Kugan Cassius: The Rise Of The Owner Of IFL TV

By Ilaria Pignalosa

27th April 2020

Kugan Cassius: The Rise Of The Owner Of IFL TV

kugan cassius

Kugan Cassius: if you are a fan of boxing, you would have definitely heard of this guy. From sports to his Youtube channel, Kugan has been able to rise to fame in a very short period.

And, as the story of the first date staff shows, the Internet is the perfect media to make people all around the world aware of your talent. Do you think you know everything about Kugan Cassius? Let’s find out more about the new British rising star.

The Beginning Of His Career

Kugan Cassius started off his career working as a bodyguard in the boxing world for British boxing legend, Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton.

Due to his size (6 foot 5) and his explosive personality, Cassius was offered to star in multiple British films, such as The Hatton Garden Job (2017), Big Fat Gypsy Gangster (2011) and Holby City (2008).

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Source/ World Boxing News

Kugan Cassius: The Rise To Fame

We have seen many showbiz personalities building their career just in a few years, like Montanna Thompson, and Cassius was no less. In fact, he rose to prominence with his Youtube channel, which he co-founded with James Helder back in 2010.

Those videos went viral when he decided to focus on the boxing world, with interviews with several celebrities. Cassius also managed to have partnerships with the promoter Eddie Hearn from Matchroom Boxing, and MTK Global. This is the boxing management company that works with boxing personalities like Tyson Fury.

ifl tv

Source/ Twitter

What Is IFL TV?

If watching the Shameless UK cast, you may have always thought that television was the only relevant media, well if so, it is time to change your mind.

IFL TV, Kugan Cassius’ Youtube Channel, is now counting up to 420,000 subscribers. Each video regularly gets over 100,000 views, with peaks of up to 13m views.

Since 2012, IFL TV has been the go-to British boxing Youtube channel.

Kugan Cassius: What Is The Future Of IFL TV?

When IFL TV reached 500,000 subscribers, Kugan deiced to leave his daytime job behind and focus on this project. His success is proof that chasing one’s passion and making a living from it is possible, especially if we are ready to fight tooth and claws for our dreams.

Cassius has already worked with Matchroom Boxing, BoxNation, Anthony Joshua and other big names in the past. In other words, a new boxing-related project could happen in the possible.

With IFL TV being the number one source of exposure for boxing promoters, we cannot rule out a future in mainstream television for Kugan Cassius.

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Source/ Starnow

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