult?

Diags and Sophie have reportedly been dating for almost six months.

What we know about Sophie is that she is passionate about charity work, as she and Diags met while volunteering for The Adobe Project in Uganda.

Other than that, she grew up in Kent and allegedly attended the North West Kent College.

There is not much information about Sophie as she prefers to keep her life private but you can follow her on Instagram @sophieernoult__x to keep up on what her and Diags are up to!

You can also follow Diags TOWIE @diags_.

With Diags being in tune with his emotional side, is he ready to be in a matured relationship?

We can’t wait to bring more updates!

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