Remember Montanna Thompson? Here's What She's Up To Now...

By Juliet Smith

27th February 2019

Remember Montanna Thompson? Here’s What She’s Up To Now…

America’s got Macaulay Culkin and Lindsay Lohan, we’ve got Dani Harmer (Tracy Beaker) and Montanna Thompson (Justine Littlewood) …

There are very few kids’ shows that get close to the legendary status of Tracy Beaker. The CBBC drama had it all – hilarious banter, a catchy theme tune, emotive storylines and most importantly: a loveable cast.

Who could forget the rivalry between frenemies Justine Littlewood and Tracy Beaker? They both did their absolute all to wind each other up at literally any chance they got – we always sided with Tracey though…

Montanna Thompson As Justine Littlewood pouting
Montanna Thompson plays Justine Littlewood and pouts towards the camera.

Image Source/Listal

Tracey’s arch-villian tormented kids in the Dumping Ground for years and by the series finale, actress Montanna Thompson had been on the receiving end of more ‘bog off’ insults than we could ever count…

But did she ever bog off? She certainly did not.

Montanna Joined Tracy Beaker In The First Series

Throwing it back to the very first episode of the show, Justine (Montanna) arrives before Tracey returns to the dumping ground, bagging Tracy’s old room and stealing her BFF, Louise Goven. With tensions already high, she and Tracy fuel their feud even further by taking part in a dare contest which we have all erased from our memories… yes – it’s the one where Tracy gobbles a worm…

Image Source/Youtube

We Found Out About Her Mother’s Death

Towards the end of Tracy Beaker – after we’ve called Justine just about every name under the sun – we all find out that she was put in care following the death of her mother. Since her father was unable to take adequate care of her, he put her in care but still visited on a regular basis.

Justine Littlewood scowling at the camera
Justine Littlewood posing for the camera.

Image Source/Buzzfeed

She Left The Series In 2005

We had to say goodbye to Justine (Montana) back in 2005, but she (thankfully) made a cameo appearance in Tracy Beaker Returns in 2012.

Tracy Beaker Returns Montanna wears a black dress
Justine Littlewood in Tracy Beaker Returns

Image Source/IMDB

She Stayed In The Film Industry

Aside from Tracy Beaker she has appeared in The Last Detective, Sugar Rush, Doctors, Casualty and Close Relations. She also starred in the 2005 documentary Peaches Geldof: Teenage Mind. In short: she’s been pretty busy.

Montanna Thompson starring in film The last detective
Montanna Thompson in The Last Detective.

Image Source/Pinterest

Montanna Was In The News For Antisocial Behaviour

In 2007, two years after leaving the show, the then-18-year-old was caught photographed on a wild night out, where she apparently snorted drugs and drank excessive alcohol.  

Image Source/Instagram

She’s Given Birth

Since the photographs, all’s been good for Montanna. Back in 2016, she announced on her Twitter page that she was expecting her first child, with a picture of her adorable scan.

It Was A Boy!

The Tracy Beaker star welcomed her baby boy in 2007.

Montana Thompson With her Baby and dog
Montanna Thompson with her baby and her dog.

Image Source/Twitter

She starred in the film 2017 Kill Or Be Killed

After the birth of her child, Montanna went on to land a lead role in the 2017 film Kill or Be killed. 

Montanna Is Still In Touch With Her Former Co-Stars

The actress has maintained contact with her friends (and enemies) from Tracy Beaker. Chelsie Padley – who played Louise, Tracy’s bezzie – starred in Tati’s hotel, before ditched acting and trying her hand at modelling for a while. She’s now a fully qualified personal trainer and wellness coach.

Tracy (Dani Harmer) herself is also grown up and welcomed a baby girl a round the same time that Montanna did (back in 2016). Adorable!

dani harmer on strictly come dancing
Dani Harmer on Strictly Come Dancing.

Image Source/Huffington Post

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