Verity Bowditch Boyfriend Tristan: Are They Still Together?

By Emma Moylan

13th May 2020

Verity Bowditch Boyfriend Tristan: Are They Still Together?

There’s nothing we love more than the drama of Made in Chelsea, but who is Verity Bowditch‘s boyfriend and who has she previously dated from the show?

The life of the rich heirs and heiresses of Chelsea, we follow the drama of the the ambitious, party animals who only seem to date amongst their social set. With socialites from Sam Thompson to Jamie Laing to Sophie Hermann, there is always guaranteed drama on the E4 show.

Verity Bowditch joined the cast in series 18 and settled in nicely. We want to know who she is behind the scenes, who has she dated from the show and who is she dating now?

Here’s everything you need to know about Verity Bowditch’s boyfriend history.

Who Is She?

Verity was born on 21 September, 1995 so is now 24 years old.

The reality star attended King’s College London, graduating in 2016 with a degree in Biomedical Science.


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Hmu with that biomedical science degree #kingscollegelondon 🎓

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According the her Linkedin, she has previously worked as a Sales Executive and Accounts manager, specialising in pitching proposals, drawing up quotes, negotiating deals and overseeing the final project.’

Three years after graduating in 2019, Verity joined Made in Chelsea. 

Who Has She Dated?

This blonde beauty certainly never struggles for a date. Previously on the show, Verity actually dated cast member James Taylor. He’s the smooth-talking, cash-splashing, two-timing fella.

He flew Verity to all the way to romantic Paris for a date which is basically every girl’s dream. But then he did the same thing with Eliza Batten whilst telling her ‘she was the only girl he would ever do that for’. Which is basically every girl’s worst nightmare.


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Thoughts from me today: life is pretty weird 🥝 Discuss…

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Eliza then found out that James was still messaging Verity and it is safe to say that all things ended. As they rightly should.

James, now is dating Maeva D’ascanio (who previously dates Miles). In fact, things are going so well between the pair that they decided to stay in France together to enjoy their little love bubble. As a result, neither of them appeared in season 19 of the show.

Who Is Verity Bowditch’s Boyfriend Now?

After all that madness was over – thank goodness – Verity starting dating another cast member, Tristan Phipps.

Tristan used to be a walking safari guide, working at the Kruger National Park before working as a South Africa travel specialist.

Previously, Tristan was dating Laura Crane who appeared on Love Island in 2018. They went out for nine months before deciding that it just wasn’t meant to be.

Verity Bowditch Boyfriend

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The Break Up

After the series 19 finale gave fans a glimpse into what the cast members were up to during the current lockdown.

As the series was cut short due to the pandemic, the last thing we saw was Tristan and Verity as loved up as ever.

Verity had been seen attending a sex therapy class in order to spice things up a bit in the bedroom.

However, it was then revealed that they had in fact broken up since then. Verity was spending lockdown in the countryside with her best friend and co-star Amelia Mist. Instagram shows them taking long walks in Dorset and doing yoga.

Meanwhile, Tristan is in London, isolating with his mother.

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