Sophie Hermann: Who Is The Made In Chelsea Star?

By Emma Moylan

4th May 2020

Sophie Hermann: Who Is The Made In Chelsea Star?

This blonde bombshell rarely flies under the radar in series Made In Chelseabut who is Sophie Hermann? Here’s everything you need to know.

Made in Chelsea features the 20-year-olds heirs and heiresses of Chelsea living the high life and partying the nights away.

Sophie joined the show in series nine and after a short break in 2015, she rejoined the cast with her witty remarks and fashionable outfits.

Taking a look at her luscious lifestyle, here is everything you need to know about Sophie Hermann.

How Old She And Where Is She From?

Sophie is now 32 years old and is originally from Munich, Germany. Being an international diva, she grew up in Switzerland and attended the Institut auf dem Rosenberg Boarding School in St.Gallen.

Currently, she lives in London but naturally still gallivants across Europe (and beyond) when it tickles her fancy.


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What Does She Do?

Aside from being absolutely fabulous, Sophie Hermann us a fashion designer and social media influencer.

Recently, she has been collaborating with Never Fully Dressed and she has also designed a dress collection for Oktoberfest.

Aside from fashion, Sophie Hermann also has her own jewellery collection. Called Serpentine by Sophie Hermann, the collection features snake designs.

Made out of rose gold or sterling silver – and full of diamonds, naturally – Sophie says that the collection is about the extraordinary. She said:

“I don’t speak snake, but I love wearing snake jewellery full of sparkly diamonds.”


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What Is Sophie Hermann’s Net Worth?

It is estimated that the fashion designer and reality TV star has a net worth of £3.5 million.

Is She Single?

Currently single and ready to mingle, Sophie has explained how the ‘man pool; on Made In Chelsea, is ‘too small for her to fish in’.

She said:

‘I am never going to date someone who’s 22. ‘The pool in the show is very small! It’s too small for me to fish in!

‘If they want to cast a 30-year-old CEO, that’s fine!’

Well, hopefully they do that soon. Previously, she has dated the likes of Jonny Hynes who is a close friend to racing driver Lewis Hamilton.

What does she look for in a fella? Sophie just wants someone with good chat. She says:

‘no pretty face can save a lame conversation.’

We couldn’t agree more.

Sophie Hermann

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How Does She Keep In Shape?

Always looking fiercely fabulous, the star revealed that she doesn’t count calories. She has, however, spent time at the Box Clever Sports’ luxury hotel in the Cayman Islands.

She said:

“My motto is don’t count the calories, count the carats,

“There was a health guru at the hotel and he has been vegan for 40 years and created crazy recipes that I never tried.

“As a German I love the sausage so I’m not into the vegan food normally; but I loved all his recipes. It is all about balance, but in general I do have a healthy appetite.”

Training three time a day at the hotel, the focus on cardio and boxing helped her to see quick results.

“It was amazing and actually surpassed all my expectations because you get to do a lot of training – we worked out three times a day – but the island and the Palm Heights Hotel as a backdrop helped me keep going.

‘I really had to channel my inner Lara Croft!”


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