Jay Geordie Shore: What Is He Up To Now?

By Tharmini Kenas

27th April 2020

Jay Geordie Shore: What Is He Up To Now?

Rising to fame after appearing in MTV’s British reality television series Geordie Shore, Jay Gardner or Jay Geordie Shore appeared in the first three series of Geordie Shore, followed by the sixth and seventh series. 

Naturally, he gained thousands of followers and is now a social media icon with 216k Instagram followers and a whopping 884.3k Twitter followers. 

Alas, the celebrity was also recently arrested at his home for counterfeit currency charge. What really happened and what is Jay doing now? 

Who Is Jay Geordie Shore? 


Before stepping into the spotlight, Jay Gardner graduated from Northumbria University with a Quantity Surveying degree. Stumbling upon the TV reality series, Jay went on to appear in 33 episodes of Geordie Shore and quickly became a popular figure. 

Fun Fact: Other cast members of the reality show include Sophie Kasaei, Charlotte Crosby, Aaron Chalmers, Gaz Beadle, James Tindale, Greg Lake, and Holly Hagan

Surprisingly, Jay Geordie Shore left the third series to focus on his relationship with Chloe Docherty. Unfortunately, they broke up. He also dated Vicky Pattison of Judge Geordie and Rachel Connoly. The relationships didn’t work out and Jay is said to be single now. 

What Is He Doing Now?

Jay Geordie Shore

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Despite being a social media influencer with a massive following, he talks about the negative side of social media. Remarkably, he had previously educated young children about online bullying and the issue of false imagery in social media. 

Sadly, not all was glory for Jay Gardner as he had to deal with a couple of failed ventures. In 2015, he opened Sunderland venue Attic/Verve with his co-star Ricco Guarnaccio but they had to close down in just two months. 

Later, Jay was also said to have attempted to launch a fake tanning range named Jay’s Tan but it doesn’t look like things went well for this venture too.

However, a peek into his Instagram profile is enough to see that he is up to a lot of things now. 

Jay Geordie Shore Just Turned 34 Years Old 


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Born on April 9 1986, the celebrity celebrated a ‘lockdown’ birthday recently and is looking forward to celebrate his 34th birthday once things get back to normal. 

The 34-year old is all set on a fitness journey and is consistently working out to achieve his body goals. Talking about his abs, he said, 

“It was emotional getting those abs popping. For me to get my abs through, my diet needs to be on point. The gym is the easy part contributing to 30% of your gains and the rest 70% is down to your diet. 

“In times like this, you can adapt and alter your training to make the best of a bad situation. There is no reason why your diet should suffer or change. Stay focused & motivated guys.”


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Now, that is sound advice and it is definitely working out since Jay Geordie Shore is looking at his best now! 

He Is Also A Vegan! 

In an attempt to be healthy, Jay turned a vegan in 2018. From a diet comprising chicken, eggs, battered chocolate, milk, cheese, steak and burgers, he is now stocking his fridge with plants and fruits to follow a plant-based diet. 


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Remarkably, his health has improved greatly. 

“As you can imagine it was a huge change for me as my diet included more meat and dairy than the average person. The benefits were seen within a few weeks. I had more energy, my skin is better, I get up earlier and if I don’t sleep well I’m not tired anymore that day. 

“Beforehand, it affects you when you get a shit sleep, those days at the gym when you’re walking in and don’t have it in you are gone. Stronger and can hit the gym for longer, my mind is fucking healthy, hard to explain but mentally I’m feeling better.

“I know my blood pressure has gone down. For years it was high but I now know this was a result of excessive binge drinking. This diet definitely helps with this as well as lowering cholesterol. I’ve lost body fat.”

Getting Over His Hair And Teeth Insecurity…


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Jay had been getting scalp micro-pigmentation sessions to add density to his natural hair and make it look thicker. Apparently, the results of the sessions have been instant with no downtime. 

He has even recommended it to his fans and followers on Instagram! 

As for his teeth, he raved about veneers making his smile better. 


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“Tried so many things to change my smile and nothing worked like this.”

Jay’s Arrest…

In March, Jay was arrested at his home in Newcastle for counterfeit currency charge. He was charged for conspiring with two other men to have custody of counterfeit £20 and £50 notes with an intent to pass them as genuine.

However, Jay pleaded not guilty. 

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