Tony Sims: Chloe Sims' Dad

By Juliet Smith

4th May 2020

Tony Sims: Chloe Sims’ Dad

There’s much more to Chloe Sims than fake eyelashes, hair extensions and a Hollywood smile. It was only recently, ten years after first appearing on TOWIE, that Chloe revealed the struggles of her childhood…

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After her mum walked out when she was just three years of age, Chloe went between homes, before eventually being fostered by her real dad and his new wife. Let’s hear her story…

Who Is Tom Sims, Chloe Sim’s Dad?

Tony Sims is a boxing trainer from Essex. He now works exclusively for Matchroom Sports, having come a long way from being a coach to training multiple champions.

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What Has Chloe Said About Growing Up?

The TV star, whose mum walked out when she was just three, said on Towie: “I never knew my mum, and was fostered for 10 years. And then I was with my dad and his wife. I moved out on my 17th birthday and I had to pay bills and rent…

“I don’t remember being told that I was loved every day or feeling wanted growing up.”

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Sims went on the explain that:

“I come from a broken home. I was fostered. This comes from two people having a baby when they’re not ready.”

She continued: “Then I had a child. I was pregnant at 22. I had to bring my daughter up on my own.

“So I know what it’s like to have a child, and also to come from a broken home. A baby is a life-long commitment.”

Has Chloe Had Any Contact With Her Mum?

The TOWIE star revealed: “I don’t know my birth mum. I’ve no memory of her at all. I think it was because of her age- she was only 19 when she had me.”

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Despite not having any contact with her daughter since she was a toddler, Chloe’s mother tried to get in touch with her after she found fame on the reality TV show. Chloe said:

“She emailed me about two years ago when I first started on TOWIE, but I didn’t reply.”

“It was 27 years too late and I was a little bit over it by then. I’ve no desire to meet her or know her. I find it strange she’d wait that long to speak to her child.”

She added: “In the email she didn’t even mention Madison and she talked about herself more, so I don’t know what we’d have in common.”

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