B&M Suitcases – The Best Luggage Options For Less

By Nancy Hargreaves

13th February 2020

B&M Suitcases – The Best Luggage Options For Less

Whether you’ve got your summer holiday booked already, or are planning a weekend away, the right luggage can help you travel in style. But you don’t need to break the bank to find the perfect suitcase for your next trip – B&M suitcases are stylish, functional, and totally affordable! Check out all the options and find a look that suits you.

What Size Suitcase Should I Choose?

Worried about your case being too big to fit in an overhead locker, or going over your airlines baggage allowance and having to pay extra? B&M have got you covered! They’ve put together a handy guide to make choosing your new suitcase easy. The guide has all the details of each airlines cabin baggage allowance, along with the permitted dimensions, so you can be confident your new suitcase is right for the job.

Travel In Luxury Style With A Metallic Gem B&M Suitcase – £35-£55

Get your glam on with this stunning metallic gem suitcase! In an on trend rose gold shade and with geometric shape detailing, this case will stand out from the crowd. With multiple compartments to maximise storage space, a durable hard shell case to protect your contents, and zip fastenings for security, it has everything you need. And it’s easy to carry too, with handles on both the side and top, as well as wheels and an adjustable trolley handle. Available in 55cm, 70cm and 78cm sizes.

B&M Metallic Gem Suitcase 55cm

Image Source/ B&M

This Modern Geometric Print Suitcase Shines Bright Like A Diamond – £35-£55

Geometrics are so in right now, and this gorgeous white and gold pattern B&M suitcase captures the trend perfectly! The pattern is funky and bright, so it’s perfect for spotting at baggage claim, while the hard shell case will keep your stuff protected. With a trolley carry system as well as a carry handle on the top and side, it’s great for wheeling or carrying by hand – whatever suits you! The range is available in 55cm, 70cm and 78cm sizes.

Geo Print Suitcase 78cm

Image Source/ B&M

This Unicorn Suitcase Is So Amazing – £8.99-£29.99

This B&M suitcase is super cute! In a bright pink colour and covered with rainbow unicorns and clouds, it’s perfect for kids and grown ups alike. The soft case makes it super lightweight so it’s easy to transport, and it’s fully lined and even has internal zip up compartments and packing straps – so you can fit in everything you want to take with you. It’s available in 30cm, 49cm, 55cm, 72cm and 80cm, and all are fitted with a trolley mechanism and carrying handles.

B&M Sovereign Suitcase 72cm - Unicorn

Image Source/ B&M

Show Off Your Wild Size With This Zebra Suitcase – £35-£55

This beautiful zebra print suitcase is perfect for any kind of trip, home or abroad! It’s soft and lightweight, with beautiful rose gold detailing on the zips and trolley handle for an extra touch of glamour. With lots of handy compartments, it’s perfect for the most organised of packers, as well as those last minute additions. Available in 56cm, 70cm and 80cm.

B&M Zebra Suitcase 80cm

Image Source/ B&M

B&M Suitcase Fab Florals – £8.99-£54.99

If florals are your thing, B&M have got you covered! They’ve got two ranges of floral patterned suitcases, so there’s the perfect case for you.

If a hard shell case is what you’re after, the Floral Garden Suitcase range is ideal. With a solid shell and gorgeous rose gold zip detailing, it will keep your items safe and secure. Available in 55cm, 67cm and 78cm.

If a soft case ticks all your boxes, the Sovereign Suitcase in Floral is perfect. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, with a tropical bloom pattern that’s timeless and feminine. It comes in 49cm, 55cm, 72cm and 80cm sizes – including a 30cm cabin carry on shoulder bag.

Sovereign Suitcase 72cm - Floral

Image Source/ B&M

Feel Like A Hero With This Marvel Suitcase – £49.99

This B&M suitcase is a superhero – it’s hard shell case will protect your stuff, while it’s internal compartments make it easy to store everything you need. Available in 68cm.

Marvel Comics Suitcase 68cm

Image Source/ B&M

Luxury Quilting Style With This B&M Suitcase – £35-£55

Amp up the luxe with this gorgeous range of quilted texture detailing B&M suitcases. In a beautiful dark teal colour, it’ll go with your holiday outfits, and the padded handles make it easy to carry. It also comes with a trolley system for wheeling around -luxurious and practical! The range is available in 56cm, 70cm and 80cm.

Enchanted Cabin Suitcase Range

Image Source / B&M

Soft Suitcases In Your Favourite Colour – £7.99-£26.99

B&M suitcases come in a range of colours, so you’re sure to find your favourite. The Sovereign range is available in teal, purple and black, so there’s something for everyone. The soft material makes it lightweight for travel and easy home storage, all while being secure because of the zip fastenings.

The purple is available in 49cm, 55cm, 72cm and 80cm.

B&M Sovereign Suitcase Range - Purple

Image Source/ B&M

The black is available in a 30cm shoulder cabin bag, 49cm, 55cm, 72cm and 80cm.

Sovereign Cabin Bag range - Black

Image Source/ B&M

And the teal comes in 30cm, 49cm, 55cm, 72cm and 80cm.

Sovereign Suitcase range - Teal

Image Source/ B&M

Be Mellow In Yellow With This B&M suitcase – £30

This ochre chevron suitcase is both functional and stylish! With a durable hard case to protect from knocks, it will keep your valuables protected, and looks great to boot! Available in 53cm.

Chevron Ochre Suitcase 53cm

Image Source/ B&M

The Imperative Range Is Stylish And Sophisticated – £35-£55

The Imperative range is cool and understated with a ridged chevron pattern, and the tan detailing is a classy touch. The double wheels make it easy to manoeuvre, and the carry and trolley handles will make transporting a breeze! Available in 54cm, 70cm and 80cm, there’s a size for every type of trip.

Imperative Suitcase 54cm

Image Source/ B&M

Whatever you’re looking for, B&M have got the perfect suitcase to suit you! From hard shell cases to protect your possessions at the airport and beyond, to soft cases that are lightweight while still being secure, there’s something for everyone – and for every budget too. B&M suitcases are available in store, you  find your local branch on their website.

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