Jamie Laing Instagram And Isolation Activities

By Amelia Slater

6th May 2020

Jamie Laing Instagram And Isolation Activities

Since lockdown started, what has cheeky chap Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing been up to? You can check out Jamie Laing’s instagram account here.

The 31-year-old revealed that he has moved to the countryside to isolate with his mother and sister as the UK was placed under strict lockdown in March.

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Jamie Is Isolating In The Countryside With His Mum And Sister

Deciding that he couldn’t stand the idea of isolating by himself in his London flat, the reality star went on to retreat to the Cotswolds, where he is now spending his quaran-time with his mum, sister and girlfriend Sophie.

He opened up about his decision to move away from London in the Castaway podcast:

‘I decided when everything was kicking off and becoming a bit hectic, I decided: right, I’ve got to get out of London because the thought of being in my one bedroom apartment in London I was just like: “I can’t do this.”’


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Perfect lighting and isolation has made rethink my modelling career…..

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He went on to say:

‘So my mum lives in the countryside so I went down to hers, living with her we’ve had about 400 arguments which is good.

‘I’m with my girlfriend as well, we’ve had about three arguments, which isn’t that bad, and I’ve got my sister here. We’ve had one argument but if all of my family go missing I promise you it’s not me!’

Girlfriend Sophie Habboo Is Joining Him

Jamie’s girlfriend and fellow Made In Chelsea star Sophie Haboo is currently isolating with Jamie together with his family under lockdown regulations.

Moreover, the couple have been keeping themselves busy by posting videos to Instagram and Jamie’s YouTube channel Jamie Laing’s Happy Hour that see the pair crack themselves and viewers up with rap battles, pranks, makeup tutorials and accent games.


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Me, My Mum and A Puppy

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The Made In Chelsea Star Says That He Has Found The Isolation To Be A ‘Grounding Experience’

Jamie Laing’s instagram has been full of countryside pictures of he and girlfriend Sophie lapping up the beautiful weather. As a matter of fact, the star has admitted that the current situation has made him appreciate life more.

Additionally, he commented:

‘You know what, it’s an amazing thing. I think we’ve become a generation that if we’re not up at 6am in the morning going to the gym and doing this and that we’re considered lazy.

‘Actually, stopping and relaxing and appreciating life which we’re all having to do right now is so much better because we’re appreciating so many more things… It’s a really grounding experience.’

At the end of March, following the country entering the lockdown phase, Jamie posted a photo on Instagram captioned:

‘If you’re having a grey day remember there is always blue sky above the clouds, it’s just about finding your way back to the sunshine.’

Image Source: /Instagram @jamielaing

The plans for the current lockdown status remain unknown. Reportedly, the government are planning to revise the lockdown plans from next week.

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