Dan Walker: Who Is He And Why Is He In Trouble?

By Tharmini Kenas

24th June 2020

Dan Walker: Who Is He And Why Is He In Trouble?

Daniel Meirion Walker or Daniel Walker, an English journalist and TV presenter recently got into hot soup after interviewing Michael Gove. 

More about Dan Walker, the trouble he got into and how is he overcoming it…

Who Is Dan Walker? 

Dan walker

Image Source/BBC

Dan Walker was born in Crawley, Sussex and graduated from the University of Sheffield. He married Sarah Walker in 2001 and the couple has three kids. 

Fun Fact: His kids gifted him a pair of boxers and a carton of eggs for Father’s Day this year! 

Among the highlights of his career as a journalist include his stint with Football Focus, BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5, BBC News Channel, Final Score and Match of the Day

The Trouble: An Interview With Michael Gove 


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In a recent BBC Breakfast show episode, Dan interviewed Michael Gove about Dominic Cummings’ press conference on breaking lockdown rules.

Reportedly, Dominic Cummings went on a trip from his home in Durham to Barnard Castle and back to Durham with his family, breaking the lockdown and social distancing rules. 

However, Micheal told Dan that, 

“It was important he believed he should return to work, he checked with medics and he wanted to check he was safe to drive. People can then form their own judgement about whether or not what they thought he did was wise.”

Unfortunately, Dan received hate messages after this interview. 

Fun Fact: The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson also supported Dominic’s action. 

How Did Dan Walker Deal With The Hate Messages?


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To his credit, Dan faced it like a professional and took a high road. Apparently, he received some vile, insults, hatred and threats in Twitter, email and messages. 

He further clarified that he does not hate anyone and it is his job as a journalist and presenter to ask questions and he always tries to be fair, accurate, and responsible. 

Fortunately, all the threats do not bother him much although he is fully aware that he really affects some people. 

Dan’s Faith In Life…

Being a Christian, Dan Walker have faith in Jesus and he believes it impacts one’s decision, language, the way one thinks and go about their daily business. Admittedly, it is a big part of his daily life. 

“For me, it underpins everything I am and want to be.”

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