Jamie Genevieve: From £10 An Hour To Scotland's Top Beauty Youtuber

By Lucy Cooper

16th September 2020

Jamie Genevieve: From £10 An Hour To Scotland’s Top Beauty Youtuber

Twenty-six-year-old beauty blogger Jamie Genevieve has gone from earning what she did in a month, to earning it in just one day.

Thanks to over one million Instagram followers and 940k Youtube subscribers, she’s living the life every little girl could dream of.


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The Scottish beauty blogger might be flying high, but she still remains down to earth, thanks to her humble beginning as a beauty counter assistant at Debenhams.

She recalled how she incorporated her love for makeup and social media in to her previous job:

“I would wake up an hour earlier than I needed to every day, to do a full face of makeup and take a picture of it and upload to Instagram because I loved it.”

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Online fans began coming in-store to meet her as her audience grew:

“The more followers I got the more people that would come to visit me at this makeup counter to get their makeup done, to buy makeup, just to meet me as well.”

Jamie Genevieve Net Worth

It wasn’t too long before she decided to take the leap and quit her 9-5:

“I got invited on a first trip to LA so I made the decision to go completely full time doing this.”

According to socialblade.com, Genevieve is estimated to be earning up to £100k a year, going off her daily growth of her Youtube channel, similar to that of Youtubers like Emily Canham and Lydia Millen.

What’s even more special is that since leaving her old job behind, she’s gone on to release a lipstick with cult beauty brand Mac, named after herself that is stocked in Debenhams where she used to work!

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She recounted her first big pay-check with fond memories:

“I remember the first day when I made more money in one day than I used to in a month, we kind of joke about it actually, it’s kind of funny that I’ve managed to do something worthwhile.” 


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Long time no smile x

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Jamie Genevieve: Weekly Vlogger

Following Jamie’s transition to full-time social media queen, her husband Jack McCann also quit his job as a bricklayer to become her full-time Editor:

“The transition was mad, going from laying bricks on a rainy Monday morning to jetting off.”

The couple are now on their 172nd weekly vlog, which Jamie and Jack produce together and can hit up to 2million views on each week.

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A Small Price To Pay

Speaking about one of the only ‘downsides’ to the job, the Scottish beauty revealed it can often come across as vain:

“The embarrassing thing about this job is how many pictures you take of yourself. I’ve got like 40,000 photos on my phone and it’s all selfies.”


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Her audience consists of a pretty even split across the UK and America, although she did admit to American fans having issues understanding her thick Glaswegian accent.

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Jamie Genevieve: Not Your Average ‘Influencer’

She also admitted to not being a fan of the term ‘influencer’:

“Influencer. Ugh. That word gives me the boak. It’s almost like it’s manipulative – manipulating people into buying things. I don’t do that.”

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She might be living the high-life at the minute, flying from country to country and earning thousands a month, but she’s well aware of how volatile the industry is:

 “With this job there is this scary side of it where things could plateau or they could go down. People might just lose interest it happens.”

But, for now she’s continuing to post multiple videos a week for her fans, giving them insight in to all her makeup tips as well as her daily life! We can’t see things slowing down for this Scottish beauty queen…

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