Dear Deidre This Morning: Agony Aunt’s Interesting Stories

By Tharmini Kenas

9th July 2020

Dear Deidre This Morning: Agony Aunt’s Interesting Stories

Deidre Sanders has seen millions of problems over the past 40 years. Being the person behind Dear Deidre This Morning, she is the nation’s favourite agony aunt. 

Amazingly, she puts her heart into what she does and prioritises each and every letter or phone call she receives. How would it be to wake up to problems and make sure to give the right and appropriate advice?

More about Dear Deidre This Morning, her mindblowing strength and funny shenanigans on air! 

Who Is Dear Deidre This Morning?

Dear Deidre This Morning

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Dear Deidre is a 40-year old agony aunt column in the British newspaper The Sun and a phone-in section on ITV’s This Morning. Deidre Sanders is the woman who has been working non-stop to help those with all sorts of issues ranging from intimacy, household, mental health, relationship, and dilemmas. 

She now has a team to carefully read and answer the letters, emails and messages addressed to her. However, being highly passionate about the quality of her work, she only hires trained people and undergoes training herself to ensure she provides the best advice to her readers. 

“I don’t go along with people who say common sense is enough – we have a lot of training. If the answers in my column are on a specialist subject, we do check it out with a specialist in that field before it’s published.”

Apparently, the key to be a successful agony aunt is to be nosy!

“I think you have to be nosy. I am genuinely interested in people’s personal lives, how their relationships work – I’m more interested if someone tells me difficult stuff going on with their life than day-to-day chitchat.” 

Exceptional Dear Deidre Problems!

Thousands of letters every week for the past 40 years are sure to bring some exceptional issues to Deidre’s door. 

For instance, a wife set fire to her husband’s sports kits because she didn’t like him coaching football, someone who had sex with his sister and started a relationship with her, someone who lied to his girlfriend that he was terminally ill so that they would be together, and someone who had sex with his mother-in-law when his wife was on life support. 

It goes on and on. However, Deidre had her fair share of traumatic issues to deal with. There is a particular letter that still haunts her. 

“The worst letter … it is the letter that stays in my mind really … was back in a previous recession from a chap who lost his job, had been ruined financially – he lost his home, his marriage.

“He split up with his wife and on the first weekend he had his children come to stay he smothered them both to death. He then tape-recorded his message to me and posted it – this is back in the days of tape recorders – and then went home and shot himself.

“Listening to that message, the voice of someone about to kill themselves, has haunted me – and those working with me still on my team – forever. So there is a real heavyweight job to being an agony aunt.”

Moving On From The Worst, Dear Deidre This Morning Is Hilarious As Well!

Deidre appears on air alongside Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes to spread her wisdom to This Morning viewers. 

Undoubtedly, Deidre is focused and dedicated when it comes to her work. During a live programme, the audience got a glimpse of a very fierce Deidre with strong reflexes. She pushed a producer out of the way of cameras with a smile plastered across her face, her gaze fixed at the camera and without batting an eyelid! 

This Morning presenter Eamonn commented, 

“Earlier some of you noticed that Deidre attacked – and that was live, she wasn’t re-enacting – she attacked a member of staff there willfully, called Catherine.”

According to Deidre, 

“I want to make it clear I was trying to save Catherine, not actually karate chop her.”

Deidre Is Hell Bent On Making Lives Better, One Letter At A Time!


Interestingly, she still has a grip over people in the age of Google. She believes it is because people want a human voice and they trust her judgement. As someone who has had a lot of training with a trained team, she hopes to help people by providing an insight. 

“If people have got serious problems we do write of our own accord after a couple of weeks and ask ‘was that helpful? Have you got any support? How is it working out? What did you decide to do?”

At 75 years old, Deidre of Dear Deidre This Morning is as steady as ever! 

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