Peter Jones Wife, Kids, Their Joint Business And Secret Feuds

By Lucy Cooper

22nd May 2020

Peter Jones Wife, Kids, Joint Business And Secret Feuds

Peter Jones divorced his first (and only) wife back in 2008. He might not be married to current partner Tara Capp, but they’ve been together for years.

Jones’ partner tends to keep a very low profile, but here’s what we know about the other half of the richest Dragon.

Despite her partner being a household name, having starred in BBC show Dragon’s Den since it first aired, she very much remains behind the scenes. Her Instagram is on private to protect her personal life.

Peter Jones Wife- What Does She Do For A Living?

Tara is actually the co- founder of lifestyle e-commerce business ‘Truly’, along with her long-term partner Peter.

The one-stop site sells everything from home décor to clothing to baby products. They describe the brand as:

“Truly was born out of a desire for high quality, every day products which make life easier. Comfort and ease is the permanent thread which runs through our ranges.” 

peter jones wife

Image Source/ Telegraph

Peter Jones Wife: Business And Life Partner

Tara is described as ‘the heart of the brand’:

“I’ve always loved design and interiors. It was while we were creating our homes that we realised we couldn’t find items that were beautifully designed and added a level of luxury to the everyday whilst still being affordable, and so we created Truly.”

Not that they particularly need affordable, given that Peter Jones is worth a sickening £490m, but we definitely appreciate the thought. So much so, nothing on the site strays above £200!

Celebrating Its One Year Anniversary

The business has recently celebrated its first milestone! It might not be what they had imagined while in coronavirus lockdown, but they made the most of it as Tara revealed:

“The business is continuing to operate with demand holding up during lockdown for its well-priced, quality lifestyle products, including its popular cashmere and loungewear lines.”

Image Source/ Instagram

We’re not surprised- loungewear is like gold-dust these days!

The Ideal Business Partner

If there’s anyone to help you build a business up from the ground, it’s Peter Jones- the most successful, and wealthiest, of his fellow Dragons, even surpassing gym tycoon Duncan Bannatyne.

The successful entrepreneur first business interests were born when he founded Phone International Group in 1998 off the back of his interest in computer business. In just its first year the company turned over £14m in sales, and £44m by the end of the second. Anything this man touches turns to gold!

peter jones prince wills

Image Source/ Hello!

Fast forward to now, after a lot of hard work and good decisions later, Jones is sitting on a fortune of nearly £500m, owning seven properties across the globe- including one next door to star James Corden, in Beverly Hills.

An Unlikely Business Partner

The brand was actually intended to be invested in by TV presenter Holly Willoughby. The partnership between the pair seems unlikely, but they’ve actually been family friends for a decade.

holly willoughby peter jones

Image Source/ DailyExpress

But just before the brand was set to launch, Holly made the hard decision to pull out:

“Truly was by far the top of Holly’s priorities. It was going to be her long-term future that would see her through the next couple of decades. Her decision to pull out left everyone involved absolutely stunned.”


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The decision came after she signed up to replace Ant McPartlin on Im A Celebrity, as well as being the face of Marks And Spencer.

 “It was a really tough decision for Holly, but it’s one that’s come quite late in the day. Truly was meant to launch in the next few weeks but at the 11th hour she’s said she could no longer be a part of it.

peter jones wife holly truly

Image Source/ TheSun

“It will mean the whole launch will now be pushed back until next year, which is a major headache.”

The mum-of-three reportedly told pals she didn’t want the business to become the UK’s answer to Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand ‘Goop’.

It’s unknown if the decision brought an end to the pair’s friendship.

Giving Back To Young People

Beyond business, the multi millionaire has branched out in to investing his money in to the public, via his Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. Educating students aged 16-19 about enterprise and business, Jones has implemented his programmes in colleges across the UK.

peter jones foundation

Image Source/ Business Matters

His aims for the future are to grow both the academy and the charity he set up which, of course, is aptly named the Peter Jones Foundation.

Peter Jones Wife: Their Kids

They might not be officially married, but they have got three children together. Their three girls, Natalia Isabella and Tallulah are the double of their Mum!


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Happy Mother’s Day @tara_capp. A wonderful Mum to our beautiful kids. We all love you so much. Xx

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It’s hard to even pick Tara out at first glance!

With his estimated net worth sitting at a sickening £490m, you could say Jones has done alright for himself. Despite his multimillionaire fortune, you might be surprised (and/or refreshed) to learn the the 52-year-old won’t actually be leaving any of it to his three kids.

“My kids certainly aren’t going to have the money. They don’t need it.”

peter jones net worth

Image Source/ hellomag

When they were younger he limited them to £25 a week pocket money (modest given his worth), wanting to instil his own working-class background in to his kids. Priding himself on his ‘normal’ kids, he admits he hates the side of capitalism that can change people:

“You meet people far more successful than me and they’ve got huge wealth and then you meet their kids and think, ‘wow’. It’s a huge disappointment and that’s the downside to capitalism… If anybody came into contact with any one of my kids they would have nothing but praise for them.”

We love his attitude!

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