The Top B&M Toys For World Book Day 2020

By Lynda Keleer

13th February 2020

The Top B&M Toys For World Book Day 2020

World Book Day is an annual event which takes place in March every year and is a wonderful chance to encourage children to get excited about reading. However, if your child is a reluctant reader, you can get their attention with themed toys. Even better, there are a great range of affordable B&M toys which are perfect for the job!

B&M Toys

B&M are famous for their toy sales, which typically include top-selling brands such as Peppa Pig. Events such as their two for £20 toys can save parents hundreds on the recommended retail price.

You can always find details of the latest B&M sale on social media with a dedicated Facebook group. You can also use their online store finder to find your nearest branch.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for World Book Day, which is on 5 March 2020, B&M toys could help you out. From dressing up costumes to books, toys and games, there’s lots for your little ones to love!

Encourage Play To Inspire Reading

For some children, the idea of picking up a book isn’t particularly thrilling but as a parent, you can introduce them to the adventures that lie in the written word. If your youngster immediately turns off at the idea of reading, don’t try and force them to take an interest in books.

Instead, choose a book and search through B&M toys to find plushies, or other characters. Your child won’t even realise that you’re helping them to learn about literature and before you know it, you’ll have their interest!

B&M toy
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Once your child is interested in the character, it’s much easier to get them excited about reading. Using the toys in tandem with the book is a great way to make stories come alive.

Don’t feel that you need to stick to traditional reading; feel free to elaborate with toys, puppets and teddies to add interest and make books exciting!

Dinosaur Dressing-Up Costume – £12.99

There aren’t many children who don’t get excited by the idea of dinosaurs and now they’ve got the chance to dress up as one themselves! This soft and cosy costume is ideal for World Book day, parties or just imaginative play in the home.

A snip at just £12.99 compared to the full RRP of £19.99, children aged 3-7yrs old will fit into this dino costume. It’s 140cm in size and is available in two different colours, green and grey.


Budding paleontologists might recognise the green costume as being very reminiscent of a T-Rex, and the grey one just like a Triceratops – complete with the three horns!

Boys and girls can engage their imagination by slipping into a dinosaur costume and transforming into the most ferocious creature around. No longer confined to prehistoric times, dinosaurs can roam the Earth once more – or at least your living room!

The costume is secured by straps over the shoulder with a pair of reins for your child to hold. Enjoy the drama of Jurassic Park time and again!

Wizard Dressing-Up Costume – £7.99

One of the best-selling children’s books of all time is the Harry Potter series by author J. K Rowling. Children and adults alike have been spellbound by the young wizard’s adventures and his battles against the sinister Voldemort.


This costume in the B&M toy department will transport your child instantly to Hogwarts in their imagination. Which house will the Sorting Hat place them in? Will they emerge as a brave Gryffindor or a plucky Ravenclaw? Perhaps a loyal Hufflepuff…..or will it be the single-minded Slytherin?

One thing’s for certain, in this outfit your child will certainly make a convincing wizard! The swirling cape complete with emblem is perfect for any would-be wizard or witch, and with the accompanying wand and glasses you’ll have a mini Harry Potter in your home!

This costume is a wonderful way to introduce Harry Potter to children of any age and it’s the ideal outfit for World Book Day too. It’s available in two sizes, 4-6 years and 7-9 years.

Frozen Paint Your Own Glitter Domes – £9.99

Although there is a wide range of great costumes for dressing up, there are many B&M toys which could also be inspired by World Book Day.

Frozen is renowned for being a hit movie, but it’s also a book. Being familiar with the story of Elsa and Anna in Arundale could make the book easier for reluctant readers to access.

To take that one step further, why not enjoy some Frozen activities too? There are many Frozen-themed B&M toys but this set of Paint Your Own Glitter Domes is both creative and fun.


Priced at just £9.99 it’s a bargain, but it’s part of the two for £16 offer so if you find something else you like it’s fantastic value!

In the set are two glitter domes and all the components you need. This includes glitter, paints, a paintbrush plus two figures of Elsa and Anna that are waiting to be painted.

There’s a lot of creativity with this set as your child not only has the opportunity to paint Elsa and Anna, they also are able to put together the glitter dome. The end result is a beautiful ornament that’s perfect as a keepsake and looks great in your child’s bedroom.

Peppa Pig Vehicle and Play Mat – £16.99

Peppa Pig is one of the most popular characters for both boys and girls and there’s an enormous catalogue of stories. This includes both cartoons and story books so it’s a great pick for children who are just beginning to discover the joy of reading.


The playmat offers limitless opportunities for creative play, and your child can either enjoy make-believe stories on their own, or together with you. At 120cm wide, there’s plenty of room to act out stories and move around the Peppa Pig World.

It comes with one vehicle and character already included but there are many Peppa Pig toys on the market that could be combined with this playmat. Why not act out the story from a book as you read together with your child? Fun and education, there’s not much better!

The playmat is suitable for all children aged 3 and over and it’s made from practical wipe-clean material.

Compatible toys that you might want to take a look at include Peppa Pig Deluxe Playhouse, which features bunkbeds for Peppa to take a nap.

That’s Not My Panda Book – £2.99

B&M toys also have a wonderful range of books, starting with titles for very young children. It’s never too soon to introduce your child to the fun of reading and there are many exciting books in B&M to choose from.

The Usborne range of Touchy Feely books will appeal to all children and adults too. It’s almost impossible to stop yourself reaching out to feel the different textures on each page from the soft and fluffy to the shiny and crinkly!


That’s Not My Panda is just one of the books in the collection and the sensory design will really appeal. Vibrant pictures, a simple story and a variety of textures for children to explore make these books incredibly popular.

If you enjoy this book, some of the others you could try include That’s Not My Hamster and That’s Not My Baby Boy/Girl. With some of the best stories plus fun sensory play, it’s a wonderful range to explore.

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