B&M Storage Boxes: Everything You Need To Organise Your Home

By Nancy Hargreaves

21st April 2020

B&M Storage Boxes: Everything You Need To Organise Your Home From Top To Bottom

If your home needs some decluttering this spring, get organised with B&M’s storage boxes range! Does your bathroom need some extra storage, or do you want to utilise your under bed space? Are the kid’s toys are everywhere and need to be contained, or are your kitchen cupboards crying out for a tidy? B&M have got you covered – they’ve got a huge range of storage boxes for every room in your home, at bargain prices. Check out some of the best options below.

Everything In Its Proper Place – Labelled Plastic Storage Tubs Only £3

These plastic storage boxes from B&M are super cute! You can neatly store items out of the way, and easily find them when you need them with the handy labels. With a cute font and pink lettering, they’d be great for a girly bedroom or for adding a bit of glam when tidying things away. There are three designs, saying Tidy, Sparkle and Kitchen – so why not pick up a few and get organising! And at just £3, they are a bargain too.

Slogan Plastic Storage Tub - Tidy

Image Source/ B&M

Expand Your Bathroom Storage From Just £1

Bathrooms get cluttered up easily, as they’re often the smallest room in the house! Between toiletries, make up, loo roll, there never seems to be enough space for everything you want to store in the bathroom. So why not expand your bathroom storage by adding some drawers, handy organiser baskets, or cosmetics organisers? Find everything you need easily from B&M’s storage box range and never run out of space again!

Tidy everything away with this drawer storage tower. Add some extra storage space but keep things private if you don’t want everything on display, as these drawers are opaque. Only £6.99:

3 Drawer Medium Storage Tower

Image Source/ B&M

If you want to be able to find things in the bathroom easily, then these clear drawers are for you! Add loads of extra storage and know where everything is all at the same time. Just £6.99:

4 Tier Drawer - Taupe

Image Source/ B&M

Keep surfaces clear in the bathroom with this handy plastic storage tub. Lots of room for toiletries, bottles and more, and in a wipeable plastic for easy cleaning. Only £1:

Plastic Storage Tub - White

Image Source/ B&M

Organise your cosmetics and hair accessories with this useful clear cosmetic organiser. Perfect for storing make up, hair ties and clips, brushes, and more! It’s clear so you can easily locate what’s inside, and it’s only £1.50:

Clear Cosmetic Organiser

Image Source/ B&M

Maximise Your Under Bed Storage With B&M Storage Boxes And Bags – From £2.99

Your wardrobes and drawers can get clogged up with clothes you’re not wearing, like winter coats and jumpers, or bedding you don’t need until next season. So why not free up your wardrobe space by utilising your under bed space? B&M’s storage box range has a great selection of under bed storage, so you can tidy everything away and make it easier to use the wardrobe and drawer space you already have.

This under bed storage box is perfect for storing clothes and other items out the of the way under your bed. It has a 32 litre capacity, so plenty of space for clothes, shoes, bedding or other items. Just £3.99, or two for £7:

Underbed Clear Storage Box with Lid 32L

Image Source/ B&M

This jumbo under bed storage box is ideal if you want to free up a lot of wardrobe space, or declutter cupboards to an out of the way spot. It has a 42 litre capacity and is only £6.99, or two for £12:

Jumbo Underbed Storage Box with Lid

Image Source/ B&M

Or why not maximise the space even more with these vacuum storage bags? Simply fill and extract the air for easy and compact storage. Just £2.99:

Vacuum Storage Bag

Image Source/ B&M

Organise Your Papers Or Home Office With These B&M Storage Box Solutions – From £4.99

If you’re now finding yourself working from home and finding it hard to keep on top of all the extra papers and clutter that’s come with that, or you’re just overdue on organising your important documents and papers, B&M’s storage box range has just the thing! Get everything in it’s proper place and never go through that mad panic to find your passport, birth certificate or a specific bill again!

Tidy up that pile of papers on your desk and protect them from spills and damage too! This A4 sized box from B&M’s storage box range can fit loads of papers, and it’s clear so you can see what’s inside. £4.49:

Really Useful Storage Box 4L

Image Source/ B&M

If you’ve got files and folders to organise, why not pick up one of these Really Useful click top storage boxes? You can fit so much in there, so it’s perfect for your home office. £9.99:

Really Useful Storage Box 35L

Image Source/ B&M

If you’ve got a load of stuff to tidy away, then this 64 litre Really Useful box is ideal! The boxes are stackable too, so perfect for the home office and beyond! Really Useful boxes are built to last too, so you can be sure they will survive any knocks or even house moves! £13.99:

Really Useful Storage Box 64L

Image Source/ B&M

If drawers are what you’re looking for, then these 4 tier drawers are just the thing! Plenty of room for stationery, work documents, magazines, craft supplies, and more! £14.99, or two for £25:

4 Tier Drawer - Black

Image Source/ B&M

Get The Kid’s Toys Tidied Away With These B&M Storage Boxes – From £1

If you’re fed up of tripping over the kid’s toys, or their bedrooms being a mess, then why not pick up some B&M storage boxes and get it sorted! With loads of different options in bright, kid friendly colours, there’s sure to be something that your little one will like!

If you’ve had enough of stepping on LEGOs or little toys, these plastic storage trays are ideal for gathering up little bits – only £1:

Plastic Storage Tub - Pink

Image Source/ B&M

Tidy away the craft supplies into these jazzy rainbow Really Useful drawers from B&M’s storage box range! Perfect for storing paints, paper, card and all the bits they need to get creative – £29.99:

Really Useful Storage Tower 8 x 7L

Image Source/ B&M

Get them to pick up after themselves with these cute kid’s drawers! Only £12.99:

Kids Set of Drawers

Image Source/ B&M

No matter what room you want to organise, B&M’s storage box range has everything you need for a tidy, happy home! Check out their range in store or online, and get organised for less.

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