Harley Moon Kemp: All About Martin Kemp’s Daughter

By Tharmini Kenas

6th July 2020

Harley Moon Kemp: All About Martin Kemp’s Daughter

The iconic pop duo Martin Kemp and Shirlie Kemp are still making it big in the entertainment industry and going strong in their relationship. Amazingly, the couple’s children are making remarkable strides as well. 

Their daughter Harley Moon Kemp describes herself as a photographer, songwriter and the founder of Sticker Studios. Meanwhile, their son Roman Kemp was a contestant in I’m A Celebrity in 2019 (Jacqueline Jossa won the series!) and a presenter on Capital FM, The X Factor and The Hot Desk, making him a tad more famous than his elder sister. 

Hence, we are bringing you interesting snippets of Harley Moon Kemp, her artistic life and all the incredible works she has been doing over the years. 

Impressively, Harley Moon Kemp Took A Leap Of Faith For Her Passion

Harley Moon Kemp

Image Source/OK! Magazine

Interestingly, Harley decided to pursue photography when she was just 16 years old and left school. Naturally, she started shooting celebrities for free to gain exposure and recognition as a photographer. As a result, she started bagging high profile clients and kept on sharpening her craft. 

However, she had some help from her parents or rather, their extensive and impressive connections! She shot Paul Weller and Liam Gallagher as her parents are the stars of 1980’s pop and are well-connected in the entertainment industry. 

Remarkably, from taking a leap of faith to starting her own photography agency, Harley has come a long way. 


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Apparently, her parents are the reasons behind her brave leap towards her dream job

“I think I was always influenced by the freedom of being able to do what you want, which was how I grew up. My parents just always said you can do anything if you pick something you like. Make that your job and you’ll always be happy. That’s all I ever grew up with”.

She Comes From A Close Knit Family Of Best Friends


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It is incredibly sweet how she often posts the pictures of her family members with lovely captions. From working together to spending quality time together, obviously the four are tight and share an incredible bond with each other. 

Heartwarmingly, one of the captions of Harley Moon Kemp’s Instagram posts reads, 

“It’s such an exciting time and I’m so proud of Roman in the jungle and my parents on their new album. I’m so grateful I have been given these people to be my family and best friends.”

Harley Moon Kemp

Image Source/Metro

Interestingly, when her mum appeared on the covers of a magazine, she described her mum as the glue that holds their family together and attributed being secure and confident to Shirlie. 

What’s More, Harley Also Writes Moving Poems…


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Apart from being a songwriter, she is also a talented poet. Her poems on Instagram are proof of her bountiful creativity. Evidently, she gained these from her parents whose music have stood the test of time and have proved to be the best in the industry time and again! 

Interestingly, she wrote two songs for her parent’s album In The Swing Of It which came out in 2019. 

More interestingly, she draws inspiration from nature for her poetry writing and charmingly, it is working its magic!

“Thick air, sweet fig and cinnamon, 

Deep breath, stretch in my spine. 

White sheets like wings wrapped

around my waist, 

Soft breeze sails through the blinds.”

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