George Michael Will: What Happened To His £100m Fortune? 

By Lucy Cooper

24th June 2020

George Michael Will: What Happened To His £100m Fortune?

George Michael will is one of the most controversial of all time. Partly because his estate is worth £105m, and partly because it’s full of surprises…

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George Michael Will: Emerging Years Later

After George Michael’s untimely death on Christmas Day 2016, his will was finally released.

Following his death on Christmas day, it took over three years for the details of his desires to be released. Given that he had a £105m fortune, including artwork and antiques, he was very specific with who he wanted include, and more so who he didn’t.

The singer died aged 53, at his home in Oxfordshire. A coroner concluded George to have died of natural causes, but this decision caused backlash.

Suspicious Circumstances?

Specifically with the late singer’s partner at the time of his death- Fadi Fawaz.

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Fawaz claimed that his partner hadn’t died on Christmas Day, but had actually passed away on George’s late mother’s birthday (Christmas Eve).

What’s more is that Fawaz claimed George’s death was a consequence of suicide, rather than natural causes.

george michael will

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The coroner concluded George had a fatty liver, but there no mention of toxicology at the time of death.

George Michael Will- Who Was Left Out?

His Bandmate- Andrew Ridgeley

Some of George’s closest friends were left out, including the other half of one of music’s most iconic duos- WHAM!

Boyfriend Fadi

None of George’s exes- including ex – partner Kenny Goss- got a look in, including his current partner at the time- Fadi Fawaz.

However, partner Fadi Fawaz still remains in the London mansion the pair shared (and that George died in), against the will of the late singer’s family.

George Michael Will: Who Got A Mention?

So, if two of the supposed closest people people to the star didn’t get a look in, who did?
Image Source/ ClassicPopMag
Here’s a list of the beneficiaries who all got a share of the £105m estate:

Melanie Panayiotou – Younger Sister

Sister Melanie, 56, was also George’s hair and makeup artist at the height of his fame.

Tragically, three years after her brother died, Melanie passed away in December of last year.

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Melanie took on the role of organising his funeral, alongside their other sister, Yioda; hence why George was buried alongside their late mother.

Yioda Panayiotou – Elder Sister

The pair’s older sister, Yioda, only actually came closer to them after their mother died, playing a massive role in helping George’s grief.

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Yioda wound up devoting her life to George- never marrying, and in the end becoming one of the trustees of his will.

She’s the lady with control over almost all his fortune.

Kyriacos Panayiotou – Dad

George’s 81-year-old Dad, Jack Panos, is a restaurateur who moved to London in the 50s.

He was always supportive of George’s career, and pushed his son towards the limelight.

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When George’s success peaked, he bought his Dad a horse-racing stud farm in Hertfordshire, which he left to him in his will.

Shirlie Kemp – Friend/Bandmate

Shirlie, wife to 80s star Martin Kemp, was also in the limelight- as one of George’s backing singers in WHAM!

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George was actually the one who introduced her to Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp and the couple have now been married for 32 years!

Clearly owing a lot of George and showing just how close the pair were, Shirlie went on to make George the godfather to her son, Roman Kemp.

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Connie Filippello – Publicist

Publicist Connie Filippello was always fiercely loyal to George- even when he started to go off the rails, including when he was caught under the influence of drugs after a car crash.

David Austin – Best Friend

It’s thought that Austin actually holds a collection of unreleased tracks from George, that could be worth millions! Showing the friend he is, he’s chosen to keep them private.

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Cousin Alex Georgiou

At the height of his fame, Alex was working for George as his personal assistant and driver.

The Mill Charitable Trust

The Mill Trust is actually a charity set up by George himself, with its focus being predominately providing the elderly and homeless.

Video Source/ Youtube

The charity also makes donations to Childline and Cancer Research.

Michelle May – Former PA

PA Michelle continues to promote George’s charitable causes to this day.

Sonia Bird – Family Friend

This might just be the biggest surprise on George Michael will, as his family and friends claim to have NEVER heard of this apparent ‘life-long’ friend.


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