Danny Tetley X Factor: Is His Career Over?

By Ilaria Pignalosa

13th April 2020

Danny Tetley X Factor: Is His Career Over?

Danny Tetley X Factor

Danny Tetley X Factor is undoubtedly one of the most controversial stars that have recently hit our tabloids. Even those who haven’t watched a single episode of the popular talent show are now wondering what really happened to him and, maybe, even how did he manage to be successful and make as much as Eddie Hearn’s net worth.

Is Danny Tetley X Factor’ career over? Let’s find out together.

Who Is Danny Tetley X Factor?

Danny Tetley initially found fame as a contestant on X Factor in 2018. The 40-year-old began his career in 2001, when he was on Pop Idol, mentored by Robbie William’s wife, Ayda Field.

Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to win the talent show, so he never realised his dream of making as much money as Leona Lewis. Tetley blamed his cocaine addiction, when he was turned down by Simon Cowell.

In fact, Tetley became a “chronic user” of cocaine in his 20s after a close relative was murdered. A few years later, he attempted suicide when a friend sold a video of him using cocaine to the press.

Tetley also made a singing cameo appearance in ITV sitcom Benidorm in both 2017 and 2018.

What Do We Know About His Family?

In 2018, Danny Tetley came out and declared he was gay. He mentioned stumbling into a gay bar while he was one a trip in Los Angeles in 2001. This was when he realised, he was attracted to men. At the moment, he has no children and we do not know much about his personal life.

tetley x factor

Source/ Metro

What happened to Danny Tetley?

On 24th January 2020, Danny Tetley was jailed for nine years for child sex offences and sexual exploitation of boys aged between 14 and 16.

During sentencing at Bradford crown court, the Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said Tetley exploited his status as a celebrity to reach his victims.

The judge described the offending as “blatant and disgusting”, saying: “The level to which you sank, Mr Tetley, was unbelievable.”

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Source/ BBC

What Did Tetley Do?

Based on what the court head said, From October 2018 to August 2019, the X Factor celebrity sent thousands of messages to seven boys aged 14 and 16. Based on the messages he sent these boys, Tetley coerced them into sending sexual images and videos in exchange of promises of money.

He offered a 14-year-old boy £1,000 for a picture of his penis while reaching other victims with TV appearances and promises of different nature. Allegedly, Tetley spent likely many thousands of pounds in underage pornographic material. He has also been accused of the distribution of indecent images of himself and adult pornography.

What Did The Defence Say?

We had recently learnt that, as a child, Tetley was bullied in school due to his facial disability, after 14 operations for a cleft palate.  Before sentencing, Andrew Dallas, for the defence claimed:

‘He was bullied at school for his facial disability and his sexual orientation, as he got older. He left school at the age of 15 without any academic qualifications. He eventually came out as gay around the age of 18.”

Dallas also claimed that after moving to London and appearing on Pop Idol in 2001, Tetley developed an alcohol and drug problem that spiralled out of control.

Nevertheless, the judge concluded his verdict by saying:

“I am satisfied beyond a remote doubt you are dangerous. […]I assess him as a highly predatory and manipulative individual.”

Sadly enough, Tetley showed no emotion as he was led back to jail.

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Source/ Entertainment Daily

Is Danny Tetley X Factor Guilty?

Only the police and the judge can know the truth. However,  Tetley admitted seven charges of causing sexual exploitation of boys aged between 14 and 16.

He was finally jailed for nine years as part of a 17-year extended sentence involving eight years of close monitoring on licence after his release.

An NSPCC spokesman added:

“Tetley’s use of his TV appearances and promises of money in the thousands of messages he sent these boys are an example of the depraved lengths that predators will go to in their pursuit of victims.”

One of Danny Tetley X Factor’ victims said he now struggled to trust adults.

Is Danny Tetley’s X Factor Career Over?

Many stars tend to disappear after they have reached the peak of their success, (will this also happen to the First dates’ staff?!). However, what happened to Danny Tetley X Factor demonstrate that it can always get worse.

Undoubtedly, Danny Tetley X Factor’s career and reputation have been tarnished and destroyed. Besides, he has spent money on the thousands of depraved images he bought from his victims.

After the charges of causing sexual exploitation to young boys, it is unlikely that Tetley will find a new spot in the showbiz when he leaves prison.

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