Argos Solar Lights: Make Your Garden Stylish With Argos

By Ilaria Pignalosa

13th May 2020

Argos Solar Lights: Make Your Garden Stylish With Argos

Argos solar lights relight on the light of the sun for power. This makes them a sustainable and great way to rejuvenate your home for the upcoming season, and make your garden immediately more stylish.

Ready to play with the search button to discover a wide range of Argos Solar Lights? We have picked a few products that we believe you may like. They all are very affordable so that you don’t need a celeb’s net worth to enhance your garden’s appearance.

Why Shop At Argos?

As always, shopping at Argos is easy and you do not need to make Mark Wright’s net worth to afford some colourful Argos solar lights.

You can also use the dedicated Argos app on your phone and your quick swipe gestures to explore these products. It is very easy to review and enter the app or the website to add your favourite Argos products to your cart.

Most importantly, with their continued patience and support, Argos staff always help you shop for your favourite goods.

To find out more about Argos’ products, you can check on their website and click on “click here for our latest updates on our stores website and contact centre”.

Argos Home 20 Colour Changing Butterfly Solar String Lights – £20

argos butterly lights

Source/ Argos

If your garden is your little paradise, or if you want to add a playful touch to your kids’ playground, these colour-changing light-up Butterflies Solar Lights will be perfect for brightening up your evenings.

They are easy to install as you do not need any wiring. All you have to do is to find the perfect spot to place your new, lovely butterflies.

Argos Home Set of 6 Crackle Glass Colour Change Solar Lights – £20

No pathway is complete without these lovely Crackle Glass colour-changing lights. They can be used to embellish the garden of your front door.

These lights are beautiful and functional since they are made of stainless steel and glass. This will add a shining touch to your garden whatever the weather, while offering a gentle light. They also are environmentally friendly and solar-powered.

Just like other Argos solar lights, this product does not need any wiring, and bulbs and batteries are included.

argos glass lights

Source/ Argos

Argos Home 4 Solar Decorative Bee Lights – £20

These cute, little Decorative Bee Lights are some of the best Argos solar lights. Each light holds an LED bulb, which emits a warm white glow and automatically illuminates at night.

The head of each bee is made of glass, while the post is made of sturdy metal. Definitely an excellent addition to your garden, which will make your house look beautiful. The best thing about these solar lights? You do not need to be making as much as Stormzy’s net worth to afford them!

bees lights

Source/ Argos

Argos Home 20 Fisherman’s Lantern Solar String Lights – £20

These 20 classic fisherman lanterns are undoubtedly an exciting piece and they are part of the full range of Argos solar lights. They can illuminate any outdoor area with their warm white glow, powered by solar energy. All you need to do is set them up and prepare to enjoy their beautiful light, without worrying about wiring.

All LED bulbs are included, meaning that you will also find the required batteries. The total length is 600 cm.

lantern lights

Source/ Argos

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