Barney Walsh – Actor, Musician & Presenter

By Lynda Keleer

8th October 2020

Barney Walsh – Actor, Musician & Presenter

‘Actor, musician, presenter’ are adjectives Barney Walsh uses to describes himself.

Barney Walsh is the son of The Chase presenter, Bradley Walsh. You have probably already seen dad and son duo on their adventures across the US in the ITV series Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad. Besides being a dead ringer for his dad, Barney is also a chip off the old block as we can see his sophisticated, kind, and caring nature, just like Bradley. But how much do we know about Barney Walsh?

Barney Walsh
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What have the father and son been up to recently?

Keep reading as we get to know Barney Walsh. From his budding television career to his recent addition to the family, we have the answers.

Getting To Know Barney Walsh

Barney Walsh is the son of Bradley Walsh and Donna Derby. His parents have been married since 1997 which makes that a total of 23 years!


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Barney, 22, also has a half-sister named Hayley from Bradley’s previous relationship.

Barney has always followed in his father’s footsteps as a TV presenter and actor.

In 2017 and 2018, he presented for the Miss World pageant and the Beauty With a Purpose project.

Beauty With a Purpose was a special project where Barney helped fundraise to build a bridge for two rural villages in Indonesia.

And on to his acting roles, the talented teen starred in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. With a handsome, charming face like his, it was as if Barney was born for this role.

If you’ve been wondering why he looks for familiar, it’s probably because Barney also acted in other shows like Law and Order UK and Doctors.

The Hunky Barney Walsh

Described as ‘hunky’ by The Sun, Barney often hangs out with supermodels.

However, he is not just a pretty face.

Barney is also a talented musician, as he sings, plays the piano, and guitar!

The talented actor also loves adventure, as we’ve seen him tight roping around the tallest building in New Zealand and skydiving off a plane!

Barney didn’t skydive alone though, as the Bradley Walsh and son duo were filming for their TV show. In fact, the challenge was a dare from Barney to his dad!

We’re glad they both made it safely to the ground with Bradley gasping:

‘I need a drink…’

The new addition to the family

Regularly sharing his adventures on social media, the handsome young lad has garnered the attention of swooning fans all over with 80,000 followers and counting!

You can find Barney on social media with the handle @barneywalsh.


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Through his social media posts, fans have been keeping up with Barney over the whole lockdown to see what he’s been up to.

However, their attention has recently been shifted to Barney’s new addition to the family, a small, white, fluffy furball named Lulu!

Barney’s reveal was a cute photo of him carrying Lulu with the caption:

“Sorry I haven’t been around much everyone… I’ve been busy in lockdown training this little ray of sunshine! Welcome to the family Lulu! Take care and stay safe guys.”

We forgive him! As long as we get more updates from himself and Lulu!

Let’s hope everyone continues to stay at home in efforts to curb the pandemic so that we can have more episodes of Bradley and Barney’s exciting adventures.

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