Tom Zanetti Son: Inside Their Relationship

By Tharmini Kenas

24th April 2020

Tom Zanetti Son: Inside Their Relationship

Tom Zanetti or Thomas Byron Courtney is steadily making his way as a British DJ and music producer. His musical career started at a young age and he has been hustling hard since. 

What’s more, he had his son when he was just 16 and he seems to be putting his son as utmost priority at all times. 

More about Tom Zanetti son, their tight relationship, and the tragedy that shaped their lives. 

Who Is DJ Tom Zanetti And What Is He Up To Now? 

Tom Zanetti son

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Tom Zanetti started out as a club promoter and DJ, but he is now a club owner and runs an events company called Sleepin’ Is Cheatin’. He owns four festivals and businesses overseas in Tenerife, Ibiza and Magaluf. 

Interestingly, Tom’s description of himself In his social media accounts are unique and highlights all the important things in his life. 

His Instagram account:

“Very proud Father. Platinum-selling artist. Award-winning company Boss. Best Headline Act 2018. Ambitious, persistent, grateful and always polite.”

His Twitter account:

“Very proud Father. Platinum-selling artist. Award-winning company Boss. Best Headline Act 2018. Count your blessings, not your problems.”

It is undeniable that he loves his son and his work!

And That Brings Us To Tom Zanetti’s Son…


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Tom Zanetti’s son is Deaconn and he was born on 11 October 2006.

Fun Fact: Deaconn was named after Tom’s great grandfather. 

Tom was just 16 years old when he became a parent with his ex-girlfriend Lizzie Pickavance. Unfortunately, Lizzie passed away when Deaconn was four years old and it has been Tom who shouldered all the responsibilities since.

Amazingly, to his credit, Tom Zanetti took on the responsibilities like a champion! 


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“At 16 I found out I was going to be a dad which obviously at that age I wasn’t prepared for, I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I would care for a child but as soon as my son was born he stole my heart.

“From then on, I would do any work to make money and after leaving school I did loads of jobs. I worked in a warehouse 6am – 6pm making pallets, was a butcher, a window cleaner, bricklayer and a milkman to name a few.”

Tom Zanetti’s Son Always Comes First

Now that he is hustling hard to make it big, work schedule is quite crazy for Tom. 


“Sometimes I don’t sleep at all on the weekends, travelling from show to show, here, there and everywhere. We’ve done over 140 shows this year and sometimes we’ll be in a different country every night. From May to August I felt like I didn’t really sleep at all.”

Despite it all, he still prioritises his son. In fact, Tom Zanetti’s son also made an appearance in one of his music videos. 

“My son Deaconn in my number one priority and I make sure we spend as much time together as possible. He lives with me a lot of the time and like I said he comes boxing with me, I also take him to football training and piano lessons. 

“Deaconn’s also done a bit of modelling with me which was great to do. With work, I can be getting to bed at 2am some nights, then I’m up for the school run first thing in the morning.”

Apparently, Deaconn’s grandma pitches in to help and make things easier for Tom. 

The Tragedy That Killed Tom’s Girlfriend And Deaconn’s Mum…

Lizzie died in a car crash in 2010 when she was 20. 

The accident happened near Gildersome when she was driving back to their home in Belle Isle from her work in Manchester. Apparently, she fell asleep while driving and hit a tree. 

Tom had to deal with the shock of losing his girlfriend and taking care of their four-year-old when he was just a teenager. 

It is heartbreaking that he lost his uncle and grandfather in an accident on the same stretch of motorway just a year before Lizzie died. 

Tom’s Grief For His Girlfriend


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My angel Lizzie & Me when we was like 19 xxxx always in our hearts and our thoughts, loved forever xxxx

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Long after the car accident, Tom admits he struggled with his loss. In 2016, he expressed his grievance and love for Lizzie. 

“6 years ago today, my girlfriend Elizabeth Rose Pickavance (Lizzie) passed away. I don’t want to go into detail on how or give a big emotional speech because everyone who knew her and who knows me and my family knows how bad we miss her and she is very loved every day…

“So many things always pop up to show me her beautiful spirit is still around. Losing someone you love is the worst most helpless feeling you can ever experience, but take it from me after losing many people I care about – in time it does get easier to cope with and you will learn to deal with and accept it…”

In 2018, upon hearing about the death of Sophie Gradon’s boyfriend, Tom once again shared his grief with his fans and urged mourners to seek help. 

“So helpless, so confusing, so impossible and I wanna let people know you can get through it and it feels impossible and things do.”

Tom’s New Love…

Tom Zanetti son

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Despite his grief, Tom moved on and he dated Love Island star, Hayley Hughes (She was cast alongside Wes Nelson, Dani Dyer, and Adam Collard). 

The couple met on Good Morning Britain and things escalated rather quickly. They even discussed marriage and Hayley had been supportive of Tom’s grief for Lizzie. 

However, just after four months together the couple split. 

Interestingly, Tom’s recent Instagram snaps show that he is currently in a relationship with Daisey O’Donnell. 


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The most beautiful face ❤️

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