My Herbalife: The Controversial Weight Loss Shakes 

By Lucy Cooper

12th June 2020

My Herbalife: The Controversial Weight Loss Shakes

My Herbalife is a brand based mainly around meal replacement, in the form of shakes and supplements, to promote weight loss…

The Billion Pound Meal Replacement Shakes

Sold in 90 countries worldwide, and worth billions, it’s clearly a success in terms of sales. But, is it actually a ‘healthy’ way to lose weight?

Whilst the shakes have been proven to help weight loss, the way in which it does is under constant attack by the health and fitness industry.


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My Herbalife: Unrealistic Weight Loss

Herbalife restricts calories to a point weight loss is inevitable. But, just how attainable is it to replace meals for the rest of your life, to maintain the calorie deficit?

The billion dollar business is a pyramid scheme, meaning local reps distribute product to their customers and gain commission off sales representatives below them, much like Avon.

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‘Influencing’ At Its Worst?

There are now 4million distributors worldwide, which gives an idea of My Herbalife’s scale.

Herbalife has most recently gained some momentum in the UK, largely thanks to celebrity endorsement.

my herbalife danielle ferne

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Ex- TOWIE stars Ferne McCann and Danielle Armstrong are two of the most high profile celebs turned reps who now have their own online community of Herbalife clients.




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