Vanessa Feltz Husband, New Fiancé And Relationship Drama

By Emma Moylan

22nd May 2020

Vanessa Feltz Husband, New Fiancé And Relationship Drama

She is a household name across the UK but who was Vanessa Feltz’s husband and who is her new fiancé? We’re taking a look at all her relationship drama.

Vanessa Feltz is a well known television personality, journalist and radio presenter having appeared in shows such as Vanessa, Loose Women, The Big Breakfast, The Vanessa Show, Celebrity Big Brother, The Wright Stuff, This Morning, and even Strictly Come Dancing.

The star grew up in Islington, London and went on to read English at the University of Cambridge. Now 58 and engaged to singer Ben Ofoedu, we’re taking a look at her relationship history.

Vanessa Feltz husband

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Who Is Ben Ofoedu?

Ofoedu was born in Hong Kong and moved to live in Newbury Park, London with his family when he was just two years old.

He launched into the music world in 1993 after joining the band Benz. Just six years later, he became the lead singer of Phats & Small. Ben later joined the band Four Story, who attempted to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest and has also previously collaborated with Boyzone band member Shane Lynch.

What About Their Relationship?

The couple actually got engaged back in 2006 and although there were plans for them to marry the year later, it is still unknown whether the couple have tied the knot.


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Having had two attempts to tie the knot in 2007 and 2011, Vanessa revealed that they’re now ‘saving up’ after spending a lot of money on her gastric bypass to aid her weight loss.

However, appearing in the top 10 earning BBC presenters with an annual salary of £360,000, she surely won’t have to save for too long.

Being incredibly open about their life in the bedroom, Vanessa revealed that the two have a very ‘athletic’ sex life, enjoying it ‘any position, at any time’.

“As long as I’ve got a spring in my step and a bit of “oomph” I’m still in the market for a bit of spectacular athletic sex.

“If anything my libido has gone up rather than down. 

“I can’t get pregnant anymore and with empty nest syndrome the great up shot of that is you can have sex over the kitchen counter, in the garage, over the dishwasher, wherever.”

Although Vanessa also has two children Saskia and Allegra from her previous relationship with Michael Kurer, they have both left the nest. Vanessa and partner Ben live alone in London’s St. John’s Wood. They are currently isolating due to the coronavirus lockdown.

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Who Was Her Ex Husband?

Vanessa had previously been married to surgeon Michael Kurer for 16 years. He is the father to her two children Saskia and Allegra. The two divorced in 1999 after Kurer left her for another woman.

The TV star has since spoken out about how the betrayal affected her. She confessed:

“It was hellish. To have the man that you love the most in the world be the very one that hurts you? I thought we were very happily married, not even limping along.”

But far from just the betrayal from her ex husband, Vanessa explains how her friends dumped her.

“You lose people who you thought were your friends.”

Some are frightened of the single woman, like you might want to run away with their husbands, which you don’t!”

Michael Kurer

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The journalist explains how friends who had helped with her mother’s funeral then would “vault across M&S aisles” to avoid her.

“Why? Because having a dead parent is socially acceptable. Being on your own is not.” 

Back in 2000, she wrote in the Jewish Chronicle how her being single left her feeling isolated in her own community as rabbis she once consulted shunned her because of her “socially unacceptable” position.

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