Talia Oatway: Who Is Aaron Chalmers' Baby Mama?

By Cara Dudgeon

25th February 2020

Talia Oatway: Who Is Aaron Chalmers’ Baby Mama?

It was recently revealed that Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers is expecting a baby, but who is Talia Oatway – AKA the baby’s mother.

Talia Oatway and Aaron Chalmers

Image Source/ The Sun

Who is Talia Oatway?

It’s unknown as to how exactly Talia and Aaron met, but they started dating in June 2017.

That’s not only the secret thing about Talia, as it’s also a mystery where she was born and what she does for a living!

What we do know is that she has a daughter, Siennah, from a previous relationship.


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Did Aaron and Talia split up?

Last year it was rumoured that Aaron and Talia had split after a series of rows. The pair had even unfollowed each other on Instagram, hinting that it was a serious break up.

However, a few days later they announced their baby news!

On Aaron’s Instagram, he posted a photo of the sonogram alongside some baby clothes and a cookie decorated with ‘Baby Chalmers’. The caption stated:

‘The BEST surprises are the 1s you don’t expect…. I’m going to be a DADDY!!! Can’t wait to meet you 💙💗’.

On Talia’s she included the caption:

‘When 3 become 4, my little world is complete 🌍👶🏼 #babychalmers‘.

Speaking to MTV, Talia Oatley said:

‘I’m not sure where these allegations have stemmed from. However, me and Aaron have been keeping a low profile as we have been focusing on the baby and our little family before we announced our little bundle of joy’.

Talia is due in April and the happy couple did release that they are having a baby boy.

What has Aaron been up to since he left Geordie Shore?

For those of you who don’t know, Aaron said goodbye to the MTV show to pursue an MMA fighting career.

He had his first professional job as an MMA fighter in May 2017 and beat Greg Jenkins.

His next two fights were also wins! He beat Alex Thompson in September 2017 and Karl Donaldson in December that same year.

March 2018 saw Aaron join Bellator MMA (Mixed Material Arts) – an American-based company that also represents Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Michael ‘Venom’ Page.

His first fight for the company was at the Bellator 200 event at Wembley Arena in May 2018. He won his fight against Ash Griffiths by a technical submission in the first round.

Aaron had his first ever professional defeat in his fight against Corey Browning, but went on to win his following competition with Fred Freeman.

His latest fight saw him lose unanimously against Austin Clem at the Bellator Dublin on February 22, 2020.

Image Source/ Instagram

Aaron believes that his son is going to improve his fighting. He said:

‘I feel the birth of my child will give me a second wind.

‘When I’m fighting I’m doing it for myself, now I’m providing for my son.

‘It will give me the kick up the a*** I need. Where I could fight once or twice a year now I want three or four’.

What else do we know about their relationship?..

To this day it is still debated as to whether or not Aaron split from Talia.

There is no hiding that the pair did unfollow each other on their respective social media accounts which does imply that Aaron and Talia did split after two years.

It would be strange to announce a split after a ‘daddy can’t wait to meet you @talia.oatway’ post; especially because he tagged her in it!

Before their supposed break up, Aaron had nothing but love and affection for the blonde bombshell. He admitted:

‘If you’re in a relationship and you didn’t think the other person is the one, then there’s something wrong. Obviously I think she is, as otherwise I’d just be wasting time.

‘She’s literally my best friend – she’s my number one fan when it comes to my fights, and she’s the one that kicks me out of bed in the morning when I’m going on runs and I’m staying at her’s. She’s literally my number one supporter.

‘I’m f**king over the moon that I met her, and she’s an absolutely beautiful girl’.

Last August, the former Geordie Shore star revealed in an interview:

‘I’ll be joining the dad group soon, I reckon. Since Gaz’s [Beadle] missus has been talking about it [Talia’s] become obsessed. I’ve got two dogs and a step-daughter so the next step is my own’.

Little did he know how accurate that statement would be!

They seem to be a happy family of three, waiting for the upcoming arrival of the fourth member.

Apart from girlfriend Talia Oatway, who else has Aaron dated?

Aaron’s most famous relationship is most probably with other Geordie Shore star, Marnie Simpson.

The pair were notoriously on and off for more than three years, until the MMA fighter finally admitted that he loved the former runner-up Miss Newcastle.

It seemed to be a perfect relationship, until Marnie dumped Aaron after discovering that he was cheating on her.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Star, she said:

‘I f**king hate him.

‘We’ve been dating for a while and over the last month I’ve started to think we could have something special. And then I find out he’s been banging a porn star behind my back.

‘I don’t know if I love him but it’s made me realise just how much I do like him’.

In his defence, Aaron stated that the supposed porn star was actually his best friend, Beth.

Marnie then went on to release some unseen Whatsapp messages, with the caption:

‘Here you go. The UNBLURRED VERSION. Aaron trying to get himself out of lies again. This is me clearly trying to get the truth’.

Marnie Simpson and Aaron Chalmers whatsapp chat

Image Source/ Heat World

Since the pair’s break up, Marnie has started to date former Union J member Casey Johnson.

She became pregnant with her first child in 2019, and in October that year she gave birth to a son, Rox.

Aaron has since admitted that:

‘I love her [Marnie] as a person, but I’m not in love with her’.

He has also stated that if the pair are still single when they are both forty, they’ll get married!

Is there anymore information about Baby Chalmers?

Yes! In an Instagram post, Talia Oatley posted:

Image Source/ Instagram

From this we know that the parents to be have in fact chosen a name for their son!

It is five letters long – any guesses?

According to The Independent, the most popular baby boy names that are made up of five letters are: Harry; Jaxon; Ethan; Jacob; Oscar; Alfie; and Henry.

With Talia’s first child named Siennah, it’s unlikely that baby boy will have a common name. Unless he is going to be called Aaron Jr?

Not long until we find out…

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